1. S

    Chicken Sneezing and now Walking Not Balanced

    I have a chicken who has been sneezing for a week. We brought her inside, and got some advice and they said to treat her for cocci even though her poop was normal. She stopped eating and drinking so I was giving her water with a syringe. Saturday, Jan. 8, she started drinking and eating on...
  2. Psychstew

    New Chicks with possible respiratory illness

    Sorry in advance for lengthy post I am answering questions from the sick bird check-list that are relevant to my birds. I will try to be concise and make it readable. 2 Cochin chicks about 4-5 weeks old. Normal weight. Seem to be growing normally. Occasional sneezing, slight runny nose, some...
  3. A

    Most of my chickens are sneezing

    Hi, this is my first post on BYC :highfive: I have about 30 chickens (5 chicks). Most of them are pullets. One of them is incubating her laid eggs, while 3 of the pullets are still laying eggs now. About 40% of them sneeze, some of the pullets got clean nasal discharge with/without sneezing...
  4. R

    3-4months old rhode island red raspy voice

    Hi, Please help, i have her with her brother since last month. They came with nasal discharge and dyspnea, but i was able to treat them with Premoxil day 1-3 and Ambroxitil day 4-6. However, last week the female rhode island red had a change in voice, it sounded raspy/phlegmish/blocked/mucoid...
  5. Chickadee00

    Chicken colds

    Hello, my 3 cochin chickens seem to have a cold, they sneeze a bit. When I picked one up and heard them breath it sounded like they have a runny nose, can't see any mucus coming out of their noses though. I've tried giving them camomile and sage tea, I've given them radish, a bit of onion with...
  6. Cocopebbles

    Pale feet, sideways laying

    Hi everyone, My baby girl is different recently and not sure if this would even be the right area for this. She's sitting down more, slightly watery stools, I found some red goop in one but it didn't seem like blood. I'm not sure what type she is but she's about 2 months old. Been sneezing for...
  7. prestoconfuoco

    Drakes sneezing? (or whatever this is…)

    Hey all, I’ve been noticing my three drakes have been “sneezing” like this. I can’t confirm all three are doing it for certain because it’s tough for me to tell the pekins apart, but at least one of the pekins and the welsh harlequin have been doing it. I’ve noticed it very occasionally for...
  8. C

    Will she ever get better? Constant sneezing.

    About 1 1/2 months ago my 16 month old hen got sick the only symptom was sneezing and a tiny bit of crackling behind her voice. We immediately separated her from the flock and took her to the vet. He said her lungs sounded fine and he didn’t hear anything wrong except the obvious sneezing, he...
  9. S

    Sneezing flock

    My hens are sneezing. I have tried antibiotics and oil of oregano and acv and sprayed them down with vetrx. Nothing is helping. They are still active and eating and laying. But I can’t seem to get them to stop. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Myavia

    Chickens WILL NOT stop sneezing!

    Hi! I have 13 Silkies & 2 polishes in a horse stall (converted to coop) in the barn. The polish are in a smaller pen in the coop for now. I did not isolate quick enough when I noticed 1 or 2 hens sneezing almost 3 weeks ago. I ordered Tylan soluble (add it into water) and received it and now...
  11. Kimmyh51

    Duck sneezing, tongue noticeably swollen at base of tongue??

    I have a duck who was sneezing and assumed it was a respiratory infection that seems to plague some of my ducks, particularly during spring which it is now where I live... normally the symptoms disappear after a few days on oxytetracycline antibiotic which my vet prescribes for me to use for...
  12. prettylittlehens

    HELP! Respiratory illness? Which meds to give?

    Can anyone help me figure out the best course of meds for my flock? I’m stumped. My beautiful EE rooster (1yo) suddenly passed last night- I noticed his comb was very dark purple so I brought him inside thinking he had possibly gotten frostbite (it has been in the teens/twenties a few nights...
  13. C


    My 6 month EE. Is sneezing and has runny eyes. Should I isolate her? What could this be?
  14. amynw

    Squeaking sick goose????

    Hello everyone. We have 3 pet geese, and recently I kept hearing a squeak every so often. Sounded just like a squeaky toy noise. I finally figured out today where the noise was coming from, one of my male geese. I watched him for around an hour. He still honks like the others, but will...
  15. H

    Respiratory Issues with Buff

    Hello, I am looking for some help with my buff orph that is about 6 months old. As of this morning when she came out of the coop she had a whistling breath and was sneezing. She also has a runny nose. I've given electrolytes in the water and then was told oregano would work better. So currently...
  16. Chickena

    chicken sneezing?

    Yes, I am back from a long time, but now it is getting colder since it is september. My favorite chicken is sneezing and also my other chickens as well, I'm not sure why they're sneezing its probably the cold. But maybe there are other reasons.
  17. mmmarta

    4 weeks chick started sneezing, but eats, drinks, active

    Hello Friendly Community, I have an issue with another one of my chicks. First time owner, 6 Silkies, 4 weeks old, in a cardboard brooder at home. He is my favorite, and I noticed 2 sneezes yesterday. Today morning, he sneezes every few minutes. He eats, scratches, maybe is a little bit active...
  18. emmsx3

    Baby Chicks Sneezing While Eating

    I have 3 one week old baby chicks and I noticed when they eat their starter crumbles, they sneeze. Usually they don't like to eat the large pieces so I break them a little or wet the feed just to make it easier for them. Cause if they are large dry pieces they don't eat it as much. I have VetRx...
  19. Clappmeg

    Sick Chickens, How Contagious?

    I recently picked up 3 Silkies from a local farm that was downsizing. She was practically giving them away and they're very difficult to find in my area. I've kept them separate from my small flock in that: - My chicken coop is built into my garage. The bottom half is enclosed by plywood but the...
  20. TwentyOneChickens

    Chicken sneezing

    I've heard my chickens sneeze before, maybe once or twice. But we have a chicken who sneezes, no joke, 7+ times in a row. Should I be concerned? p.s. did I post this in the right place?
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