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sex breed

  1. J

    Prairie Bluebell Egger

    Hi I am new to chickens. I just wanted to see if this was a pullet. She may have laid an egg already, but I can’t tell for certain due to the fact my other bluebell egger is always in the coop. But I just don’t really see her in the coop that much and I just want to make sure because most of...
  2. M

    4 week lavender Orpington - Gender?

    I know it’s early and likely too early, but my lavender Orpington has much thicker legs, a more developed comb, and very pointy tail feathers compared to my other two. Is this a breed thing or potential for a rooster? thanks!
  3. V

    Is Chick Khan boy or gal?

    Was sold this chick as a Barred Rock hen. It definitely not a Barred Rock, I suspect either black or red sex-link. Real question is, is this a cockerel? Pics at days 2 & 4, 2 wks & now at 19 weeks.
  4. missmaqs

    Polish (maybe three months? unsure) - what gender?

    Hello, meet Carmela! I have no idea what gender or how old Carmela is, but I've had her for about a month so we're presuming three or four months old (the breeder we picked her up from was not helpful), but is it too soon to guess a gender? Front and back photos included. All help is appreciated
  5. Shawneeinwa

    Rhode Island green might be a Roo?

    We got this chick at the beginning of April. It was the only Rhode Island red that we got along with four other breeds. She quickly grew bigger than the rest. Here is a couple pictures, I'm starting to wonder if she is a rooster? She does have some black feathers got her throughout her and in...
  6. G

    Girls ?

    Hey everyone , I am new to the community . I am glad I found this forum ! Thank you . So with this being my first post I want to ask you guys , do you think my chickens are all hens ? When I got them as chicks I was told they were all sexed as female . It’s 3 easter eggers pullets and one...
  7. H

    Type of hens? Sex-Links, RIRs? Other?

    Hi Everyone, New to backyard chickens. This website has been a gold mine of information. Thanks to all for taking the time to offer your thoughts. I recently picked up these pullets from the farm down the road. I am having a hard time identifying them, the farmer wasn't even certain. Amy...
  8. S

    Need help sexing a few chickens in my flock?

    I have a few 12 week old or so chickens and want to know what gender you guys think they are. Also the polish is only about 6 weeks old I believe. Any opinions help thanks :) also sorry for the bad quality on some of the pics, my chicksn
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