1. Virginia and James

    Auto sexed Spitzhauben? Teach us...

    Hello all! Below is a picture of our 15 week old Spitzhauben “Cayenne Pepper”. Dad is a gold Spitzhauben. Mom is a silver Spitzhauben. we have read that offspring of this color combination produces a sex linked chick. Judging by the color, hes gold like dad, but he’s (?) not showing much in...
  2. C

    What genders do you think?

    I numbered them all to make it more clear on your opinions of each there are 12 babies from chicken scratch poultry ❤ They’re 6 weeks old !
  3. D

    *Edited-I think I have 3 Roos?!

    Started out with six chicks. The Spitzhauben is definitely a rooster as he has attempted to crow at a very young age (about four weeks). The other two show roo characteristics from what I’m reading. Fingers crossed that I’m wrong or if I’m not wrong, we stop at three roos 😔. I have two Easter...
  4. D

    New to this forum and raising chickens.

    Hello everyone. My name is Diana and I just picked up my chicks yesterday. I have 6 total (fingers crossed for all females). I have 2 Easter eggs, 2 Spitzhauben’s, and 2 Svarthona’s. I currently have them in a spacious tall tote with a feeder and an ice cube tray with rocks and warm water. I...
  5. W

    Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben Started Chicks

    9 Silver Spitz for sale. 2 weeks old, spunky and feathering beautifully. Sold as straight run. $10 per chick. I’m located in Southwest Virginia and willing to meet buyer within reasonable driving distance.
  6. Rockporters

    MA/NH: Showgirl, Isbar, Barnvelder, Polish, and Legbar Roosters

    Cross posting with state forums and CL. We are starting to be outnumbered by cockerels around here. All purebred and from very good lines. We are located in MA/NH...sorry, no, we can’t ship. If interested in updates pics of a certain one, please let me know. Looking to rehome the following: 18...
  7. L

    Spitzhauben with attitude!

    I just put a picture of a Spitzhauben on my FB timeline. Can’t figure out how to put it from there to here. Timeline is Carole Crate
  8. C

    Do apenzeller spitzhaubens need a coop?

    Ok so to start I have NEVER owned chickens. Im trying to gather as much info as I can before building the enclosure for the 4 spitzhauben chicks I was given. Ive been reading a lot about how this breed likes its space and while I can't completely free range because of predators, I was thinking...
  9. juliasflock

    Silver Spitzhauben chick

    All 5 of my Spitz chicks have been very flighty and skittish, up until a couple days ago. This little one has become very curious with me, and it looks as though it has some pink in its tiny little wattles. Thoughts? It’ll be 3 weeks old on Friday. Single comb chicks are so much easier to sex!!
  10. RainForestBird

    Appenzeller Spitzhauben Roosters

    I have 3 Silver Appenzeller Spitzhauben roosters. The are beautiful and healthy. Location is Bisbee, AZ. Please message me if you are interested.
  11. Peachfuzz221

    My chickens <3

    This is Paco, my Light Brahma Rooster. We got him from a friend at a few months old after our rooster, Pollo, grew mean. He has six Light Brahma hens in his flock and is the sweetest guy! He loves to eat out of your hand and pouts if he does not get to, loves to talk to people, and is a super...
  12. P

    Breeding Project, will it work?

    I am soon going to have gold laced sebrights and gold spangled bantam appenzeller spitzhauben. While i want to breed the sebrights towards the sop, i also want to try my own project. That would be creating a small, gold laced and crested (hopefully crest will remain of the spitzhauben type). I...
  13. Lisa Pedro

    ISO Silver Appenzeller Rooster

    I am in search of a Silver Spitzhauben Appenzeller Rooster. We are in Central Florida and lost alot of birds during hurricane Irma. I had several of my Silkies and frizzled Cochins drown in their coops. Lost a bunch of our "eating" egg layers and 3 of my Appenzellers which included my roosters...
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