1. kemoldenhauer

    Mereks disease

    After 23 yrs of raising birds, My flock finally has it. Booooooo!. lost 3 hen hatched-3 month olds already. Need to cull a few older birds that show signs of infection but seem ok. I have read all I can about it. Wondering tho.. if it is a herpes virus, couldn’t I give them an L-Lysine...
  2. B

    Brewers yeast for ducks?

    Hi every body. My family is going to be getting two 2 week old ducks in a few days. We have a starter and grower feed with 18% protein and we plan to feed oats and chick grit as well as supplementing electrolytes. I am a bit confused about the yeast. I heard baby ducks need yeast because they...
  3. tothemoon


    I have a bantam polish adult hen with wry neck (link to that post below) and it has led me to do some research on vit e and selenium importance in a chickens diet. My question is, what is the best supplement with good amounts of vit E and selenium, that I can mix in with my regular feed (must be...
  4. tothemoon

    Chicken supplement - wry neck

    I have a bantam polish chicken with wry neck, not sure if it is a brain injury or vit deficiency. What I am wondering is if I can get some info on how much vit E and selenium I should be giving her (adult bantam hen) and how to feed it to her. Also, what else should I be feeding her to keep her...
  5. prostar

    Aging dogs and hemp/pot suppliments

    Hey all! Ok so my aging girl has been on glucosamine here and there for a while. But...I think she may need something a bit more. (Lets be honest - chews are also easier and more consistent of doses than drizzling liquid stuff on her food) Has anyone tried something like this? I have a friend...
  6. L

    Wry neck 9 week old Brahma

    I took in a chick born on Easter who's head is hung down and twisted to the side. She lifts it enough to eat and drink, but her flock started picking on her. She came to me and I have her with a 3 week old chick. From what I've read it sounds like wry neck due to muscular strain while in the...
  7. S

    7 week old goose wont eat greens

    My 7 week old goose barely grazes and wont eat other greens either . shes fixated on the starter crumbles. Barely eats anything besides this . what can i do ? Anyone have this happen? I been supplementing with vitamins and niacin in water ... And keep greens available at all times.
  8. MarthaTheRooster

    Homemade Chicken Feed?

    Hey Y'all! I recently scrolling through Pinterest and found a post about making your own chicken feed. I have a lot of questions regarding this subject, as I have never heard of anyone doing this before. How do I go about making sure the feed is nutritionally balanced? What is considered...
  9. C

    Using Rooster Booster for Chick with Wry Neck

    Hello all, I have a chick, just about four days old, who appears to have a wry neck. Although its condition is opposite the normal description of wry neck (i.e., stargazing) because it's head/neck bends down. It often tucks its head under its body, starts walking backward and then flips over...
  10. Hereislyss

    spirulina for chickens?

    After taking spirulina myself I was wondering if anyone gives spirulina to their chickens? I’ve had a hard time finding anything online about it. The supplement I’m taking now is called NOW, haha. It’s organic, but I know not everything humans consume should be given to animals. Just out...
  11. classicsredone

    What Herbs are Your Favorites for your Flock?

    This is a question for those of you that somehow incorporate herbs into your flock's diet, either while foraging or as part of their daily feed. What herbs do you use? What benefits have you seen, if any? If you could make a mix for your flock, and the cost was not an issue, what herbs would you...
  12. fivelittlefeathers

    Weird question about rooster booster

    My pair of dogs get ear infections pretty darn often. I'm almost certain it's something in the house, as I've switched foods multiple times and the best one we've found cleared up everything but their icky ears. While I'm trying to figure out and put a stop to the source of this, I've been...
  13. A

    High protein/high nutrition winter feed supplement

    In an effort to get away from adding water soluble vitamins in my dedicated 5 gal waterer, as it gums everything up and has to be dumped once a day I went in search of other options. Organic kelp meal was the answer based on my research, delivered via free-choice. The chickens enjoy it on...
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