1. U

    Introducing Seramas to Standard hens

    Hi all, I have a bit of a dilemma - I have a young flock of 12 pullets, all four months old. Most of them are standard, but I have four bantams as well. They all get along for the most part, as they’ve been raised together since a day old. The issue is that I recently acquired four standard...
  2. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Which serama should I show? (Photos)

    If someone could take a look at my birds and see which I should put into show, I’d appreciate it. I’ve never showed before but I’m excited to try my hand on October 22nd’s serama show! My Males: 1 Splash (alpha) 1 Blue/Grey/Silver solid (beta) My Females: 1 pattern I can’t describe 1...
  3. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Miami Florida single serama hen rehoming

    This is Dusty, she’s a smooth feathered Class B serama hen that is six months old. Her body is less than six inches in length. She’s been hand raised since hatch, so she’s comfortable being held. Over here she’s reliably been in the middle of the pecking order and is overall docile. Cuerpo de...
  4. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Serama Hen or Roo?

    Usually this bird fights the males and it’s neck feathers lift up. I’ve always assumed it’s a male, but the behavior is a bit off to be male. In comparison to my definite splash roo. They’re the same age, hatch mates. The other hens don’t have such large combs, but I’ve had a female with a...
  5. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Introducing really tiny hen (question)

    I hatched a bunch of serama eggs and one of them is significantly smaller than the rest. These hatched birds are already smaller than my other, older flock. So this tiny one is microscopic in comparison. I’m deathly worried that even if I properly introduce them to my old flock well, that the...
  6. President_ChickenGirl

    What feather pattern is this?

    What feather pattern does my 1 year old black+gold serama hen have?
  7. ElizH

    Silked Serama??

    I bought Serama hatching eggs from a breeder two years ago and have been hatching chicks from them since. None of my birds are silked and I have never had a silked chick. Out of nowhere, one of the last chicks to hatch was silked. How does the silked gene work with Seramas? Does this mean one of...
  8. Onechicktwochickthree

    Broody Silkie successfully hatched her first chicks

    So in 2020 I posted regarding a silkie I had witness lay her first ever egg (I incubated the white Silkie and she is still my baby!) She got very broody recently for over a month and would not stop sitting on my other chickens eggs - she stopped laying- the usual. We removed the eggs as soon as...
  9. Cherrybeeboo

    Any ideas of if my chicks are male or female?? (Bantam polish and a bantam serama)

    Hi! This is my first post on here but I recently got my first chicks and I’m starting to get worried if I have a few cockerels( I tried my hardest to see if I could sex them with the tips I found online when I picked them out ), I have 3 polish bantam chicks and a bantam serama the polish are...
  10. Cluck Norris, Flower Dept. Supervisor

    Cluck Norris, Flower Dept. Supervisor

    If you aren’t buying anything, move along.
  11. Cluck Norris’ First Day Crowing

    Cluck Norris’ First Day Crowing

    Cluck Norris is a serama rooster and this is him crowing on the first day he ever learned to!
  12. Faiyumi

    Serama chicks in Arizona - 2+ week old.

    Hello I'm an adoptions based Serama breeder in Tonopah Arizona, 85354. I adopt out 2+week old chicks, locally only. I didn't see anything against the rules of posting a website/blog to visit, so I'm hoping that's allowed (please let me know if it isn't). It's way harder to keep the list of...
  13. fatsGREENgarden

    White serama boy or girl

    This one came to us feathered and I was told serama. Is this one a boy or girl?
  14. C

    Sulfadimethoxine And amprolium for coccidia

    Hello, I have a group of 6 and 8 week old seramas. Any 20 total. 1 of the oldest and 1 of the youngest are showing signs of cocci. They’ve been outside for 10 days. The two are fluffed up and isolating. Everyone else is fine. Here’s something I can’t find info on which is surprising: they have...
  15. Bonkerelli

    The Life of being Little... my Seramas from eggs and beyond

    Hello all! In a few hours, I am getting some Serama hatching eggs and going to document each step of the way. From incubating, to hatching, and growing up little! I love these tiny birds. They are full of character and generally are very sweet. Hoping you join this journey with me! @sourland...
  16. A

    Serama comb after hatching

    Hello!! It‘a my second time raising and incubating chicks but it’s my first time with Seramas :flI had two hatching in my incubator and weirdly enough both had really big combs: [Yuna, two days after hatching / 22. April 2022] I‘ve been taking some pictures over the two weeks and I was...
  17. D

    Georgia - D'Uccle Mix Hatching Eggs

    Hello! I have a few extra 5 day old D'Uccle mix hatching eggs. Most are likely D'Uccle x Serama. I will also happily hatch them for you. Please respond here or PM me if interested. Have a wonderful day!
  18. Oldegarlicshnapp

    How come this young chick’s comb is so big?

    It’s a two week old silkie x serama mix. So I was wondering why the comb was so big already. Also, does this mean that it’s definitely a male?
  19. H

    2 Aggressive Seramas biting and pecking family

    I have 2 serama's that are 2 mos old (one appears to be a male and 1 female), they have been hand raised and live in our home since we hatched them. At the beginning they were sweet and docile, loved to be held and would jump up on your hand with no issues. I spent a numerous amount of time...
  20. Oldegarlicshnapp

    Deformed chick feet, missing toes

    This chick is the result of a silkie bantam and a smooth feathered serama. It has more or less of a missing toe on both feet. The serama mother used to have chipmunk stripes as a chick, since there’s some old English in her. This guy has it too although feathering on his feet leads me to...
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