1. Duckduckgoosie

    New chick with scissor beak

    My friend just noticed this little Silverudd I just hatched has scissorbeak. Anything to help it not worsen? Pet only. Already very attached. She’s one day old.
  2. TundraFang

    Crop wont empty

    Yesterday I noticed my scissor beak chicken, Mocha, wasn't acting like her usual self. She was sitting in a corner with her feathers fluffed and her wings down. She wouldn't even come to me for food. I took her to a vet and I was told she should be put down because of her deformity. She has...
  3. TundraFang

    How much food for crossbeak?

    I have a crossbeak/scissor beak EE and she's been eating mash for a while. She has stopped gaining weight and is less than 1/4 the size of her siblings. I've began tube feeding her 20ml twice a day. Is this enough? She isn't able to eat anything so the only food she gets is from tube feeding...
  4. TundraFang

    Cross Beak Chicken Losing Feathers

    I have an Ameraucana chick that has developed cross/scissor beak so I've been mixing up baby bird formula and chicken food for her to eat. She (not sure the gender yet but I'm hoping for a pullet) comes to the door when she's hungry and has been consistently gaining weight. She's still half the...
  5. Hannahnic14

    Can I use liquid bandage on a chickens beak?

    I have a scissor beak chicken and I have to keep the very ends of her beak clipped so she can still eat. This time when I clipped it I clipped a bit to far and got the quick. I got it to stop bleeding with some flour but now I'm afraid when she drinks or eats that it's going to bleed again...
  6. L

    Slightly Crooked Beak

    It's more obvious in person, but this 4 week old (ish) chick has a slightly crooked beak. The top and bottom still meet, but will this turn into something worse?
  7. faithlj

    Brenham TX. 2Hens. 1Roo. 15wks. Best offer

    Brenham TX We’ve have 3 chickens we need to rehome to better their lives or because they do not fit into our future breeding program. 1 Americana (Hen, Scissor beak) 1 White Cochin Bantam 1 Golden Sunbright Bantam Rooster Hatch date was estimated to be March 31st. Asking $30 (total) for all 3...
  8. E

    6 wk silkie with scissor beak

    My little girl has some serious scissor beak. She is a silkie and just shy of 6 weeks. She is half the size of her sisters... pretty much literally. I weighed one tonight that was over 7 oz and she’s only 3.5 oz. She is constantly eating because it’s so much harder for her to get any food, but I...
  9. ChickenTenderKesha

    Confirm on gender please!

    Sold to me as an Ameraucana (looks like one), roughly 19 weeks old.. the tail feathers are worrying me along with my one cockerels behaviour today towards this one. S/he has a severe scissor beak so it’s difficult to know for sure as it’s harder to prune the feathers with a beak like that...
  10. Jes78b

    When she has no fight left...

    Hawkeye aka Hula girl is my favorite girl. From the day I discovered her beak was a little different from her mates she did nothing but fight. She proved to me time after time I was wrong, she was a tough old bird, and she would fight for her life against all odds. I decided to trim the upper...
  11. Jes78b

    Crossbeak Easter Egger with possible secondary issue? Help please

    So hopefully I'm in the right place and can get this photo posted. I have a 6 week old EE, Hula Girl aka Hawkeye, that started developing what looked to be crossbeak aka scissorbeak at about 3 weeks old. I initially got an electric nail file and filed it down as much as I could. It seemed like...
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