1. cluelesschickmother

    Starved chicks... one dead and one with enlarged crop!!

    I will preface by saying that I am really screwed up... I start with the story of what happened and end with my plead for help. We purchased two three week old splash silkie chicks to add to our flock of juvenile silkies from a wonderful small local hatchery. They supplied us with what we...
  2. surfrchik44

    Severely Depressed Houdan Rooster- Help!

    Hi! I have a 7mo old mottled Houdan roo (has not started mating or crowing yet). I raised him and a Polish hen in the house, because my only mature hen (silkie) took the other chicks fine, but rejected these two. They have been VERY close from the time they were a few days old. When they were...
  3. B

    Chicken not eating at all! Need help ASAP!

    my ameracauna hen hasnt eaten (i think she hasnt touched the food put out for her) for w few days. I've set her aside to try to figure it out. I've seen her drink, but she refuses to eat, and is very lethargic. We've given her antibiotics, but that hasnt done anything. There is a sour smell...
  4. CluelessChickJ

    Help! What to do?

    I'm not a farmer, not someone who raises chickens for a living, nada. I'm a country girl in the Caribbean and there's always wild chickens that run around without any help from humans. Recently in the last several months two dogs have been killing them out in my neighborhood. I've raised a...
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