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  1. S

    Sebright sex help

    Looking for someone to help me decide if I have roos or hens. I have sebrights that are currently 8weeks old Here's the scooby gang...
  2. Missythechickenlady

    Breed and gender bantam? Old english red plye? Sebright

    Hello, So I bought some bantams out of the bantam bin at tsc. They orignally were all white then they started getting orange almost peach feathers on the neck. So i was wondering if anyone knows what they are? They look maybe like red pyle. Also are they cockerels or pullets. They are 6 weeks...
  3. ayeitsmeme

    Cadbury the Golden Sebright Roo

    Okay it has been forever since I have been on this site. Recently I got chicks after my older ladies had recently turned 4 years old, and sadly my production bred brown leghorns have been dwindling despite being so young. The only 2 remaining of the original 6 have been my black sex links which...
  4. PinkLadyLVT

    WANTED: Exhibition-Quality Sebright Bantam Eggs/Chicks

    WANTED: Exhibition-quality Sebright bantam eggs/chicks. Silver, buff, and golden. For the goldens, I prefer lighter shaded lines. Located in Rock Spring, GA right outside Chattanooga, TN, willing to drive if needed but also fine with paying for shipping. Please PM me and include pics of parents...
  5. Chickenqueen007

    (2nd attempt) any guesses on which of my chicks are roosters? Also tiny chicken that has barely grown? Also breed guesses/info? <3

    "Bandit" at 1 week old. Think "shes?" a brown leghorn and i was hoping she was a girl from her prominent eyeliner, but then at 4 weeks she has the biggest comb! Then we have "Bee" and "Pea" who seem to be developing combs at different rates, but also the combs just look kinda different. Pea's...
  6. leighjay33

    4 Sebrights Together?

    I have 4 Sebrights, 2 boys and 2 girls. I adopted them from a man who kept them all together in a small coop. They are extremely attached to each other (which is adorable) but I have some concerns. The girls started laying sweet little eggs about 2 months ago, somedays 1 egg a piece which I...
  7. LunaMarieWolf

    Laying rate of bantam hens?

    I recently got some bantam hens from my uncle who had to sell his flock. I got these hens: silver sebright, splash silkie, and an easter egger. I was wanting to know the possible laying rates of these girls, but in roughly eggs per day, not eggs per year.
  8. leighjay33

    Young Sebrights Helping Me Grieve

    Hey y'all! I'm sorry to get off to a depressing start. My 29 yr old daughter recently passed away and I'm consumed with grief. My whole world fell to pieces and I want to die and join her in Heaven most days. I've been living at an RV park for the last year in a 2016 Gulfstream Travel Trailer...
  9. E

    1 y/o hen died of Marek’s. Should I sell my unintroduced pullets to save them?

    Long story short: I found one of my hens yesterday unable to walk, and after spending the night at the emergency vet, it’s been determined that she most likely had Marek’s. She passed away in my arms earlier this afternoon. I have two sebright pullets, about 12 weeks old, who have not been...
  10. Awtdaniel05

    Show your bantams

    Fun little contest show off your bantams with their breed name and age 1st pic serama rooster 1 year old name:big boy 2nd picture sebright hen 1year name:Goldie
  11. Awtdaniel05

    Broody mama and babies

    I recently discovered that my sebright hen went broody. She was sitting on 9 eggs but I did not know how long she has been sitting on them, so I left her alone I have been checking in her everyday making sure she had food and water. Then yesterday I went to check on her and there were babies...
  12. Awtdaniel05

    Sebright x serama

    Hi, I had a golden laced sebright go broody and is sitting on serama sebright x eggs I wonder what they will look like. I hope some of the eggs hatch so I can see the outcome. Let me know what you think they will look like.
  13. Awtdaniel05


    Hello, I am looking for some sebrights and was wondering if anyone has some for sale or knows someone who has some for sale
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