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    SLWyandotte - "Fashion" Queen of her flock
  2. Bcpayne

    Silver laced Wyandottes, 2 cockerels FREE

    Hey guys, I have two SLW cockerels hatched Sept 6th 2019 who need a home or homes. If you take both you're welcome to have the pullet as well (also SLW). They free range daily, eat high protein food, and are really beautiful birds - we just aren't interested in having roosters since we have a...
  3. Sagey_7878

    *VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA* Selling 3 cockerels!

    Hi everyone, I am located in Victoria, Australia and I am selling 3 cockerels that are about 7 weeks. I have the following: Silver Laced Wyandotte Light Sussex (not pure) Australorp I have included pictures of them.
  4. L

    what is my silver laced Wyandotte mixed with?

    My hen was sold to me as a silver laced wyandotte. I have read online that slw are supposed to have yellow legs but mine as gray. She also recently started laying eggs. They are small and a blueish color. I thought silver laced Wyandottes laid larger brown eggs. She also doesn’t look like other...
  5. Momplus1

    Cockerel or Pullet - Please help

    Hi friends! I'm hoping for some help in sexing my 2 Wyandotte's (SLW). They'll be 5 weeks old tomorrow. One of them was ordered from Cackle Hatchery as a pullet (in a group of 3 - one of 3 different breeds) and one of them was an extra (free) chick included in the order. Just as a side note, in...
  6. Julesstarohio56

    SLW chicks have me wondering.

    I have 15 chicks, all around 10-11 weeks old. I know I have at least 4 SLWs out of 7 that are male, but not sure about 2 of them. I’ll show some pictures. They are from TSC @ .50 a piece, mind you, so their feather quality isn’t consistent. The first pic is of one chick, a feisty small fry...
  7. L

    3 SLW 8 Weeks Old- Gender Help!

    Hello! I got 4 chicks this year and I believe 3 of them all the SLW are cockerels. They are all 8 weeks old. Our GLW I am pretty sure is a pullet. I have a hard time believing I would be lucky enough to get 3 roos out of 4 chicks I picked up. Would love to hear some thoughts! Thanks!
  8. Chook Chook lady

    Silver laced Wyandotte cockerel or pullet

    Two week old supposedly female Wyandotte chick it gives me the stink eye and it barely has wings and tale compared to its sister. It’s also really protective
  9. happyvelociraptor

    6wk SLW and Speckled Sussex - gender?

    Hi! I have 2 chicks, about 6wks old now. I would love some input on gender for each if anyone has a moment. Thanks! Silver laced wyandotte Speckled Sussex:
  10. animalyodelers

    Help with breeds- 8-9 week old pullets

    So, admittedly I didn't check out the breeder that well as far as breeding lines, etc. but that doesn't matter too much anyway. I wanted decent layers and breeds that are at least usually not aggressive. I *thought* I was getting barred rocks, easter eggers, one buff orp and one SLW. I know...
  11. R

    What gender are my SLW

    Both silver laced wyandottes about 8-10 weeks. Cannot figure out if they are roo or hens. I'm thinking the one with more white on her breast a hen?
  12. CuteBantams

    Silver Laced Wyandottes

    Hello, We got 10 SLW chicks this spring, and my brother and I will be showing some at our county fair this summer. Here's the scoop: Some of them have rose combs, and some have small single combs. Are the ones with single combs showable? Thanks!
  13. Broody Bist

    SLW Gender?

    Hi all, I’ve already asked a question about these particular chickens, but I wanted to be sure so I’m doing a little update. They’re about 2 and a half months now, they were born March 7th. Surely if they were going to be roosters their comb would be showing signs. So here’s a picture of the...
  14. M

    Eggs hatching now, what am I getting?

    Hen was California grey(half leghorn half barred rock) Rooster was Slw... are they sexlinks?

    Hen or rooster help SLW

    Please let me know what you guys think of this 1 month old SLW...male or female....thank you in advance! May be to early to tell but sure has yellower legs and a lot more white feathers than the others??
  16. Kathryn173

    Wyandotte genetics - colour

    Could someone thats good with colours help here... I have a few sex linked GLW hens (gold roo over a silver hen, both pure colour lines) If I got a GLW roo to breed to the hens would they breed pure GLW chicks or would there be silver in them or would it just be a mess. Thanks for any help
  17. Covingtonjt

    Getting started with breeding

    Hey guys! I often find myself scrolling through old post or articles on BYC to find helpful information but found myself needing some help on something I was unable to find a thread about. So I created an account today to get a conversation going on breeding for the SOP for Silver laced...
  18. fangedknight

    ISO Wyandotte Roosters in PA

    Hey guys, Looking for SLW or GLW Roosters for my flock. I'm in Berks County, PA. Would prefer local pick up if possible but I am able to travel a bit. Just lost my second Wyandotte roo and I'm in desperate need of some new ones.
  19. UtahHenHelper

    Just Showing Off The Girls

    Sure is a release after a long day's work (and drive) to check on the mini flock! Also nice to get up before the drive to work and go out to check on them an see how they're all doing. Currently have my faithful Plymouth Barred Rock just over a year old, my Silver Laced Wyandotte acquired about...
  20. NicolleJean

    Identifying Day Old Chicks

    Hey guys, I am picking up a couple day old Silver Laced Wyandottes for my broody little Sumatra. The guy has a very nice set up but is selling them as straight run and will not sex them for me. Any advice on what to look for when I pick some up? Thanks!
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