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  1. L

    Sick Hen, looking at her belly

    Hello there! One of our hen is not feeling well, she is very slow, not interested in food. She is consistently looking down at her belly that seem bigger than normal. Her eggs are either shell less of very soft. She walks very slow and seem a bit lethargic. We are wondering if the inflated...
  2. C

    HELP! Hen making a gurgling sound!

    Ok, so I got 3 new hens last week. Gold laced Orpington, Black sex link, and a Cukoo maran. Today I got up and the Gold laced Orpington is making a gurgling sound. What do I do? Will she die? Will it spread to the rest of my flock? I didn't hear anyone else making the sound.
  3. Ruffle

    Soft shell broken inside - what to do after the shell is extracted?

    My beloved ex-batt Major Maggie (the tiniest chicken who is the queen of the flock) is unwell. I discovered today that she had a soft-shell which had broken inside. With baths and lube and oil and cuddles I've finally got the shell out (with a lot of effort from her), but I dont know if its...
  4. ChickenWhisperer101

    Eye infection? Pink eye? What’s wrong?!!?

    Hi everyone, My Ayam Cemani has something wrong with his eye. He’s 10 weeks old and I just got him on Wednesday. Yesterday he started shutting his eye a lot, and today there’s a bit of white pus in the corner today. Does anyone know what could possibly be wrong with him. Thanks.
  5. W

    Sick chicken

    So I have a chicken that I thought was egg bound but no I am not sure she has not been eating much and her droppings have been FOUL! I habmve her separated from the rest with food and water so her poop is mostly white at first but now green and runny with white but still foul. And there was this...
  6. Chintithor

    Possible egg-bound/water belly chicken help!

    I have a white leghorn hen that I just found this morning with a swollen abdomen. She was squatting like she was trying to poop but just standing like that. I picked her up and her belly is very swollen. At that point she was still running away from me no problem. I brought her in the house and...
  7. A

    HELP my chicken is sick! What should I do!

    Hi, I have a buff Orpington that's a bit more than 5 months old. She's usually a quiet and weak chicken that doesn't play around with the other chickens so much and sleeps very often. She always has her feathers puffed up. The temperature where I live ranges from about 50 - 75 degrees...
  8. CA2PTChickenChick

    Lead in Galvanized Waterers and Feeder

    Hello Fellow Chicken Keepers - I’m reaching out to this group in a hope to collect information regarding any issues with the use of Galvanized steel waterers and feeder as it relates to lead toxicity. I would like to know if you or someone you know uses has used Galvanized Steel feeder and/or...
  9. Microwave Girl

    Boarding chickens with Poopy Vent, Purple poop? Not getting better...:(

    About two weeks ago, P and K got extremely stressed out, (I put them outside in a dog crate while I was cleaning) and didn't truly calm down for about 12 hours. A few days later, the poopy vents started. Sloppy poop on the run floor, poop encrusted around the vent and in the feathers, won't...
  10. Rusticgreenacers

    Is this a tumour? Graphic photos!

    Sorry for the graphic photos. This was right at the bottom of the gizzard and seemed to be blocking any food/water from getting into the small intestine? Her gizzard was full of stones and food, she was drinking quite a bit of water but she was very dehydrated when I did the autopsy. More of...
  11. Rusticgreenacers

    Sick chicken, intestinal blockage?

    One of our chickens has been unwell for a few days now. She doesn't really want to move around much and she keeps moving her head and neck like something is stuck in her throat, but we can't feel anything stuck in her throat or crop. When we caught her she ended up upside down and a strem of...
  12. Paperairplanepilot

    Sick bird. Mg, crd, or nothing?

    Hello, About a week ago my blind roo was acting a little weird after drinking. I thought something was wrong with his crop, so I massaged it. A short while after shaking his head a little glob of goo flew out of his mouth (picture attached, it landed on my shirt 🙄). 2 days ago I noticed that...
  13. ChickenMasta1105

    Feather-tips on head turning white on 14 week old chickens

    Hi! My 14-15 week old chickens heads' feathers' tips are turning white. Literally all of them. The cockerels, and pullets, all four of them. All are behaving normally, eating and drinking normally, everything is normal. Also, all of them are Production Reds. Any help?
  14. J

    rooster sneezing

    my two year old rooster has been sneezing since monday it’s friday now i have cleaned his cadge out twice is it possible i need to clean the water for him to stop sneezing i’m confused help i’m not that concerned because he is only sneezing but when he sneezes he slightly gasps???
  15. R

    3 month old hen wheezing and sneezing with 1 green crusty bubbly eye

    Hi! We have dealt with corzya in the past so I already know that isn't it. My baby chicken has been wheezing, 'rattling' and sneezing for about 2 months now. Today I noticed one of her eyes is swollen, has green and yellow crust around it and bubbles coming from the inner corner. No smell. She's...
  16. emmagat


    Hey guys, I think I’m in trouble here. One of my chickens a respiratory bacterial infection pretty bad, and some of my others seems to be developing it. What’s the best antibiotic that I can buy? I know Corid is for coccidiosis and it’s for cows, but there’s a dosage for chickens that they can...
  17. J

    sick chicken

    today i have noticed my daily layer seemed to have lack of energy. i decided to put food out because she normally runs to the food but she stayed still and she stood sleeping i did see her walk around the backyard normally she was perfectly fine yesterday can someone tell me what is wrong and...
  18. W

    Dehydrated chicken?? Need help

    Yesterday morning I found my chicken falling over and couldn't keep her head up. It keep going back as if she was looking towards the ceiling. I figured it was because their water ran out. I started giving her water with a syringe and within an hour or two looked better but still very thin and...
  19. chickenchicklady

    Is this sour crop?

    Is this sour crop? It’s very squishy.. I’ve been massaging it every hour or so.. I went out of town and came back to this. Poor chick seems so uncomfortable, you can see she’s puffed out and her head is tucked in. I’ve separated her and have been giving her water only.. she also has pretty green...
  20. D

    Lethargic, sick chicken. Need advice please

    Hi all! My poor flock of 3 has been having a terrible time lately. My oldest hen (5 years old) got sick (lethargic, loss of appetite) in August after introducing 2 new pullets to her home (I should have quarantined them for longer). I took her to the vet, she was treated with de-wormer and given...
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