1. Keeperoflock

    Night Temps for Baby Chicks

    My 17 chicks will be 6 weeks old Tuesday. They are probably about 80 to 90% feathered out. Our daytime temps for the next 2 weeks are forecasted to be in the 50's and 60's. Night temps just for this week alone is anywhere from 30 to 48. I'd like to move them out on the glass enclosed sun...
  2. Wickedchicken6

    Five Tough Chicks and TWO Amazing Embryos!

    For those who may be familiar with me on here...I can be somewhat unorthodox in my methods. Ok, ok...I'm just plain extreme in my methods.:D The following is one of these... Last Saturday at 2pm, I gathered the eggs my fleet of broody hens had been setting on. The eggs sat out in the sun and...
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