1. bdfive

    Black Australian Swan

    I have a healthy 4 year old male Black Australian swan that needs a mate. Do you have a mature female available, reasonably priced? Also open to giving up Gunther to a good forever home where he would be with a female. Price negotiable. Won't ship him so must be within driving distance of San...
  2. aeb1960


    I have an acquaintance looking for a swan. She had two and lost one to a coyote. Now her property is better equipped to deal with predators, and her one swan is so lonely. Location: Illinois or Missouri
  3. B

    Male Mute Swan needs a new home

    This morning our 3 year old male mute swan, Pete, lost his mate. I am looking to rehome Pete. We are located in middle TN. He currently lives on a 8 acre spring fed pond. He gets floating pellets twice a day. He is still getting his winter feed of carrots, and leafy greens daily, will stop once...
  4. FluffTheDuck

    Share your hobbies!

    Yep, share what you like to do! Whether it's feather glittering or anything, share it! If it's something crafty you can post pictures! If it's like origami you can post pictures! If it's feeding wild ducks bread you can post pictures! Share what you love to do, here!
  5. G

    Advice for dopting swans cheaply

    Carrollton, GA 30117 I cared for a widowed male mute swan years ago, and have wanted them ever since. Now I live on a 55 acre private lake, and built a floating island for waterfowl. I love watching our Muscovy, but crave the bigger birds. Yet I can’t afford to buy a pair. Does anyone have any...
  6. acceabex

    Swan Care?

    I'm considering adding a swan as eye candy, not breeding... But am having a wicked hard time finding information about care of domestic swans. I've worked out that they are generally about the same as geese with feeding, etc. But I can't seem to find if they can be housed on the same pond...
  7. AshStarTheChickMom

    Two hens one chick

    i've had cricket and tasha/peep for 2 and a half months now, and tasha has started acting more like a full grown hen then just a little chick, it made me start thinking about that they might become broody, so i thought if one of them did we could go in at night and slip in a egg of a different...
  8. Sakiza

    We’re Getting Australian Black Swans!

    So excited! We are picking up a pair of yearling black swans this Thursday. I have been reading up on what they like to eat in the winter. They will have a ton of greens to eat once it warms up (if it ever does lol) but when it is cold out, what do I feed them? Mazuri has been mentioned a...
  9. C

    duck vs geese vs swan

    I'm looking at getting 150+ acres of land with a few acre pond. I'm looking at getting a few different bird types to run around on that land and be more than less a security alarm. But I'm also looking at getting some pet ducks, geese, and/or swans. The birds I'm looking at getting so far for...
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