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  2. 2BackYardChicks

    Howdy from East of Sacramento

    Howdy! My name is Christina and yes myself and family are brand new here and just researching our set up and how to get started. So we are in the pre-chicken faze. A couple of our questions I'm looking for guidance on are: 1. Best varieties for semi suburban areas? 2. Best varieties inland...
  3. HomeTweetHome1

    What breed is the quietest roo?

    I live in a quiet little neighborhood. Houses are decently far apart, but noise would still be an issue. I want a rooster to breed & procreate with my 4, gorgeous, sweet little hens. What is the quietest breed of chicken (as far as roosters & crowing go), and how can I keep my roo quiet until...
  4. The "Mod" Coop

    The "Mod" Coop

    The overall size is 3’ wide by 18’ long by 6’ tall. The coop itself is 3’x 6’x 4’ and raised 19” off the ground. Made to house 3-6 chickens. My coop building adventure begins here in the Pacific Northwest, a few miles west of Portland, Oregon. Many years ago I owned horses and rented a...
  5. Afrodigh

    Suburban Coop protection - bury or "skirt" hardware cloth?

    I live in Nashville off of a busy road. My backyard is only partially fenced in. Neighbors cats and dogs tend to get loose a lot and I've heard (but not seen) that there are also raccoons and coyotes about occasionally. What's the best approach to deterring digging predators? I've seen folks...
  6. 2016 Coop Run Yard BEFORE

    2016 Coop Run Yard BEFORE

    shall I build it here?
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