1. HorsesRMe123

    Chickens and Geese in Hazardous Air Quality

    Hello! I have 4 chickens and 2 geese. I live in Washington and the air quality where I’m at is hazardous (450/500 on the air quality index). I don’t want to see them become unhealthy because of all this. The latest weather report said that it will be until mid-day Monday that this would begin...
  2. Arbutus Peregrine

    Wildfires and smoke — hazardous air quality — Herbs for respiratory health?

    We are experiencing the worst air quality in the world today here in Portland, Oregon due to wildfires ... not something to brag about. My chickens are hanging in there and I’ve given them loads of extra trreats...but I’m wondering if there’s more I can do? Thinking about soaking herbs for...
  3. Texas Transplant

    How to Protect Your Birds From Hazardous Smoke Levels????

    Hopefully we can get some good ideas using our collective brain power on how to protect our birds from the hazardous smoke that's effecting a good deal of folks in the West of the U.S. right now. I'm in Oregon and I've got 4 older pullets and 3, 6 weeks old chicks. I can bring the babies inside...
  4. April and Andy

    Wildfires and my Ducks

    Hi All, So- in my state there are a few pretty harsh wildfires going on. Not near enough to me that we are in imminent danger or needing to evacuate, but the smoke is terrible. The smoke is supposed to last today, through the night, and fade tomorrow. Usually, throughout the day my ducks would...
  5. Quailobsessed

    Drought, Bushfires and Birds

    So I thought that there needs to be a thread for people in bushfire area so they can get support and advice. I am particularly referring to the bushfires around Australia but if you are going through this anywhere in the world, feel free to share. By the way, not sure if this is the right place...
  6. SkyBlue49

    Wildfire Season

    Last year the smoke was heavy in the air. This year looks like it will be the same. This year we have a small flock of chickens. Any suggestions of how to protect their lungs. Thank you.
  7. Hermit

    Camp Fire smoke & ash - Chickens’ nares bloody/runny?

    I’ve got one chicken with blood traces on both sides, and so far I’ve been thoroughly wet-sneezed all over by another. We aren’t far from the Camp Fire, but we are far enough to be out of danger. I’ve been out every day in makeshift smoke & particulate gear to clean cages and refresh everyone’s...
  8. JBirdy

    Suggestions for supporting chickens during smokey conditions?

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for supporting chickens during smokey conditions due to wildfires? The fires aren't near us but the smoke is quite bad. I've limited their exercise to their run so that they are not exerting themselves, as well as providing consistently fresh...
  9. barred2rock

    Hickenlooper ate a cigarette!

    As I was walking out of their run, I pulled out a cigarette and one of my girls pulled it out of my hand. Before I could catch them, they had eaten the cigarette and one ate the whole filter. :eek: Will this harm them? Is there anything I can do? Edited: I don't know how auto correct gets...
  10. B

    Oregon Fires

    Hi. I live in Portland and the air is rally bad from the fires in he gorge. I put my chickens in garage for the day, but I was wondering if there were other things I could do. I read something about hanging a wet sheet, would that help if I did that in their run. Any suggestions wood be...
  11. Revan

    Smoke Inhalation?

    Hello. Currently, there is a massive fire about 15 miles away from where I live, so it's very smokey and very hot. My little cochin hen (she's 4 months old) started wheezing yesterday afternoon. I would have posted sooner, but both power and internet went out and internet didn't come back until...
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