1. Countrymanfowl

    Chicken Coop / Sheds For Canadian Winter

    I currently have a plastic DIY shed that is 10' by 12'. When we tried to insulate it we didn't do that good of a job but tired our best. What we did was get those pink insulation panels, cut them appropriately and then wrapped them in a tarp. On the walls it works fine, but at the roof it won't...
  2. Countrymanfowl

    10 x 12 How Many Chickens

    I currently have a plastic DIY shed that is 10' by 12'. They have a very large area outside but I'm wondering how many chickens this would fit. Bared rocks or RIR's to be exact. I've kept chickens in it before but am looking to find out what the optimal number would be. Thanks.
  3. T

    Shed/Coop Combo Design Help

    :frowHi! We've begun construction on a multipurpose shed+coop. The first image is of the dividing wall between the two, the second image is the idea we're stemming from (raised coop floor, pull out storage drawers underneath). I'm stuck on how we should do with this wall? I love the open look...
  4. Jonessa

    metal shed conversion

    Hi all! We are picking up a free used 8x10 metal shed tomorrow, and will be converting it to a coop for my 7 hens - it will be divided, one half for the coop, one half for storage of chicken supplies. I would love some advice on how to go about cutting and framing windows and ventilation in a...
  5. Jonessa

    Should I raise my large coop?

    Hi everyone, We have just moved, leaving behind a beautiful coop, and are starting over with a new coop. We have snagged a free 8x10 metal shed that we are going to convert into a coop, with an attached covered run. My plan is to divide the shed, half of it for the chickens and half for storage...
  6. ChickChickHorray

    Want your opinions!

    We currently have a pre-fab coop from TSC and we are praying it stays up thru winter! Looking at sheds that we can convert to a nice coop- wondering thoughts on wood vs the plastic ones or vinyl siding? Would love to see pictures of converted sheds. We are on a tight budget but want to go as...
  7. How I Started Raising Birds and My New Coop

    How I Started Raising Birds and My New Coop

    I grew up in the city of Chicago - truly in the city, not the suburbs and claiming I was from Chicago (that's a bit of a Chicagoan thing). Chicago's laws are very lenient on livestock and poultry - there's not much in Chicago's municipal code regarding livestock and poultry. However, having...
  8. becky8813

    New Coop

    Our girls are getting a new home. This is a 10’ x 8’ new shed that is attached to a fully enclosed 10’ x 20’ yard. The floor is linoleum and the inside doors both open for full-width access to the inside. There is still some work to be completed, such as installing vents, trim around the run...
  9. D

    Shed for a Coop??

    Anyone made a shed a coop? Looking at buying a metal shed and just turning it into the coop, it would be much more weather resistance than a built wood one! Pictures if you have converted your would be much appreciated (:
  10. Resin Shed to Comfy Coop

    Resin Shed to Comfy Coop

    I’ve made mistakes. This is the first time in my life to have chickens (and ducks). We purchased four chicks and two ducklings in the Spring of 2018. Two of the chicks ended up male, both ducks are female. They spent their first months in our basement. Then a small coop that was so high I had...
  11. T

    Ventilation Advice: Windows near roosts on a Houston coop? (See pics)

    The 8x10 coop is under construction. We are using Garden Shed plans that my husband modified to add extra windows along the back for ventilation. I just realized that along the solid roosting wall (right hand side when facing porch/entrance), there are windows on each side, north and south, that...
  12. Cupcakeschatz

    Lets see your metal shed coops

    I currently have a large prefab coop with 6 birds outside. I would say it can hold about 10 birds. I got a little chicken crazy and well what do you know I have 14 chicks in the brooder. 5 will go to my grandma but the rest will stay here. I know it would need a lot of ventilation, and I am...
  13. Joeschooks

    Moving chicks outside

    I raise my chicks indoors and normally move them out to the brooder ring in the shed (draught free) at 4 weeks old. This gives the chicks much more space than I can give them indoors. But I've hatched chicks earlier than usual this year and I'm due to move them to the shed on 1st March. The...
  14. Featherdust Flock: Retrofit Shed Coop

    Featherdust Flock: Retrofit Shed Coop

    INTRODUCTION When we first got into chickens, we built a medium/small coop from scratch, after much research. Experience has a way of teaching that no research can quite match, so after almost seven years with the smaller coop, I had a vision for a new, larger coop, with improvements in mind...
  15. Squeak61

    Change of plans...

    Oh my goodness. As you may know, I was planning to build a wooden 8’ x 8’ chicken coop this week. That plan went down the toilet :tongue Apparently, my family and I are not very skilled carpenters. The wooden monstrosity we (weakly) attempted to build was definitely not going to cut it. So... we...
  16. Mrs Ugh

    Feedback on First-Timer's Coop Draft Please

    I have a 5 ft x 5 ft Rubbermaid shed that I hope to convert into our first coop. Of course, I did not get the sage advice I have since found here, and the 2 months I thought I had while brooding the chicks has rapidly dwindled to less than 1 month! I think I have a pretty good draft design, but...
  17. chickachickayea

    Advice/help requested - 8x8 shed to coop conversion

    I decided to bite the bullet and got my hands on an 8x8 shed to be converted into a coop. I will need all the help I can get, as I am not a builder (with the exception of canvas stretchers!) and am a total visual learner, so seeing other members builds/tutorials have been helpful! Here's the...
  18. KadeSilkies21

    Goat Shed Bedding???

    We are putting the finishing touches on our goat shed/shelter now and I was wondering what bedding we should use? I was thinking about straw/hay but then i thought they may eat it. What would be easiest to clean and cheap?
  19. DraftXJumper

    Suncast shed & homemade run

    Our coop is nearly ready! The shed was the easy part! The foundation it required took awhile, as did the run. My husband sandwiched hardware cloth between 1x4s for extra security. Still working on the run roof, chicken door, and inside of the coop. Not sure how high to put the roosting bars...
  20. M

    Metal shed turned coop

    Hi all! I'm new posting here but I'm not new to the site :) I searched here for coop ideas when we expanded our flock and needed a bigger coop. I thought I would share some pictures of what we came up with. We bought an 8'x10' metal shed from Lowe's, and built a solid wood platform for it, which...
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