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  1. clickncluck

    Why aren’t my 2 ½ year old speckled sussex chickens not laying?

    My 3 speckled sussex chickens haven’t laid an egg since mid September. They had a mild molt in September but have long since grown their feathers back. I wormed them in October. Supported them nutritionally with extra protein during the molt. I feed them Purina organic l’arena pellets. They have...
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  3. E

    Are these breeds personable?

    Hi everybody! Merry Christmas if you celebrate it and happy holidays to all. I currently have bantams because my boyfriend loves the minis, but my dream is having big, fat chickens lol! These would be purely pets and I would like to hear anyone’s experiences with their temperaments. Ideally...
  4. Allcoopedupwith6

    Ladies (and newly found gentleman) got an Upgrade!!

    Sooooooo..... our new flock is only 4-5 weeks old but growing like weeds!!! Hubby and I put our heads together and Voilà.... I think they like it!!! I can definitely say they kiddos do :love!! Any suggestions on what I can add to give them a little extra to do at such a young age?
  5. N

    Mites or Fowl Pox? Help needed. Photos attached

    Can you help me work out what these are i really have no idea we have 1 speckled and 1 light Sussex and both of them have black starting to show on their comb. What are they and what can I do to treat it? Thanks in advance for you help!
  6. WallyBirdie

    Saddle Feathers?

    Slow growing, 5 months old, comb has reddened. Very docile, doesn't crow but isn't squatting either. Thought for sure my Sussex was a pullet, but the growing feathers have me a bit paranoid about her being a cockerel. Are these saddle feathers? I'm not great at defining saddle feathers, even...
  7. E

    Speckled Sussex Gender Identification (13 weeks ½ old)

    It's my first time with the Speckled Sussex breed. I had another SS chick the same age as this one whose traits definitely marked him as a male at six weeks old, so I gave that one away quickly, but this chicken pictured below keeps confusing me. At first glance, the curved tail feathers say...
  8. RiversideChick

    Greetings! New mama of 13 chicks :)

    Hello! I am a new chicken owner and this forum has already become invaluable to me. My husband and I live on the Nisqually River in Washington State (hence the screen name). We have 13 chicks that are now 4 weeks (and some change) old. They have been living outside full time and thriving for a...
  9. Chicken Meeting 3 (2)

    Chicken Meeting 3 (2)

  10. hypnozze

    Accidentally breeding a sex-linked chicken?

    Hello everyone! I have a flock of Speckled Sussex chickens and have been hatching their offspring since this spring and I was wondering if it was possible to create a sex-linked offspring from them? I am somewhat familiar with how sex-lined chicks are achieved in hybrids but I do not know is...
  11. karenmragan

    Scared-ey Chicks

    Hello! I have some three week old chicks that a broody hatched and right now they are in their own pen with their mama, away from the flock. My concern is whenever I go to feed or water them they bolt around the cage running along after their mom and just generally acting very frightened. I...
  12. N

    Not laying...

    We have 1 speckled sussex and 1 light sussex both are 9months old and we're still waiting for their 1st egg, is this normal? We have just come into winter so the daily temp is 10ish degrees could this be contributing? Thanks!
  13. T

    6 week old Speckled Sussex sex?

    Any insight on my 6 week-old SS? Breeder vent-sexed as pullet... at 6 weeks old still no tail feathers, but getting some pink wattles. Maybe too soon to tell? I'm hoping she is still a she! If it's too soon I'll check back in a couple of weeks with updated pictures. Thanks!
  14. D

    2 yr old speckled sussex hens not laying for months

    We have two speckled sussex hens that are now 2 years old. They both stopped laying midwinter and have never restarted. They were laying reliably for over a year before that. Our other 2 hens (one olive egger and one barred rock) are laying fine and did so through the winter. (Light in coop)...
  15. T

    Age and gender of Speckled Sussex chicks

    They were sold to me as "2 week old pullets" a week ago... I know they're NOT the age that I was told. Tell me what you think... age and sex if you can, please. Chick A: Chick B: Many thanks!
  16. jwebs94

    Anyone have Speckled Sussex from Cackle with egg issues?

    Anyone have Speckled Sussex from Cackle? If you do, egg issues? My girls have always tended to lay strange eggs. Thinner shells (If I find broken ones, it's theirs), the shells all have the "sandpaper" calcium bumps on the pointy end, and now they've lost their pigmentation. I have 7 SS, 6...
  17. cstephens1987


    So my little flock is ranging in age from 4.5-5.5 weeks and I do believe I have spotted two, possibly three, roosters in the bunch. I'll post pictures and videos as they age for the next few weeks and let you guys tell me what you think (I'll keep my suspicions to myself for now). Also any help...
  18. frackmomma

    Molalla OR - Speckled Sussex 3wk old chick

    I got a few chicks at Wilco a couple of weeks ago and the Speckled Sussex chick isn't working out for us. She is targeting my Welsummer chick and pecked her bloody. I have tried isolating her but whenever I put her back, she goes right back and pecks my poor Welsummer. I would prefer to rehome...
  19. MotherOfChickens

    Speckled Sussex

    For you Speckled Sussex owners, what is the latest age your ladies laid their first egg?
  20. BackyardZen

    Easter Eggers - Quiet, Friendly and Easy-to-Manage?

    Hello Community, My wife and I will be getting 6 chicks soon and are in the process of building a chicken tractor for pasture-raising the chickens in our backyard. We are hoping to get quiet, friendly and easy-to-manage birds. We are probably going to get 2 Buff Orpingtons and 2 Speckled...
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