1. mikehh

    Autosexing Black Copper Marans?

    I’m confused. Lately I’ve been doing research on Black Copper Marans, trying to figure out if they’re autosex or not, but all I got is mixed results. Nothing I found stated whether they are or not. Your thoughts? 😁
  2. ChicksinBoise

    Two Laying Hens - Killeen, Tx

    We have two 10 month old laying hens we are selling. They are awesome but we just have too many for our backyard. I believe they are sexlinks. $20 each or $35 for both. Delivery available in the Killeen/ Fort Hood area. We just want them to go to a good home. I will post more and better pics later.
  3. dannagibson

    Vent Gleet & Prolapse... desperate for relief

    Hi friends. I'm running out of google searches and keep hitting dead ends. My current scenario is a 1.5yo Golden Sexlink named Betty. She developed vent gleet and it was NASTY. She also had vent prolapse, and I have been trying to follow all other recommendations to fix both these things for...
  4. TwentyOneChickens

    Difference between Red Star and Red Sexlink?

    This thought just crossed my mind. I have 12 -- oh wait, 11 now :hit -- Red Sexlinks and I was wondering if there was a difference between Red Stars and Red Sexlinks and what it is.
  5. S

    Black sex-link pullet actually rooster??

    Couldn't find the exact month i bought our 3 black sexlink and 3 amberlink chicks at a Tractor Supply in spring, but they're all at sexual maturity now, though the hens haven't begun laying yet. However as the chicks matured, 2 began to display every male chicken characteristic, and yet every...
  6. Q

    Sad news

    I’ve only made one post on this website so far and it was about the baby chicks I had just bought/hatched and was attempting to do genetics research on with genotypes and phenotypes. I have bad news Shortly after that thread was made, my chicks started disappearing from a coop that was dug a...
  7. PotterHillian

    Black and White Mystery Pullet? Sexlink?

    This chick is now about 9 or 10 weeks old we think. Any idea what he or she is?
  8. Q

    Hi from North Carolina!

    I’m a farmer with a mixed flock, newly adopted ranging from 4 weeks to 1 week old. I have 1 rooster and he’s in charge of 15 ladies. The Rooster is a Rhode Island Red The hens are as follows: Amauracana Barred Rock Silver-Laced Wyandotte Buff Orpington Rhode Island Red Araucana I plan on...
  9. Thatothercrazychickenlady

    Wyandotte genetics fun with colours sex linkage

    Hey guys, I was reading up on the sex linking genes in Wyandotte’s and was wondering what the outcome would be let’s say if the Roos parents are goldxsilver and the hens being silverxgold. I’ve been reading up on it and people say the birds won’t be set up genetically for sex linkage. What does...
  10. chicksonline

    Cream Legbar?

    Our second Legbar hatched today and I was wondering whether it is a boy or a girl because it’s slightly more yellow than the “normal” Legbar What do you think?
  11. G

     Our chickens stopped dying or reproductive organ failure when we switched to this feed.

    My 4-Hers have golden sexlinks, black sexlinks, and red sexlinks, that they get through the Chick Chain each year. They have has as many as 60 birds. They have 47 right now. They sell the eggs and this money is used for spending as well as college/"flying the coop" savings. A year ago we...
  12. ourcozycoop

    Round 3! Wish me luck

    November isn’t the best time to be hatching but this mama is broody hahaha This is my third attempt Our first attempt at this little incubator was with some eggs collected after a frost. They could have been polish eggs, Orpington eggs or sexlinks. Although it’s not freezing in our barn or...
  13. Thechickentrainer1999


    2 months ago, I lost my pet chicken and it has been extremely hard for me. I kept her last egg that she laid and it has been sitting on the shelf for exactly 2 months as of tomorrow. I'm trying to keep it forever the shell that is but I'm afraid that it might rot. What's your opinion? Will it...
  14. H

    New chick mom in a desert city

    (1) This is my first time owning and caring chickens myself but have often helped my sister with her flock. I got some chicks from a neighbor and few more from a feed store. (2) I have three, 3 wk olds and three, 1 wk olds and am inheriting a full grown hen from my daughter's school in a...
  15. MDliving

    Buff Plymouth Rock roo x Barred Plymouth Rock hen??

    Has anyone ever tried this cross? I know it will be a sex-link, but am wondering about the colors and egg production. From what it seems, standard sex-links (red or black) produce more and larger eggs than both of their parent breeds. Is this true for all crosses? Can I see some pictures of your...
  16. Lovefarmanimals

    Can you help me identify this breed?

    Hi! First of all i want to say i'm new to raising chickens, and i tried an experiment 7 months ago when i was hatching eggs in an incubator. Out of curiosity i put it in there 3 Farm house free range eggs that i had bought at Walmart. One out of three hatched and this is the result, but now i am...
  17. nszrmch

    Trying to sex chick, any suggestions?

    Hello! This is my first post here, I hope I'm in the right place. Early February my parents and I got 5 little baby chicks. Now that the oldest is just about 5 weeks old, I was hoping I could get help determining whether or not 'she's' a 'he'. Breed is black sex link. I know that 5 weeks is...
  18. KDOGG331

    Sex Links

    So I probably can't get any more chickens right now and even if I did l, I have other breeds I want to try first but when I first got my chickens two years ago, one of the breeds I was considering was sex links. I decided against them because I read they don't tend to live long and tend to have...
  19. Jeevan Singh

    Delivery Delema

    I am about to order chicks from IdealPoultry, but I don’t have a PO box! Where will they go? Do I get to choose?
  20. chickenreyna

    if these two hens are same breed why different combs

    Iso brown sexlink One's comb is noticeably shaped different and way bigger Cab sex links still be same breed even if the hens combs are way different looking? Ps could not get s good one of them side by side... Sorry the one obviously spike comb then the flat comb then a photo of them together
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