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  1. The Antiquated Key

    Chicks for sale SOCAL

    We live outside of the quarantine zone. Our birds have never been exposed to other birds or wild birds. Our birds reside in a very large walk in coop building with lots of airflow and access to lots of direct sunshine. All our birds are very healthy and none of them have ever been sick. All of...
  2. Cyprus

    NOTICE: SoCal regulation of hatching eggs and live poultry

    Latest updates regarding quarantine are from 2/17/2019 at the time of writing this thread Please note, that there is a current mandatory quarantine in place surrounding and containing the southern California counties of LA County and Riverside County. This quarantine strictly restricts the...
  3. E

    Please help! 3 hens need new home. Santa Clarita

    My wife and I need to find new home for our 3 hens. Have to move for a new job opportunity and can't take the girls with. We are devastated, but we are moving from a house with land to a townhome with no backyard. So there's just no way we can take them. Thank you Luke Davidson
  4. Whiskey the goose

    Virulent Newcastle Disease in SoCal

    Hello from sunny southern california. I volunteer at a local animal shelter and I am aware that the Newcastle dieses Is reported back in our neighborhood. I remember last time we saw it in town it killed off all birds in town. None were spared, it was something out of a horror movie. I have an...
  5. sjango

    Ayam Cemani x Hmong Fibro Rooster [So Cal]

    -Below are some photos- Above: His Hmong Father Above: Left is the Mother, one of her daughters on the Right _________________________________________________________________________ One of our lovely black-skinned roosters is looking for a new flock! He's old enough now...
  6. OCeggs23

    So Cal silkie boy free to good home

    Hi! I have an adorable white, fluffy silkie who has just started to let us know he's a he. :) 12 weeks old. Need to find him a good home ASAP. Anyone want? Would have to pick up - in Orange County, CA.
  7. anniejli

    Be Aware of Sunny Side Up Ranch in Norco, CA Selling Deadly Sick Chickens

    I am new to this site and was not able to find a place to post breeder review, so I am posting this thread in forum. I urge everyone who is thinking to buy or already bought chickens from Sunny Side Up Ranch in Norco CA to read their yelp reviews at...
  8. rainbowflight

    Two 3-year-old female Muscovy ducks, Southern California

    Hello! I am looking to find a new home for my two 3-year-old female Muscovy ducks. I have had them since they were ducklings but won't be able to keep them any longer as I am moving away. If you are interested and near Orange County / Los Angeles / San Diego area, please let me know!
  9. Barbara Wasbin

    Looking for Coturnix quail in S. Calif.

    Hi, I'm looking for coturnix quail in Southern California. I would like to have 2 or 3 as pets and for the eggs. Does anyone know where I can buy some? Thank you!
  10. lilredracr

    Feed Mill Delivery Split - So Cali Ok So cal Friends - I have done a ton of research on feed and am looking for peeps to partner with a split a 1 ton delivery (forty 50lb bags) from Union Point of their Layer Pellets. Basically Corn, Soy, GMO-Free as well as no DE and no "grain...
  11. H

    Best place to buy started pullers in southern california

    We are trying to get ourselves started with some backyard chickens. We are having a hard time finding a lot of places within 2 hours of us. We don't mind driving a little but we want to know that it's a place we can trust with healthy hens. We are looking for 2-3 egg layers (but I have my heart...
  12. Jan in Fallbrook CA

    Happy Hen Peep

    Hi fellow chicken people! I have six hens, purchased from my local feed store the end of February this year (2017). Two of each breed: Welsummers (Vera and Vergie), Salmon Faverolles (Fanny and Pluma), and Easter Eggers (Thelma and Louise). My two Welsummer girls, Vera and Vergie, were the...
  13. A

    Santa Clarita SoCal residents interested in changing current urban unfriendly ordinance

    Hello, Me and my kids would like to reach out to the Santa Clarita community interested in having chickens. Sadly we have unreasonable ordinance for standard urban home with a backyard and my son and myself would like to try to change chicken ordinance in Santa Clarita City to allow at least 2...
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