1. Virginia and James

    Auto sexed Spitzhauben? Teach us...

    Hello all! Below is a picture of our 15 week old Spitzhauben “Cayenne Pepper”. Dad is a gold Spitzhauben. Mom is a silver Spitzhauben. we have read that offspring of this color combination produces a sex linked chick. Judging by the color, hes gold like dad, but he’s (?) not showing much in...
  2. micahdanielr

    Rhode Island Red Rooster crossed back with sex-link hen??

    Hello, I am wondering what will happen if I cross my RIR rooster back with some of my sex link hens. Will the hens that come out, lay just as big eggs or will they not lay very much at all.
  3. MROO

    INSTANT Starter Flock - Egg Production - Maryland

    BARGAIN PRICED! Six Asian Black pullets - three months old seek employment in the Egg Production Business. These beautiful young ladies were originally purchased as tiny chicks as a 4H Egg-to-Eggs production project. Covid sidelined the Fair season, so we find ourselves with at least six...
  4. E

    Anyone know the parents of these mixed?

    So I recently bought these hens from a local feed and supply store and when I asked for their sex-links they showed me these which I bought. However they said they were “mixed not sex-link” which I don’t know if there is even a difference, either way I still love em.
  5. justcallmekinn

    New Chicks forgot breed

    So, this is my first post. I'm new to the chicken world. Actually up until my girl Rosé( a RIR) I was terrified of chickens. Anyhoo, I just got four new chicks(supposedly pullets) from TSC and I have confidently identified three out of four, but can't confidently identify the fourth. I think she...
  6. Sienna Star

    Sienna Star

    The Sienna Star is an attractive alternative gold and silver sex-link hybrid. The genetics are a Brown Leghorn and a Sussex, making an excellent egg layer that produces cream-colored eggs. The Sienna Star's robustness and quiet temperament make this bird suitable for backyard flocks to larger...
  7. lilcougar4

    Silverudd's x Marans To Create A Sex-link

    I have both Silverudd's Blues in Blue, Black and Splash and Marans in Blue, Black, Splash, and Wheaten looking to create sex-link olive eggers any help or suggestions to create.
  8. StrivingForBetter

    Chocolate and Blue Orpington color genetics

    I'm attempting to write out the genetics of breeding Chocolate and Blues to make Mauves. When you breed a Chocolate rooster (choc/choc) over a Splash hen (Bl/Bl), you get 100% (choc/Bl) offspring, which results in Mauve pullets and Blue cockerels. Would these cockerels also be split to...
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