1. KaleDaDuck

    Can i use dead bush foliage as wood shavings for my coop?

    So i used to get them wood shavings but they are getting expensive can i use these dead bushes as thier floor for a pleasant smell?
  2. FunSally

    New Coop & Need Advice on Flooring / Bedding

    Hello!! Built new 8x6 coop for 2nd flock (13 - 3mo olds). It's been life changing compared to an old 6 chicken pre-fab house! I can now customize as needed/wanted. I'm looking for advice on base floor of coop. It's T1-11 base floor that's been primed for sustainability. I was thinking of adding...
  3. Thatothercrazychickenlady

    Lockdown and hatch on shavings?

    I’m seeing quite a few people doing this. Would like personal opinions and experiences from you eggsperts on the subject of using shavings during lock down. Pros I’ve heard of are humidity stays nice and high, easy to clean up, chicks dry well and eggs don’t knock around as much. Lockdown is...
  4. ZoomuKeeper

    Deep Bedding

    When using the deep bedding method in the coop how often do all of you change it out completely? I was so use to cleaning and sanitizing my coop every week and basic cleaning everyday. My life was revolving around my chickens and it seemed I had no time for anything else so I read about deep...
  5. rascal66

    Chicks won't stop trying to eat pine shavings

    As the tittle says, I have a few Cornish chicks that do whatever they can to scratch away the paper towel and dig and eat the pine shavings underneath.... Not sure how to persuade them to stop. :( unless I just cut it out or replace with hay maybe?
  6. LizzzyJo

    Chicken Bedding = Compost Question

    Hello! I have deep litter pine shavings for chicken bedding. I am wondering about the brown-green matter ratio with just pine shavings and chicken manure. Do I need to add anything else or will it compost on its own? The shavings are mostly carbon and the poop is mostly nitrogen, so does it even...
  7. DuckWhisperer06

    What is the best bedding/nesting material?

    Whqt is the best bedding/ nesting material for a mixed flock? I’ve heard cedar shavings are toxic to certain birds but I don’t remember which. We are using pine shavings, but I was hoping for something a little more ‘rain proof’. We’ve been having bad storms here lately and where we live, it...
  8. L

    Designing Chicken Coop - Concrete Floors and Removable Liners Underneath Roosting Bars

    I apologize in advance...I think that I previously posted my questions in the wrong section of this forum....I'm new to this forum. :) Good Morning!!! We're raising eight new laying chicks. My husband is converting an old garden shed into a chicken coop and we have a TON of questions. Here we...
  9. L

    New to Forum and Have a Couple Questions

    Good Morning!!!! Hello! We're new to this forum and are raising eight new laying chicks. My husband is converting an old garden shed into a chicken coop and we have a TON of questions. Here we go.... a) Should the concrete floors be "broom finished" or "smooth finished?" b) Should we put...
  10. Chickadooo

    What to put under pine shavings in nesting boxes?

    My hens apparently like to kick out the layer of news paper and shred it for fun. Makes a mess of the boxes. What else should I put under the shavings? I'd like to put something, so when it's time to clean it's easier..
  11. hereford_girl_01

    Straw or shavings??

    Alright my chicken friends, 23 Buff Orpington pullets, 2 Buff Orpington cockerel, they are all 18 weeks old, I found two eggs in the flowerbed!! Yayyy!! So, should I put straw or shavings in the laying box??
  12. jimwaltman

    Help! problem with bed of coop

    Using wood shavings (pine) purchased. Problem is the hens scratch around and fill up the water and pellet feeder with flying shavings. Should i use shavings in nest and forget about the floor? Thanks
  13. DenverQuail

    Sand vs. Deep Litter - Mite Prevention

    I currently keep 15 coturnix quail in a 4x8 aviary, which sits on the ground (but the entire bottom is also covered in wire mesh to keep predators out, with a layer of bedding on top). I've been using the deep litter method for the past 8 months and have overall been very happy with it, but I...
  14. Keeperoflock

    Dust Bath Replacement

    My 4 week old chicks are telling me they want to have a dust bath. They are trying to do it in the wood shavings in their brooder. I'd like to start slowly exposing them to real dirt but there's no dry dirt here because of all the rain and snow we've been getting. The forecast says more and...
  15. H

    Babies are eating shavings intentionally!!!

    Hey y’all. I’m a first time chicken owner. I’ve got 9 beautiful birds, 2 buff Orpingtons, 2 dark Brahmas, 2 ameracunas, 2 blue laced Wyandottes, and one white silkie. They are 3 weeks old and are INTENTIONALLY EATTING SHAVINGS (face palm) I haven’t noticed this behavior up until now. They have...
  16. Qubreakthruhw

    Bedding for Poultry

    Hi I have access to rosewood shavings. I understand that cedar shavings are toxic. Is Rosewood shavings toxic too?
  17. Debutante

    Best Bedding on a Concrete Coop Floor?

    Chick Newbie here... In a few weeks my 24 chicks will be moving out of the house to the 'big girl' coop (I CAN'T WAIT but that's another story). LOL!!! :-) I have not yet decided on what type of bedding to use in the coop and have read a great deal of conflicting advice re: sand vs. shavings...
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