1. Quailophile

    Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?

    Hello chicken peeps, I'm new to chickens (I have quail). My friend gave me some Serama x OEGB eggs, and I hatched 4 chicks. Can anyone tell me what sex they are, and the name of their colors? They are all 3 weeks old today.
  2. Nermin

    ISO Serama Pullets/Hens Vaccinated for Marek's.

    Hello! I was looking at Seramas and I wanted to add maybe 2 to my backyard flock. I am certain my flock has Marek's as my 2 Polish died from it and 1 of my silkies has a weirdly shaped pupil which is why I am looking for vaccinated chickens. I don't think I am able to keep chicks completely...
  3. MageofMist

    Serama Chick Care, Am I Doing It Right?

    I got three Serama chicks at 4 weeks of age, though the black one is 3 week old. They were being given away free to a good home so I quickly jumped into getting them. Just clearing up that I got everything covered for them care wise, as Seramas are fragile critters. Quarantined from current...
  4. merca126

    Partridge Serama/showgirl?

    I have attached the rooster (Serama frizzle) and the mom (showgirl) and then three pictures of the latest chick hatched. I found the coloring really beautiful and interesting and nothing like the parents.. is this considered partridge? Thanks!
  5. merca126

    Showgirl silkie/Serama cross chick

    I just wanted to share my new little addition. I posted the hen and rooster responsible and I have to say it’s hard to believe something so cute came from them! Lol Mom is a showgirl silkie and dad is a frizzle Serama. And this little thing is TINY.
  6. C

    My first hatch of Serama

    Hello everybody! We are the Griffin's, a family of 5 in Sterling, Alaska. I am a first time hatcher although we had free range chickens as a kid, we are attempting serama eggs. This is our story so far, if anyone has tips, pointers, help, advise, or constructive criticism let me have it. We...
  7. allebasi4

    Bay Area/North Bay: 3 mottled bantam Cochin & 2 serama cockerels!

    Hi! I have 3 mottled bantam Cochin cockerels and 2 serama cockerels looking for a new home! They’re all 6 weeks old and just started living outside full time. Same old story... I would love to keep them all but I already have 2 roosters and not enough girls for all of them. The bantam cochins...
  8. P1020862.JPG


    She was a bookworm!
  9. L

    ISO Serama hatching eggs I can pick up!

    I’ve had very little luck, but it’s worth a shot to try here too... I’m in central Illinois but willing to make a drive of 4-5 hours to pick up some Serama eggs to hatch. So if anybody has some eggs to sell around any part of Illinois or in my neighboring states of Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky...
  10. chriscachicken


    Hello! I have a 9 month old roo. I was told he is a serama when I got him. He has feathered feet which I dont see on seramas normally. She had seramas and silkies so I'm wondering if I have a mix.
  11. Onechicktwochickthree

    Moody Roo

    A few nights ago I was working later than usual so asked my friend to lock my chickens up in their coops. I got home very late, to my astonishment one of my hybrids was locked out of her coop and I didn't find out until 3am. Luckily she was not harmed and she went to sleep between my baby...
  12. Horserider77364


  13. CreeksideChicks


    Hi, I have 3 dozen young Serama that I’m donating. If you’re interested, post here or send me a private message.
  14. Turkey Girl

    Chicken with Yellow Crust on His Comb

    Hello! A few days ago we bought a Serama Roo and when we got home, I noticed he had some yellow crust on his comb. I have sprayed it twice with Vetericyn, but I don't think it's done anything. I also noticed that he spends most of the day napping on the roost, but I think that might have...
  15. - Serama Mama -

    Curly hackle feathers on my 4 month old cockerel

    Hello BYC! I just have a quick question; does anyone know why my 4 month old Serama cockerel has these incredibly curly hackle feathers? I've tried searching online and on here and haven't been able to find much about it. He's obviously not a frizzle but I have a feeling that he and my frizzle...
  16. Gigi Ahrens

    I have a chick that is baffling me. Serama mom, Silkie dad. Any ideas?

    My Serama hen hatched out a baby that could only be fathered by my Silkie roo. The baby looks like my other Seramas (wing structure, coloring, stance, etc) but it has traditional silkie legs and feet. Feathered legs, 5 toes per foot, thick ankles, etc. It is currently 5 weeks old but is still...
  17. B

    Gorgeous Young Mottled Seramas! NC, GA & MD

    Selling beautiful black mottled serama pullets & cockerels in pairs only. Some are near POL. Grandfather produced many champions. Every chick hatched by this crew has been outstanding.
  18. cleoandtheflock

    surprise fertilized eggs!

    I have 12 fertilized bantam eggs that I don't know what to do with. I recently built a raised duck pool for my ducks, and there is a very nice bantam egg laying nest under it I discovered a few weeks ago and I found 2 broodies under it. I removed the eggs and the broodies stopped sitting there...
  19. Mamaporter

    Silked Serama chicks- HELP!

    These two babies are 5 weeks old. Would you say pullet or cockerel? They are both developing wattles already and they look pink. 😩 Neither have shown any cockerel “behaviors” yet.
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