1. erinolivia19

    Help!!!! Silkie With Vent Prolapse!!

    Hi, I am speaking on behalf of a friend who needs help. She has a 6 month old silkie with a vent prolapse. We were able to get the egg out of the membrane but we can’t seem to put the intestines back inside of her. We have put her in a warm epsom salt bath and put lubricator on it to help but...
  2. Kally_Zahirniak

    Wing pin feathers??

    Hello everyone! So my hen Mushu who is almost 8 months and laying eggs still has wing pin feathers. My other chickens who are the same age and younger are fine there wings developed perfectly. Her wings still seem to be stuck in the wax, she is very uncoordinated and has bad balance probably due...
  3. P

    What is wrong with my silkie?

    I have a 4 month old silkie who can’t seem to walk. It sits on it’s but as pictured. I don’t believe it is mareks as the legs are not paralyzed. It has a good appetite that i have supplemented with poultry booster. It sits upright and alert, and when scared it used its wings to help it hobble...
  4. D272BAFA-D4B9-4BD1-A88B-E70BD577C57F.png


    Can I get help with the sex of my silkie? I’m still trying to figure it out. This one has been crowing in the morning
  5. Energystreet

    Crack the genetics challenge!! Silkie/cochin family tree mystery for 9wk chicks

    Ok, I'm a chicken genetics novice. But I need your experienced eyes and minds to help solve this riddle. A black silkie rooster mates with a white cochin hen . They have a chick that is a 50/50 silkie/cochin mix. The black silkie mates with both mother and daughter hens. Two similar sized eggs...
  6. CocoPopz

    What colours do you think these silkies will be?

    I have 8 lovely silkie chicks that hatched today. 2 black 2 paint (I think) 2 partridge (the chipmunk striped ones??) And 2 unsure but they’re light brown and medium brown colour, any idea on the colour when they grow up? Thank you. Also it’s confusing so the cockerel was black running with...
  7. S

    Chick with Bumblefoot

    Hi, I recently got 5 silkie chicks and when I brought them home I was examining them for any health issues and noticed one of them has what seems to be Bumblefoot. Is it possible for young chicks to get Bumblefoot? If so do you know what I can do to help. I’ve so far tried to soak their foot in...
  8. J

    Is my silkie rooster purebred

    Do you guys think my silkie roo is full silkie ? He is a lot taller than a regular silkie and my dad doesn’t think he is full silkie.
  9. 2

    Where can my mother hen raise the babies?

    Hi everyone! i have a broody hen that has been broody for about a month now. We bought 4 babies chickens and were hoping to allow the hen to raise the babies. we blocked off one of the nesting boxes and the hen is currently laying with the babies sleeping underneath her. i have 4 questions...
  10. Happy Henny

    My silkie has an injury on her head...

    Hello, The back of my white silkie hens head was pecked and now it has an injury on her head. One day I walked out to my silkie coop to let them out and after I opened the door is noticed that my white silkie hen was sitting down in the corner of the coop. I looked at her closer and I noticed...
  11. Eggs by Happy Chickens

    What is a Satin chicken?

    Okay so what is a satin? Is it a silkie crossed with a Polish??? What two breeds make a satin?
  12. Cluck-cluck Momma


    I have 5 silkie babies that are 3 months and am only sure that one is a Roo but 3 others have the lil bumps behind the 5th toe so am confusedCreamPuff/ RooSilver/?Salem/?Luna/?Shadow/?
  13. BitterSweetCitrus

    Corzya, Cankers, or What?

    My family and I have four chickens, two Silkie-Ameraucana crosses, a Paint Silkie, and a Lavander Orp. We got our Silkie from a pretty shady breeder as an impulse buy and since have has had problem after problem. When we bought her she had fowl pox, and now she has one nostril that always has...
  14. Bathing Silkies: How To Keep Them Bright & Fluffy!

    Bathing Silkies: How To Keep Them Bright & Fluffy!

    Bathing Silkies: How To Keep Them Bright & Fluffy! Do you have a Silkie that's looking grubby? Maybe you think your Silkie looks 'flat' rather than the typical poofy fluff ball they used to be? Or maybe you are wanting your Silkie to look it's best for an upcoming show or event...
  15. B

    Crested breeds pt 3

    Siberian Chicken Origin: Russia Color varieties: Black, white, cuckoo Egg color: White Comb: V-shaped, rosecomb Earlobes: Red Toes: 4 Leg color: Slate blue, feathered Weight: M:3 kg/ F:2 kg *Bearded Silkie Origin: India, China or Japan Color varieties: White, black, blue, gold, partridge...
  16. B

    Crested breeds pt 2

    Lyonnaise Origin: France Color varieties: Black Egg color: Creamy white Comb: Pea Earlobes: White Toes: 4 Leg color: Slate blue Weight: M:2,5 kg/ F: 1,5 kg *Can be frizzled or non frizzled Mapuche Chaco Argentine Origin: Argentina Color varieties: Black and red, black and brown Egg color...
  17. C

    DOSAGE vit E &Selenium

    I have a 100mcg Selenium and 400UI of Vitamin E. How much of each do I give to my 6 day old chick who appears to have Wry neck?
  18. is it healthy for my chickens to eat their own eggs?

    is it healthy for my chickens to eat their own eggs?

    i’m vegan so i have no intention of eating my chickens eggs. i know it’s common for chickens to eat their own eggs, but is it healthy? does it give them protein or vitamins that they lost while laying eggs? because if it is good for them i’ll just let them eat their eggs. they haven’t started...
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