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  1. Haphazard_Hannah

    Chicken Newb

    Hi everyone, I’ve just joined your community and wanted to introduce myself if that’s okay? I’m so new to chickens that I don’t actually have them yet... we’re rescuing 6-8 ex-battery hens here in the UK in the next month or so but first I need to get everything ready for them. I’m...
  2. jewelg

    Coop math + potential shed conversion

    Hello, Chicken People! :) So, I'm either doing this wrong, or every single pre-made coop you can buy wants you to pen your chickens in like large sardines in a tiny can. Help! And thank you, all, for contributing and building such an incredible resource. FYI, we live in Los Angeles, California...
  3. Work in Progress - My Chicken Coops, Shed Conversion and Duck Run

    Work in Progress - My Chicken Coops, Shed Conversion and Duck Run

    Last spring we lived in a town that wouldn't let us put a shed on our 1 acre lot because we already had a detached garage. Chickens... forget it! So fast forward to August of the same year and in the midst of a move to a place that suited us better, we found ourselves the proud owner of some...
  4. inertsoul

    Turning shed into coop

    Hey all! We are turning our shed into a coop for our girls next weekend and wondered if anyone has had experience or advice to offer. We are adding a door on the side and a window in the back. Other than that is there anything else we should add?
  5. W

    Run In Barn to Coop

    So we are hoping to convert half of our run in to a coop. The other half we use for storage for our wheelbarrow, mower etc. Apparently the only photos I have of it on my phone (currently at work) also have my horses in it blocking most of the view so hopefully you can peer past them, LOL. We...
  6. 5B1029FA-D323-4C1F-A0E8-93DFED64A589


    DIY backyard coop, shed conversion.
  7. Our Coop

    Our Coop

    10x20 loft barn partitioned off on each side for chickens on one end, ducks on the other. with a 10x20 exterior run on either side. Still a work in progress! Suggestions welcome! :)
  8. Parront

    Existing Lean to Shed has metal siding and roofing

    What do you guys think? It is there, it is 8x24' covered in metal siding. Dark inside -- it was used to store firewood. It looks like chicken housing to me. Dirt floor. It is a lean-to built on the workshop of a house we are looking to buy. I think I want to remove the siding on the south side...
  9. ChickenPalace123

    Plans for Spring Coop Remodels

    I have a case of planning fever! I designed some "Blueprints'' for coop remodels. This won't happen until March at the earliest. The design dosnt show the ventilation I have planned but there will be plenty! predator Protection is: quarter inch hardware cloth EVERYWHERE, under the run, around...
  10. dcaple001

    Shed for a Coop??

    Anyone made a shed a coop? Looking at buying a metal shed and just turning it into the coop, it would be much more weather resistance than a built wood one! Pictures if you have converted your would be much appreciated (:
  11. CanadaEh

    can mice climb the vertical coop walls (siding, OSB, 2x4)?

    I am re-purposing old shed for a chicken coop. The shed constructed of siding, 1/2" OSB on exterior, 2x4s, and 3/8" OSB on interior. I have already cut off the lower 2' of interior OSB all around (1' for deep litter + 1' to allow chickens to stand in the wall space and adding 7" to coop's width...
  12. Dragonfly Bayou Coop

    Dragonfly Bayou Coop

    Our 8x10 shed conversion and our soon to be constructed permanent 19x27’ run, currently just an Omlet fence. Shed includes roosts with poop board, partial space under made into a introduction brooder which will then become a chicken jail for future use. Also 6-16x16” nesting boxes which I...
  13. My former shed coop

    My former shed coop

    We converted our garden shed to a coop. It had built in shelves that became roosts and a poop board filled with SweetPDZ. We added a pre-built dog run next to it and cut a pop door between the two. I wish the run was a bit larger, I think next spring we may add a second one. The coop is...
  14. Alicecoop


    Built 22 years for our girls play house. For the past 5 years it has been birdseed storage and a potting shed now it has at last found its purpose. Just waiting for the 5 porcelain D'Uccle and 4 Dominique's to get old enough to move in.
  15. Jitterbug Farm's Coop

    Jitterbug Farm's Coop

    Hello everyone! Our coop is still under construction, but coming along nicely! I'll post updates as the project continues... Thanks for looking! Tammy We started with a prebuilt 8x12 shed from Old Hickory Buildings: Next, we purchased a vinyl flooring remnant, and sealed the edges. We...
  16. 6x10 Shed to Coop conversion

    6x10 Shed to Coop conversion

    We just really started this past weekend, but we replaced T111, replaced the roof, put in a new window for ventilation and painted. Next we'll be doing the inside, which will have a three foot sections fenced off for storage, a roost, outside nesting boxes and a place for my ducks. Any...
  17. Raised Dog Kennel Coop

    Raised Dog Kennel Coop

    This is a raised gun dog kennel that I built for my yellow lab almost 30 years ago. She passed on after 16 great years and a standard poodle took it over for a few years until he got a doggy door and decided his bed in the house was more comfortable. It is constructed of redwood and is rock...
  18. High Altitude Hillside Hen Hut

    High Altitude Hillside Hen Hut

    My wife and I constructed this coop outside our Colorado home in spring 2013. We started with the well known Purina Mills Hen House design and worked from there. Like most folks we wanted to keep things as inexpensive as possible, while still not sacrificing functionality, durability, and...
  19. The Vintage Nest

    The Vintage Nest

    I took someones trash and I turned it into my idea of a dream coop. It had to be a darling little house to look at from my kitchen window and it had to be equally as charming on the inside. It was on old old goat shed that sat out in a field in Oskaloosa Ks. It had seen better days. But...
  20. Metal Shed into coop

    Metal Shed into coop

    I decided last year that I wanted chickens and I was surprised that my husband agreed. I did not want to spend a ton of money on this new venture of mine so I wanted to find ways to make this venture a reality without hurting our budget. The coop is 8'x 10' and the run is 10'x 16' We started...
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