swollen face

  1. B

    Hen with a swollen face

    Hi everyone, My hen Ginny has had a swollen face on both sides for a few days, sometimes looking very pale. She's around 10 months old and we were assured she'd had all her vaccinations when we got her. She's had no change in diet since we got her. Recently the pen has been infested with red...
  2. Jmommy2008

    Sick turkey please help

    I have 4 Six month old royal palms. Two hens and two Toms. 3 of them have gotten sick. One has not (biggest Tom) the girls have had a very slight sneeze here and there and occasionally cough. The Tom does this a little too. They’ve been sick for about three weeks now. Started with the slight...
  3. gardenerds

    My favorite chicken has a puffy face!!

    The first picture is from today and the second (outside) is from yesterday. I have her separated from the flock since yesterday, she's in the downstairs bathroom with towels on the floor, food and water. I have washed her face with soap and water and used anti-biotic ointment. She's still eating...
  4. Squeak61

    Swollen bubbly eye/face

    My chicken has an extremely swollen face and a bubbly eye, but only on one side of her face. She’s not sneezing, acting oddly, or breathing weirdly, but she is frequently shaking her head. Please help, I don’t know what I can do for her. I called my vet, but she has not gotten back to me yet...
  5. Kris5902

    Please help with damaged beak! Rooster, insect bite. Swollen face

    Yesterday morning my rooster was perfectly fine, but sometime between then and this morning I believe he was bitten on the face by something and has had a fairly severe reaction. I dosed him with some Benadryl about 1/4 of a 25mg tablet at 11 am and redosed him again about 5 minutes ago when I...
  6. A

    HELP! Rooster with swollen face

    I noticed my roosters face was swollen yesterday. It gets pale sometimes too. He eats and drinks just fine, but he is a little slower or tired more. Like he falls asleep standing up. He also sinks he’s neck into his chest. He’s not doing it as much as yesterday though. I should mention that he...
  7. Gonecluckingmad

    Help! Injury or Illness? Swollen on one side of face.

    Help! My chickens face is swollen only on the left side. There is no discharge and she is not wheezing, or sneezing. She is still happy, eating and drinking as usual. I do see a little black dot near her beak and wonder if she was stung by something ir if this could be an injury? I have sprayed...
  8. Pretty Birds

    My chickens eye is almost swollen shut.

    This morning I went to feed my chickens and let them go outside. I noticed one of my New Hampshire Reds seemed to have one side of her face swollen. I didn't think much of, but then she came back in the coop, and she is missing an eye! She is acting completely normal, and none of the other...
  9. UpstateMamma


    I have a 2 yo buff Orpington that has a swollen face around her right eye. It came on in a matter of hours, she was fine when I let them out in the morning yesterday, then in the afternoon it was swollen. I gave her .5ml children’s Benadryl yesterday, along with some antibiotic ointment on the...
  10. UpstateMamma


    I have a 2 yo buff Orpington that has a swollen face around her right eye. It came on in a matter of hours, she was fine when I let them out in the morning yesterday, then in the afternoon it was swollen. I gave her .5ml children’s Benadryl yesterday, along with some antibiotic ointment on the...
  11. pinksapphire

    Hen with swollen cheeks/face

    One of my hens have developed lumps on either side of her face. I first noticed it a few days ago, she is totally fine other than this and it does not effect her eyes. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is. Photo attached
  12. Kris5902

    Hen with swollen face... bug sting/bite or something else?

    today when I let the chickens out in the morning I noticed my dominant hen has a swollen puffy face. She’s behaving normally, laid an egg yesterday, and I didn’t notice any swelling then. No wheezing, pus, or discharge. No visible wounds. She does have some pecks and broken feathers at the back...
  13. OZ-farm-MS

    Squinting, swollen & lethargic chicken

    One of our usually happy, healthy chickens has taken a turn, and is very sick! Please help us if you can as we don't have much experience with sick chickens... The chicken's behaviour/ problem: Yesterday was squinting and moving slowly, preferring to stay in the chicken coop than come out to...
  14. jessmeagan

    What Could Cause This & How Do I Treat It??

    This is my favorite girl and I’m at a complete loss & badly need your opinions or advice!! She was part of a group that was given to us when we started keeping chickens...she survived the loss of her sisters due to illness/tragedy & trained the new girls how to live in the coop & freerange...
  15. HuskerHens18

    GRAPHIC! Chick with severely swollen face

    In my opinion, the images I will post below are graphic and disgusting. You've been warned. In a previous thread, I've been having lots of chicken deaths and several isolated cases. Im currently waiting on necropsy results, but am still having chicken health issues. This Lavender...
  16. BlueLineClucker

    Rooster Help

    This is our sweet boy, Jack. Jack came to us with only 1 eye. Now, as you can see, his other eye is completely swollen. Jack eats, drinks, crows and knows his way around the coop. We have tried lancing the bump, but only blood came out. We have tried penicillin, and Tylan to no avail...
  17. Quacking Pigeon

    Muscovy drake with swollen face

    My new Muscovy drake I got yesterday has a very swollen face, he is also very light for a drake. The swollen part feels hard and he doesn’t have any foam coming out of his eye. Should I take him to a vet? Behind view of him What do you think I should do?
  18. speckledegg728

    Wyandotte with swollen face--*please* help

    My blue-laced red, Mora, is a pullet approaching her first birthday (end of November). She has always been quite hefty since reaching laying age, but since having this problem, I fear she has been losing weight as she seems lighter when I pick her up. Around three days ago, I noticed one side...
  19. Tribalchickens

    Chickens left face and comb is swollen

    Our charity chicken has had a swollen left side of her face and comb for some time and monitoring shows no sign of improvement... She is happy and healthy in every other way and laying too... Yet we cannot pinpoint the problem, Any help much appreciated!!!! Thanks to you chicken lovers!
  20. G

    Half of face is swollen and crusty

    Just made an account here for advice for our situation! We don't have any experience dealing with sick chicks. Our silkie rooster Good Boy's face is swollen on one side and a possible wound near his beak looks infected. His one eye is watery, and it looks like it hurts for him to close his beak...
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