1. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    SEVERE Prolapse - Need support/prevention advice

    Hello, I'm writing this on behalf of my brother, who is very new to raising backyard chickens (he caught the fever from me!). Yesterday, his 6 year old daughter ran into the house with chicken blood all over her, panicking. My brother immediately ran out to find the injured chicken: a young BO...
  2. Maddog_photog

    Duck boarding

    I am anticipating going into surgery, and will be unable to care for dux for a couple weeks. what is the consensus on boarding ducks when something like this happens? What does everyone else do With their dux for surgeries, vacations, what ever else life throws at us?
  3. GermanKennhuhn

    Second Bumble foot surgery, no pus

    About two months ago I treated my Bielefelder hen for bumble foot. I pulled off the scab and the underside was a bit yellowish, but I didn't see a core or pus or anything. Now, a few days ago, I treated her again because the bumble foot didn't go away. Same thing, the scab was yellowish and a...
  4. lbgreenfield

    UPDATE on 2X Failed Bumblefoot Surgery - Need Advice

    Hi all. See my original post here: It is 1.5 months after my chicken's twice failed bumblefoot surgery. I have been doing twice weekly epsom salt foot soaks and have not attempted surgery since late...
  5. lbgreenfield

    2X Failed Bumblefoot Surgery, What to do Next?

    Hi everyone - I've recently adopted a 2.5 year old California White Leghorn chicken that had a small, 5mm diameter bumblefoot scab on her right foot. For two weeks, I did daily epsom salt soaks and bandaged with gauze and Neosporin prior to surgery to see if the scab would go away on its own...
  6. G

    Bumblefoot surgery complications

    Hi all, a few days ago we rescued two turkey hens. One was immediately limping when we got home and after examining her, it looked like she had bad Bumblefoot in both feet. We now know the other one is just as bad but is lighter on her feet so isn’t limping as much. This morning I attempted...
  7. UncleDougsChickens

    Crop Issue Advice: Update, Surgery Was A Success

    I posted a while back about a chicken with a rather large crop, im talking grapefruit sized. Its been a couple months since then and its still large but shes still alive. Shes clearly in some sort of discomfort since she constantly tries to shift the contents around. I have been calling around...
  8. leighks

    Any luck with surgery??

    My sweet barred rock has an oviduct impaction we have been medically managing (with a vet) for almost 3 months now, but we are getting to the point where a decision has to be made. Surgery would fix the problem, but the procedure is very invasive. I’m concerned if she would make it through...
  9. KittyKat3756

    Bumblefoot surgical removal (advice needed on result)

    I received an older cockerel a few days ago who arrived with bumblefoot (confirmed by me and another experienced chicken keeper). He came off a farm, so the previous owner cannot tell me exactly how long it's been there for. Suffice to say, looks like it's been a while. To treat, I soaked his...
  10. SniperGoose

    First time bumblefoot surgery success!

    Well I had a chicken, Aretha, that had bumblefoot that I just noticed today. It was a fairly large scab, so I operated. I had my mother hold her in a towel and keep her head covered while I worked on her foot. Aretha, for the most part, was very calm during surgery. While I'm sure it still hurt...
  11. SniperGoose

    First time dealing with bumblefoot

    When I was out feeding my chickens today, I noticed one had some swelling on their foot. I picked her up to take a look and it's bumblefoot! In all my years raising poultry, I've never had any with bumblefoot till this one. I've seen bumblefoot surgery done at home before, and it seems simple...


    Hello everyone my name is Saaniya Jackson and I'm a owner of my two beautiful roosters namely Tootoo & Teetee they are classic Leghorn roosters . I've A Huge Passion For Poultry Veterinary Science Tootoo devloped a very Giant big comb in just 6months of age we never give attention to his comb...
  13. Saaniya

    This is my 4th thread about dubbing

    Hello everyone Here I'm just so sad and very much hopeless I believe so much My 1.5 year old leghorn rooster tootoo Grow his comb so big so heavy and so thick that now made his neck bent & hes having breathing problems I here search at my best didn't find any vet I always post thread about this...
  14. Desertstray

    Poulardizing / Caponizing

    I believe I have the Caponizing procedure established fairly well but could really use some help identifying the oviduct location to cut in the polardizing procedure. I have a few pics from the web but they are vague. ANYONE???
  15. G

    Bumble Foot, will it require surgery?

    I have diagnosed bumble foot in one of my Roosters. He had been limping for a while and every time I would check his foot, his foot looked normal. Until I realized two of his toes were swollen. Here is some basic information on him. - Species: Golden Laced Wyandotte - Age: About 1 Year and 1...
  16. A

    Chickens After Surgery.

    Hi All! Skip to bottom for the question but here is the story about my chicken! My Rhode Island Red, Peep, just had surgery to remove a key chain or soda pop tab looking thing from her stomach. It was causing her to become egg bound. At first we thought she was just being broody. (She was...
  17. Miriah132

    Bulging eye!

    I picked up this girl for free today from a person who wouldn’t be able to help her. Her eye has been bulging like this since she was a week old and she’s 17 weeks now, no other symptoms, just the eye. The previous owner took her to the vet and they tried some drops but when they didn’t work the...
  18. G

    I Am Looking For A Surgeon To Decrow My Rooster

    Hi Im New To Byc, And I'd Be Willing To Pay The Price To Decrow My Rooster, Roosters Are Not Allowed Where I Live, So.... Yea, I Really Want To Decrow My Rooster Because My Neighbors Are Always Complaining About Him, I Have Tried A Chicken Collar, But, It Just Doesn't Seem To Work. So If You...
  19. Rayfous

    Post Surgery for Severe Bumblefoot, Any Thoughts? - Graphic Photos

    Hello all, This would be my first time joining the community, so hey! Anyways, I had a couple of long work weeks that kept me from noticing bumblefoot manifesting in my chickens foot. We never had this problem, so it was foreign to us. We read some sites for information and learned what had to...
  20. Impatient

    No Crow Collar, opinions?

    Some of you have seen my other posts regarding my miracle chick and current batch of eggs incubating, but since I'm the the type to plan A-Z I'm trying to make plans for roosters. in the city, but local law allows for backyard chickens (no roosters) with the amount allowed depending...
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