1. songbirdfarms

    Plz help identify tracks

    We have a creek that runs along our farm; I can’t tell whether these are coon or mink - and they go right up to the coop
  2. HuskerHens18

    What track is this?

    I think it's an opossum, but I'm not 100% sure. These tracks are circling my chicken coop and came from the creek, which is where it returned. I had 1 person say raccoon and 1 say opossum, I'm leaning towards opossum but still making sure.
  3. Lyranonamous

    6 opossums and now 2 foxes. Any wildlife experts here?

    We just trapped our 6th opossum near the compost bin. I thought we could breathe now, but I saw a red fox run through our yard around 7:30 am. When I followed the tracks I found one set and my husband found another set. So there have been at least 2 times the fox has been on our land. The...
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