1. Kris5902

    Little giant, low temps

    I’ve got a full incubator, it’s a little Giant styrofoam forced air one, the two thermometers in the Bator read 99.5, as does the digital one, but when I check it against my digital human thermometer it reads a bit low 96-97 degrees. Is this too awfully low? Should I try to adjust it up?I’m dry...
  2. Shellebelle920

    The most exciting thermometer/incubation question ever!

    Okay tricked you... it’s actually quite a boring question!!! But I need some help! I am taking a test run with my new incubator and thermometers. My eggs are coming on Wednesday, and I haven’t been this excited since pretty much when my own children were born. 3 questions (I hope these pictures...
  3. peacockfeather

    Temp and Humidity Help!

    Hello all! So, I am currently on day 20 of incubation. On day 18, I candled to find there was movement and all seemed well before lock down. I figured I would check the humidity with a digital thermometer/humidity combo instrument since I thought it may be too humid (as I have had rather humid...
  4. H

    Hygrometer temp vs. Incubator temp

    So, first attempt at hatching eggs under a broody hen resulted in 2/12 hatching. Bought an incubator and hygrometer and a dozen more hatching eggs. Incubator says it's 40 C (104 F) (results are read at top portion of incubator), hygrometer (placed where the eggs are on the bottom) says it's...
  5. Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching

    Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching

    ps.... dont hesitate to pop on the threa ALSO there is a 9 1 1 - HELP! stuff went wrong links from the thread HERE.. Step by Step Guide to ASSISTED Hatching by, Sally Sunshine Poultry...
  6. Incubation Cheat Sheet

    Incubation Cheat Sheet

    ChooksChick's Henthusiasts' Still-Air Styrofoam Incubation Cheat-Sheet ***The first, most important rule is: get the temp right with an empty incubator, and make sure it's stable for 48 hours- without the plugs, without you touching it- BEFORE you add eggs.*** This is the hardest part, and if...
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