1. Squeak61

    Serama with URI

    Hi everyone, my serama rooster has an upper respiratory tract infection and I’m not sure what dosage of Tylan 50 would be safe for him. He’s so small that I don’t know if injections would be safe. Would administering it orally be a safer bet? His comb and wattles are a bit purple and he is...
  2. FathertoFeathers

    Should I lockdown my Serama eggs?

    Its day 16 for my Serama eggs and I was wondering if I should start the lockdown today. Ive heard people say they can hatch early so that's one of my concerns. Will anything bad happen to them if I start lockdown today instead of day 18? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. nine9d

    10 week old Polish and Serama, can you tell the sex?

    Hi all! Here are some of my babies that I hatched. I've started to hear the beginning of crowing, and I think I know which are males, but was hoping to get a second opinion without influencing anyone here. Thanks so much for all of your help! Click image to enlarge...
  4. K

    5 week old Serama babies!

    I have one obvious roo, but I’m wondering if anyone sees any others?! Or if I got lucky and have 4 pullets and 1 roo 😂 TIA!!!
  5. Sunshinee

    Serama / bantams with regular sized chickens

    I was thinking about getting some seramas or bantams. However I’ve never owned any just regular sized chickens. So the question is can the seramas cohabitate with the bigger chickens or do they need their own area and coop? thanks 😊
  6. FathertoFeathers

    Could a broody Muscovy hatch Serama eggs?

    I have a broody Muscovy and Im getting ready to purchase a dozen eggs to hatch. The problem is my incubator only holds 7 eggs so I was wondering if the broody could hatch the rest. Do you think she would be too big for the Serama eggs and break them? Do you think shed even try to hatch them?
  7. D

    Lavender orpingtons

    Hello! We started a little flock of six birds. Three are cream legbar, one is serama bantam, and two are lavender orpington. They have brought so much joy and fascination so far! Thinking we can move outside soon once they have some more adult feathers for the youngest ones. They are about 5...
  8. Mother Clucker Hatchery


    I have several breeds of chicks hatching in the next week and week after. If anyone in the Orlando area is looking to add fun to their flock or color to their eggs these are the chicks for you! Available Breeds: White Capped Black Polish, Silkies, &...
  9. Furious-Arts


    I'm not new to chickens at all, i have lived with them all my life.I started getting purebred birds 4 years ago. We currently have about 136 birds on the farm! These include: Ayam Cemani, French White Maran, Silver Campine OEG Bantams, Serama, Black Sumatra, White Orpingtons, French Black Copper...
  10. Bocktobery 10

    Egg bound tiny serama hen

    I have a three year old serama hen who seems to be egg bound but I’m not sure. She’s tiny for a serama, not micro but definitely not a larger sized serama. She’s been looking poorly for a while now. About a month ago I noticed she had runny green poo with mucus, looked lethargic (tail down...
  11. Aleelupton

    Olive Egger Barnyard Mix + Serama Hatching Eggs For SALE

    I have an over abundance of fertile hatching eggs every week and end up giving them to family and friends to eat. •I have fertile hatching eggs from an Olive Egger Roo and the following breeds: Easter Egger Blue Ameraucana Olive Egger Barred Plymouth Rock Lavender Orpington Welsummer Speckled...
  12. Yucky_ducky_kentucky

    How can you tell if a baby chick is a Seramas?

    How can you tell if a baby chick is a Seramas? Ordered 7 silkies online but received 6 silkies and 2 mystery chicks. The farm I ordered from also sells Seramas. I know that 6 of my chicks are silkies because they have furry black feet with an extra toe. The chick I suspect is a Seramas is black...
  13. 762A63C8-4E43-4677-9EAE-6914ADCF5666.jpeg


    Hello My People
  14. marlaw

    Serama Roo Behavior Change - How To Handle?

    Just when I think I'm getting the hang of being a chicken mama, something new happens that makes realize how inexperienced I am. Could use some advice on how to handle a new situation that has escalated. We have a small flock of seramas. They are over wintering indoors in a heated garage in...
  15. allosaurusrock

    Serama Inbreeding Suppression?

    Has anyone else had issues with Seramas having inbreeding suppression? I can’t seem to get them to lay very much or hatch out. My eggs develop but then die a few days before hatch.
  16. bttrflymom69

    Hello.from SW PA

    Hi :) I am from Southwestern Pennsylvania and primarily raise Malaysian Serama, aka the smallest chicken in the World.... little one pound wonders❣ I have raised LF in the past and have hatched many breeds of chickens. Also Call Ducks. I am an Certified/Licensed Poultry Technician for the...
  17. T

    Free small breeds

    Hi we recently rescued a silver seabright rooster and our hens want nothing to do with him and im sure he would enjoy his own flock looking to get him some mates I am located in Newark ohio 43055
  18. T

    Iso bantams or small breeds

    Hi we recently rescued a silver seabright rooster and our hens want nothing to do with him and im sure he would enjoy his own flock looking to get him some mates
  19. CatWhisperer

    18 week old serama now a hen

    A few days ago I found an impossibly tiny egg in an old cat carrier so I knew laying had begun. This morning I couldn't find one of my 2 serama pullets and was panicking that something had gotten her. Finally found her sitting on a nest 5 feet off the ground with 7 eggs. She isn't brooding...
  20. Ginmary

    Anyone try to sound proof the coop?

    Like maybe putting cork up on the inside. My Serama roos start crowing at about 6-6:30am which means they will have to be brought into the house every night until I can rehome them.
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