1. Y

    Is this gapeworm? VIDEO INCLUDED

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right! We have a chicken showing some respiratory symptoms, I'm not sure if it could be gapeworm or something else? Here is a video of the gaping behavior she has been doing: I've called around to a few vets and have not found...
  2. T

    Respiratory and reproductive problems

    In February I posted something about my chicken who was having a lot of issues. At first she was wheezing and panting, and then she laid a weird rubber egg after not laying for a long long time. She seemed to get better, so I thought she recovered, but now the exact, and I mean EXACT same thing...
  3. Steph21

    HELP: Chicks Sneezing and Dying

    I'm going to explain what is going on as thoroughly as possible so this might be long. On Thursday (4/14) I bought 3 turkeys and 5 chicks (3 were barred rock) from Rural King. The next day (Friday), one of the turkeys was dead. I noticed this turkey was smaller and a little less active than the...
  4. Uwish

    Sneezing and 1 with runny poop

    So my chicks started sneezing a few days ago and either 1 or 2 of them have runny to watery poop. Not sure which ones I have 10 total 4 are about 1 month old and 6 are about 2 weeks old. 1 is a baby turkey. They are acting fine, eating drinking playing sleeping shitting😂 I have read the other...
  5. M

    Foul Pox problems

    My chicken is about 8 months old. When she was 6 months she came down with foul pox, and it hit her hard. We finally have her at a point where she can be around the other chickens, but she lost a lot of weight and can’t gain any back. She waddles and falls over often when walking. Sneezes all...
  6. F

    My rooster may have newcastle disease, please help me, how can i cure him? this disease grow fast overnight, i want to try my best to get rid of it.

    3 days ago my parent bought a hen, my rooster been alone from 6 months we sold his last chicken because of bad financial conditions but honestly he looked depressed and sad without a hen so i told my parent to get a hen for him and they did, that hen was pretty active and my parent checked her...
  7. S

    Chicken Sneezing and now Walking Not Balanced

    I have a chicken who has been sneezing for a week. We brought her inside, and got some advice and they said to treat her for cocci even though her poop was normal. She stopped eating and drinking so I was giving her water with a syringe. Saturday, Jan. 8, she started drinking and eating on...
  8. Kirmi8

    Bantam sneezes

    So we’ve been having incredibly mild weather for this time of year and freezing and thawing continuously so my coop has been a mess. I was hoping to wait until we froze for good to do a deep clean and have it good for winter, but alas I ended up just cleaning it a couple days ago. For the last...
  9. krissyweso

    Mycoplasma Home Remedies

    Hi. I think my year and a half old silkie hen has mycoplasma, but no very can see her for 48 hours. Any advice for how to help her from home until I can get her antibiotics? She was broody for the last few days, then, yesterday (Friday) morning, when I picked her up so that she would get food...
  10. A

    Potential respiratory illness?

    Hi all, I've got a chicken with some breathing issues going on, I've listed everything of note below. Name: Trooper Light Sussex hen Age approx. 6 years old Weight 3.6kg Location: NSW Australia, for non Australians we are currently in mid spring Symptoms: Breathing through mouth, more...
  11. Chickadee00

    Chicken colds

    Hello, my 3 cochin chickens seem to have a cold, they sneeze a bit. When I picked one up and heard them breath it sounded like they have a runny nose, can't see any mucus coming out of their noses though. I've tried giving them camomile and sage tea, I've given them radish, a bit of onion with...
  12. S

    4 week old Easter egger has symptoms I cant link to cause

    I’m a new chick owner, first time, and trying to troubleshoot my chickens is turning to be a super challenge between me trying to take preventive action or just over thinking. My Easter egger daphne, for a couple weeks she has been sneezing pretty constantly compared to the rest. That initially...
  13. Diveks

    Only one duckling sneezing?

    I have 3 ducklings that i monitor constantly as they will peep if i go too far out of their sight. i have had them for 4 days and but one for 6. Only one of them is sneezing. i am not familiar with duck disease so i came here for some help. this is the only one duckling that won't clean its...
  14. Zoboomafoo20

    Help! Sneezing and droopy eyes.

    Hello! So we have been having issues with our chickens. We have 3 and all of them have the sickness. One is disabled (can’t walk good) and her nose gets clogged. I have to clean it a few times a day so she can breathe, and her nose stinks. She also has one droopy eyelid. (I’ve seen things about...
  15. C

    Will she ever get better? Constant sneezing.

    About 1 1/2 months ago my 16 month old hen got sick the only symptom was sneezing and a tiny bit of crackling behind her voice. We immediately separated her from the flock and took her to the vet. He said her lungs sounded fine and he didn’t hear anything wrong except the obvious sneezing, he...
  16. Goosebaby

    Questions/ infectious bronchitis?

    My flock has had white diarrhea and occasional respiratory issues since the end of May/ beginning of June, diagnostic testing and a vet isn’t an option currently so I know it’s anyone’s guess what my flock actually has. Some suggestions included renal coccidia, or a very mild form infectious...
  17. B

    Sneezing chicken

    Few of my chickens had died and they showed the same symptoms of sneezing. My only chicken leg is happy, healthy and broody and also it's raining outside. I saw her sneezing. Is this a part of broodiness? Or a part of Rainy season? Or a disease about to kill here?
  18. Amy Weaver

    Humidifier for congested, sneezing chicken?

    I have a chicken that's sneezing quite a bit, plus congested. She had pneumonia this past winter, and I know once they've had respiratory issues, they're forever susceptible. She's separated from rest of the flock and in our basement chicken hospital. I'm administering Tylan, plus putting VetRx...
  19. lunahills

    Clicking noise / sneezing?

    I feel like I’ve had nothing but issues with the chickens I brought home a few weeks ago. The one that seemed perfectly healthy is now making a clicking noise as she shakes her head, almost looks like a sneeze. Any ideas what this could be?
  20. Fluffyfanny

    Rooster Down

    Help!! I have a young bantam Cochin Roo that seemed fine yesterday. This morning I found him completely layed out, it just looked like a mangled mass of feathers. I picked him up thinking he was dead but he was awake and breathing. I held him about an hour thinking he was dying but he was able...
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