1. bdfive

    Black Australian Swan

    I have a healthy 4 year old male Black Australian swan that needs a mate. Do you have a mature female available, reasonably priced? Also open to giving up Gunther to a good forever home where he would be with a female. Price negotiable. Won't ship him so must be within driving distance of San...
  2. L

    Looking for female mute swan for my young male

    Hi! I joined this group bc I am looking for a young female for my juvenile male. He was a rescue and was given to the farm next door. But he has taken up residence in our 1 acre pond. He is very lonely and I am looking for a female for him. Can anyone help?
  3. T

    Looking for mute swan

    We’re wanting a campion male mute swan to join our female swan. Sadly, Our male swan got attacked by a outside dog.
  4. HappyAcresFarm

    Black Swans Nesting!

    Hey guys and gals, Our pair of black Aussies began building a nest on their island a few days ago, today on my way past I noticed a large egg on the ground about 5ft away from the unfinished nest. I know the female can take a few weeks to lay a full clutch but the weather is forecasted to drop...
  5. Button Quail 123

    What's Your Favorite Breed (Chicken or Other Poultry)?

    Feel free to comment below on your favorite breed. :) :jumpy Button Quail 123
  6. SugarGroveFarm

    Mixed Flock Information (What Can You Keep Together?)

    Hello everyone! Just looking for some information on birds that you can keep together. I am interested in chickens, ducks, geese, swans, turkeys, and peafowl. Can you keep all of these birds together in one large flock? Thanks in advance for any information and advice!
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