south carolina

  1. ForTheLoveOfFarming

    Looking for the best looking chicken coop!

    Have camera - will travel! I'm looking for a nice looking coop or area where your chickens are free ranging and friendly enough to be in photos with me, my husband, and my son. Here is my idea - we want to announce our pregnancy with a picture of us with chickens and we are going to hold up...
  2. Cluckerzfamilyfarm

    Storm Florence

    To all of those that are dealing with this storm as we are. God bless and we truly hope all is well with your families and animal's. A beautiful sunset before Florence
  3. Newchickymama37

    South Carolina

    Anyone here from SC want to talk chickens?
  4. B

    New to chickens in the Lowcountry (South Carolina)

    Hello BYC gang. I've read quite a few threads but recently decided to join the forum. My name is Rebecca, 30ish-year-old high school biology teacher with 3 new chickens. My roommate has been wanting to get chickens for over a year now and we finally picked up three rhode island red pullets from...
  5. newclucker

    New in AIKEN SC- Need a coop builder and chicks

    Hi....we have recently moved here to Aiken SC and I'm looking for someone to build a coop and chicks to buy. Anyone in the area who knows where I can get hooked up?? Thanks! Debra in Aiken
  6. M


    Hi my name is Macie aka Meow-Bawk. I dont have and chickens right now but i plan on trying to convince my parents (i have 2 cats). My neighbor Frank has 2 chickens already and i go over there every other day to feed water and talk to them (dont judge me every one gets lonely). I discovered this...
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