1. FathertoFeathers

    How can I keep my brooder from reeking

    I am currently raising 10 jersey giant chicks who are about three weeks old. Today when I got home from school the brooder smelled bad! How do I keep the brooder smelling good?
  2. Bigbluefrog

    Peee eeeew! smell- help!

    Sat on paper in the coop and didn’t see the poo! oh man is it smelly!:oops::sick My favorite jeans- my only non hole jeans! How do you get the smell out? Washing 2 times! Showered twice- don’t laugh but I reacted by brushing my hand on it... ewwww! Wash wash wash! Tips please.... sigh...
  3. abbya12

    Smelly Coturnix Quail Incubator

    Hi again! Boy oh boy have I already posted a lot of questions :rolleyes: But everyone has been so helpful, I thought I'd ask another. I have 10 Coturnix quail eggs in my incubator right now. Today is day 13 and I plan to lockdown tonight. However, I've been noticing a bad smell coming from my...
  4. carlyducks

    Duck pen smell!

    Hello, I have my duck pen on cement with a thick layer of straw. When it gets wet, it gets this strong swamp like smell and it can be bad. Does anyone know a way to help this? Maybe something different than straw? Do coop deodorizers really work? Thanks!
  5. mego21

    Egg Box in Garage

    I’m building a new home. It will have an attached garage. I have an idea to make an egg box built into the wall of the garage (kind of like a dog Door ;). My plan is just to have 3-5 chickens in a shed just outside the garage, and the egg box will be in the wall of the garage. My contractor is...
  6. emu6200

    Emu Egg smelled like rotten eggs, not anymore?

    Hi I have an emu egg and it was smelling like rotten eggs since last week, but about 2 days ago, I changed the water that I put into the incubator for humidity. I was using water straight from the sink. But 2-3 days ago, I started boiling the water to get rid of contaminants, I let the water...
  7. cluckkatie

    Sulfur Eggs?

    My eggs smell like sulfur and urine, especially when I cook them... I don't eat these ones because I fear that it will taste like sulfur or that these eggs are contaminated. How do I get rid of this sulfur smell? Are there certain foods I should be giving them to improve the smell? Right now...
  8. AniaOnion

    Smell-Free Quail Coop

    I've seen people ask about raising quail indoors, or reducing smell in coops. I actually have my coop with 4 birds, in my bedroom. Before I had to move back in with my folks, I had them in my apartment. How can I handle it? I've actually figured out how to create a nearly completely smell free...
  9. Ducksforfum

    Indoor ducklings

    Hi all! We just hatched 6/8 Ancona duck eggs this past week. We have our lively brood indoors for the next 6 weeks. Any tips on keeping the house from smelling like a barn? What essential oils/ scented candles are safe for freshening up the area? Here's our little brood!
  10. Szulptist

    Serama Indoor Pet - Managing Smell?

    (If this question is in the wrong section please move it to a better one if possible) Hello, I recently purchased a Serama Chicken and he's awesome but the smell of his droppings is stinking up the whole house. How do I control the smell? I keep and breed pigeons and have most of them indoors...
  11. Dinosaur Feed

    limestone bedding

    Does anyone use limestone bedding in their chicken coop? what are the benefits you've seen? Smell? egg production?
  12. elliesaurus

    Why do my Roosters Stink?

    I have 2, 13 week old cockerels, and they reek to high heaven. They're not sick, and they don't do stuff my pullets don't do. I thought maybe all chickens smelled bad so I grabbed a couple of the girls and took a good whiff, but they don't have any sort of unpleasant odor. I can't even get near...
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