1. T

    Orphan ducklings- What do I do?

    So, in the woods close to my house there are all these ponds. There were 9 little ducklings with their mom there for a while. However, for a couple days now, the mom is no where to be seen. The ducklings are still quite small, they are downy and only about the size if a fist. There are also a...
  2. A

    8 wks, black and no tail feathers. What is it??

    I have a 8 week old bird who has been slow to develop. Smallest of the flock and stayed fuzzy forever. Finally is growing out its feathers and still is not developing any tail feathers!! Orange comb but red waddles Had grey belly and neck when small but that's disappearing quickly. Dark legs...
  3. Wolf19

    3 Female Button/King Quail - WILL TRAVEL FAR TO DELIVER - Northern Virginia

    I live in NOVA. I need to rehome my three female button quail. I have been self-isolating since early March and only leaving every two weeks to go to the grocery store so if health is a concern, do not worry, proper precautions have and will be taken. I am willing to drive pretty far to deliver...
  4. B

    Is my Cochin chick too underweight?

    Hi All, I have 8 chicks, each one is a different breed. I just weighed them for the first time at 3 weeks today and my Cochin chick is quite a bit smaller than the rest. She was the smallest the day she shipped also and was having trouble getting off her back when she flipped over. After day...
  5. E

    6 wk silkie with scissor beak

    My little girl has some serious scissor beak. She is a silkie and just shy of 6 weeks. She is half the size of her sisters... pretty much literally. I weighed one tonight that was over 7 oz and she’s only 3.5 oz. She is constantly eating because it’s so much harder for her to get any food, but I...
  6. The Brick Coop

    W Montg Co PA Jap Bantams 6 pullets $5 each, 4 cockerels free.

    1 or 2 started laying 20SEP2019. pick up only. Beautiful culls from a show flock, bit too much white in primaries. Live in rabbit hutch. Will switch to layer feed next week. Not handled much but easy to tame. Males should be brought into your garage or basement during freezing nights or...
  7. BestDiscoMan13

    What’s the cutest chicken Breed?

    What’s a Cute chicken breed that’s somewhat small sweet and nice. It’s because I want a cute chicken that’s some what small sweet and nice and doesn’t fly that much/high. Comment what breeds you think are cute sweet and kid friendly.
  8. J

    drake, duck pair size difference will the duck drown??

    I have two 3 month old ducks One is a mallard looking runner duck and even compared to other runner ducks she looks to be on the smaller side but I'm not completely sure about it and the other is a Abacot Ranger (streicherente) drake who is definitely much bigger and heavier than the runner...
  9. nicoleee

    3 small hens in need of loving, caring home (South Florida)

    Ive had my 3 girls for over a year now and Ive managed to keep them alive and happy for a while now And I truly love them to death but its getting harder trying to corral them every night on the dot. I live in a place where chickens arent allowed so I have no choice but to round them up...
  10. BarredRockMommy

    Mixed Breed Chick! Any guesses??

    Rescued this little thing yesterday. It is in treatment, so you don't have to comment about it's leg:) any guess on breed from this or wanna take stab at gender and test out your sexing abilities lol! It's only a couple days old and i know its too young to really tell, but though it would be...
  11. BarbaKay


    My 10 new standard sized chicks shipped on 4/8 and now it's the 17th of April. Nine of the chicks (all hens) are growing like normal - wings getting longer, legs and necks taller, etc. But one little baby is not growing. She still looks like she's 2 days old! I've had to clean her vent almost...
  12. Our First Chicken Coop Build!

    Our First Chicken Coop Build!

    After a lot of hard work, our first chicken coop is complete! Our eight pullets are now 6 weeks old and have moved into their new home. This raised coop is 4'x6' and nearly 6 foot tall. The interior totals 27 sq.ft. if you include the 3 exterior nesting boxes. The attached run is built from 2x4...
  13. m1chelle1

    Feed and Growth Concerns....Black Australorps

    BYC Fam, So I'm experienced with raising BO's, but this year I decided to try for Black Australorps (BA's). My BA's are 4 months old, and not as large as I was expecting them to be, by this point. I know my BO's would be larger at this age, but I was under the impression that BA's are similar...
  14. M

    Small air cell day 17

    I am hatching for the 3rd time. I have 2 eggs at day 18-growing a big air cell and 2 other cross breed eggs from my own chickens on day 17 and their air cells are tiny! HELP!!
  15. ChickenNoodlers

    Bantam Cockerals: Columbus Ohio

    Free-- Bantam seabright male 8 months old And Bantam Cochin mix male 8 months old Columbus Ohio
  16. MaryKateandThomas

    New to Chickens! We have an issue with one of the chick hens...

    Hello, This is MaryKate and Thomas. We live in PA in a suburb near Philly in a chicken friendly town. We got 6 chickens (they are only a few months old and not laying eggs yet). They are hens, 2 wyandottes, to cochins, and 2 amerecaunas. They are only a few months old. One of the wyandottes is...
  17. KassieEspi

    Andalusian Comb and Egglaying

    Hello Everyone, On June 7, 2018 my Blue Andalusian laid her first egg. It was oddly long, but roughly the size of a normal store bought egg. Ever since she laid her first egg, her egg size has been decreasing. I don’t know what a “normal” size egg is supposed to look like, being new to raising...
  18. K

    TINY 2 Week Old Chick w/ Enlarged Crop

    I have a two week old chick who is about half the size of the other chicks that hatched with her. She has an enlarged crop that is very soft. It goes down sometimes, but can get so big that it looks like it is going bald. She is up and pretty active, but does get bumped down a lot if the...
  19. C

    Developed chicken egg has air bubbles?

    One of the eggs that my hen is sitting on has mobile air bubbles? The egg is fairly far developed but i'm starting to worry :( As you turn the egg the bubbles follow along with you ... the normal air sac is perfectly where it should be as these air bubbles are actually inside the membrane.. Does...
  20. Chickycammy

    What's up with this chicken?

    We had white leghorn hens with a plymouth barred rock roo and they had chicks on March 26th. All but 1 has died for unknown reasons and even though we feed it food with 24% protein and I tend to give it eggs too it's not growing right. I don't know the gender and it hasn't grown a crown or...
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