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  1. Bru

    Rare Roosters/Cockerels Central MD

    All birds are around 3 months old and have been vaccinated for MAREKS. At this point, we are quite certain they are roos. Liege Fighter Roos (4) $50 each (Light-feathered large Roo in pics not for sale). These are a very large Belgian breed known to be docile toward humans, but fierce towards...
  2. RainForestBird

    Svart Hona Rooster Trade for Call Duck (female) - Swedish Black Chicken

    I have a one year old Svart Hona (Swedish Black Chicken) Rooster that I would like to trade for a female Call Duck. I hatched the rooster from a shipped egg, but he was the only one that hatched and I have not been able to find a hen for him. He would be much happier if he had some hens to...
  3. RainForestBird

    WANTED ROOSTERS: Bantam Blue or Black Cochin, Japanese Buff with Black Tail, Svart Hona

    Hi, Looking for the following roosters: Bantam Blue or Black Cochin Japanese Buff with Black Tail Blue Serama (Trade for splash and mottled roosters) Looking for the following hens: Bantam Blue or Black Cochin Svart Hona Call Duck (Nutmeg, Fawn or Buff preferably) Australian Spotted Ducks...
  4. RainForestBird

    LOOKING FOR ROOSTERS! Bantam blue Cochin, Japanese Buff Black Tail, Svart Hona

    Hi, I am looking for these roosters Bantam Blue or Black Cochin Rooster and a Japanese Buff with Black Tail. I also need two Svart Hona hens to go with the lone rooster that hatched (from shipped eggs) I need two female Call Ducks - preferably nutmeg color and / or two female Australian...
  5. Trinitydraco

    ISO Svart Hona (Sweedish Black) Hatching eggs

    I am looking for 12 svart hona hatching eggs to add to my all black flock! I already have Ayam Cemani, Black Australorp and French black copper marans! I live in VT. USA Let me know if you have any and your asking price plus shipping. Thanks!
  6. S

    Calling All Svart Hona Breeders and Advocates!

    Hello! when I first got my flock of 8 Svarts, I absolutely fell in love. We have the mother and dad only for breeding (we just hatched 5 more chicks). Then from the previous owner, 6 other chicks from the pair (2 cockerels, and 4 pullets). We have 1 amazing cockerel, but with almost pure white...
  7. M

    Svart Hona Chicks for Sale Virginia aka Swedish Black Hen

    I have many pure bred Svart Hona chicks for sale that come from 3 different lines. Hens and roos on premises :) Ages 3 weeks to a few days old. Straight run. Might possible have a roo for sale too! $10 each
  8. S

    Svart Honas - Price

    I am just getting consistently successful with breeding Svart Honas and I was wondering what the average price is now? I have looked it up and I see well bred ones going for 300 - 450. I do not want to boast but I do have very nice pullets, hens, cocks, and cockerals. All have a good body...
  9. howesmr

    Arizona Only - Svart Hona Flock

    Need to down size as we are moving. We have a mature flock of Svart Hona, no leakage. fertile layers, 1 gorgeous Rooster with mature hens. Also enough 3-4 month old to make two similar groups. $200-$250 for each group. These are very heat tolerant chickens and we have had great success...
  10. Katz103

    Ayam Cemani X Svarthöna (Swedish black hen)?

    Hi - Has anyone ever heard of an Ayam Cemani crossed with Svarthöna, to try to add diversity to the breed once bred back to Ayam? It seems, at least in Canada, that many Ayams look like Svarts (Ayams that have more of a traditional chicken-type body, not really gamey) so I'm thinking quite a few...
  11. Hatched4u

    Svart Hona Rooster over Crested Cream Legbar

    Starting an egg color project with a few of my ccl hens and my extra Svart Hona Rooster. It’s my understanding that the auto sexing trait in the ccl actually is passed down by the hen. I hatched out my first two “Crested Svarts” and it appears they may have the male sex indicator patch. I’ll...
  12. Miriah132

    Beginner breeder advice

    Hi y’all! So I’ve been reading, researching, and raising chickens for the passed 3 years. Now I am looking to get more in depth and start breeding some of the harder to find breeds in this area. The three breeds I have decided on are black copper Marans, BBS Marans, Cream Legbars, and Svart...
  13. clembrier

    SvartHona/Svart Hona Chicks WV/VA

    I have Svart Hona hatching eggs Six for $20.00. A few Svart Chicks for 20.00 each. Three pullets and one rooster that were hatched in October, $50.00 each or $180.00 for all. I can meet within reason. Thanks!
  14. clembrier

    SvartHona/Svart Hona Chicks WV/VA

    I have Svart Hona hatching eggs Six for $20.00. A few Svart Chicks for 20.00 each. Three pullets and one rooster that were hatched in October, $50.00 each or $180.00 for all. I can meet within reason. Thanks!
  15. Playford Flats Farm

    Looking for Recommendations

    I’m looking to buy Salmon Faverolles and Svart Hona hatching eggs, but it turns out they are both very hard breeds to come by. Does anybody know of an owner or hatchery who carries eggs or chicks and ships to Canada? Thanks in advance.
  16. howesmr

    Svart Hona Hatching Eggs No leakage $80/dozen shipped

    Purebred Svart Honas. No leakage. Shipping full dozens only. Limited supply. Shipping from Arizona so no freeze risk on this end.
  17. clembrier

    SvartHona/Svart Hona Chicks WV/VA

    5 Svarthona chicks, straight run. Hatched 10/22. All black chicken breed. Will work out meeting/delivery within reason.$20.00 each, all for $90.00. Stock from quality breeder in Arizona.
  18. goedric

    Svart Hona 5 weeks... gender behavior differences

    Some of my Svart honas are starting to act differently perhaps along gender lines.. when i remove them from their mini coop and set them in the open.. the ones that look more like hens (small combs) freeze like statues for an extended period of time. The ones with thick legs and bigger combs are...
  19. goedric

    My New Blue Birchen Marans, Blue Isbar and Svart Hona Chicks

    well i ordered some chicks from greenfire farns and they arrived today... got some blue birchen marans, some blue isbar and some svart honas... at this age the blue isbar and blue birchen marans look the very similar except the marans have the leg feathering... Let the fun begin!
  20. BFFpoultry

    Looking for Fibromelanotic Poultry

    Hello! My name is Sarah B from the Northern Illinois area. I am looking for any pedigree breeders of fibromelanotic poultry (these are poultry exhibiting hyperpigmentation making their cells appear black). So far, my research has noted the two breeds exhibiting this phenotype fully is the Ayam...
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