1. R1V3R20NG

    Pretty, 4 year hens re home NoCal.

    First up we have Paisley, who is 3 years 10 months. She is a partridge rock. Next we have Lucy. She is the same age as Paisley. She is a Silver Laced Wyandotte We have one more hen we might be getting rid of but I won't be posting her here yet. We also have a gorgeous white Yokohama rooster...
  2. V

    A tribute to our lost but not forgotten

    Can we a little tribute to my lavander orpington girl, princess, and to those who lost there girls and guys feel free to bost below <3 i msis her She was taken by a predator yesterday her name was princess always ran up to me in the morning so happily and she was so sweet she was so young barely...
  3. BestDiscoMan13

    What’s the cutest chicken Breed?

    What’s a Cute chicken breed that’s somewhat small sweet and nice. It’s because I want a cute chicken that’s some what small sweet and nice and doesn’t fly that much/high. Comment what breeds you think are cute sweet and kid friendly.
  4. Newfowler1

    Some of my sweethearts

    My beloved one-eyed Pekin Quackers who sadly crossed the rainbow bridge with the help of the nasty raccoon I sent away. She stole my heart and started this whole duck thing. Well after my disaster with raccoon part 2 I was left w/ 1 rather wild Rouen. I had a giant hole left in my heart in...
  5. R

    Need to re-home my chickens

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  6. SiriusChicken

    Sweet tame EE rooster 7 mo

    Olive is a sweet gentle rooster who needs a good home. His mom is a Silver Laced Orpington, his dad is a Cream Legbar. He carries the green egg, crest and barring genes from his dad as well as gold coloring without cream gene gold inhibitors, and partial lacing and the sweet, friendly nature...
  7. Goldenrod1210


    Jenny is a buff orpington, 2 years old. I raised her from a chick, she is the sweetest and friendliest chicken I've ever met. She is basically a chicken dog- she follows you around and is always the first to investigate things. She is a bit of a hog when it comes to food- she tries to get all...
  8. GertrudeLover01

    Ayam Cemani Rooster For Sale in TN

    Hi all! I have an ayam cemani that was not supposed to be a rooster. I already have 3 other roosters and thus need to get rid of him. His name is Wednesday and he Is located in Murfreesboro, TN but I am willing to travel short distances to meet with a buyer. The price is $20 OBO. He was sold to...
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