speckle sussex

  1. B

    3mo Old SS Rooster Needs a new Home

    Due to city restrictions in San Diego County, we cannot keep our little man. We are looking to find him a new home. If interested, please reply.
  2. AgnesGray

    Speckled Sussex - is this pullet really a cockerel?

    I bought 2 speckled sussex sexed pullets and the comb on one has me in doubt as to the sex of this one. I'm bringing them to the experts. What do you all think? Hatched 3/4 so right about 2 months old.
  3. B

    Welsummer or something else?

    We are proud new owners of 20 chicks now 4 weeks old. We have four Welsummers in our flock although I have my doubts on whether our Audrey is in fact a Welsummer or something else. She has a speckled head and lighter in color when compared to her sisters. At first I thought she was in fact a...
  4. So fresh and so clean!!

    So fresh and so clean!!

    Mucked out and put new bedding down in the baby chicks temporary holding pin. I think they appreciated it. Fresh dust bath didnt stay in very long.
  5. S

    Speckled sussex and black copper maran roos x-breeds question (how do i keep posting in the wrong thread? xD)

    So I've got a speckled sussex (mahogany or redish brown base with green on tail and wings and some white flecks) and a black copper maran roo. My hens are barred rock, a couple barred rock mixed with idk what but their father looked barred just darker and threw some black females and dark barred...
  6. Tre3hugger

    Earthen Acres Homestead: First mixed laying flock

    Hey everyone. My partner and I have a fairly new 5 acre homestead in New England and have recently added 10 birds, 9 pullets and a cockerel, to our growing self sufficiency. I am already completely smitten with them, and people in real life are tired of hearing about them! lol Figured I'd share...
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