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  1. No real plan just let the wood lead the way.

    No real plan just let the wood lead the way.

    So this is our coop we built out of wood we managed to find around the area.... we only bought four hinges, and some tar paper and shingles so far. (we have not done the run yet). so this is our story... it has taken only two days of solid work 0900-2000 the first day and 0800-1700 the second...
  2. Sadie Lane brooder/tractor

    Sadie Lane brooder/tractor

    Originally, I wanted to build my own brooder for out in the barn so that I wouldn't have to borrow a neighbor’s anymore. Three cats & three dogs at home - and me at work all day made the idea of brooding in the house a no-go. Last year I borrowed one that was essentially a big, long box on...
  3. shipping Crate coop

    shipping Crate coop

    I built this coop as a secondary coop to grow out some of my younger birds till they get large enough to go with the big girls. I started with a wooden shipping Crate. It has room for 4 full sized birds and has an attached 6' run' I built the entire coop out of recycled materials. The only...
  4. Bobby Joes Small Coop Page

    Bobby Joes Small Coop Page

    This is my second coop I turned a shed into a coop and this is the one I built from scratch. The coop is 5'x5'x6' tall it is made from shippng boxes 2 and pine wood pallets. All materials were free except the screws,less than $7 for them.First I built the frame from the shipping boxes and...
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