1. K

    Moving mother hen with chicks

    Hello everybody! This is my first post on the site and also my first question: I am planning to buy a mother hen with already hatched chicks, the problem is that I don't know how they will react to their transport. I am not so concerned about keeping the chicks warm - they should stay warm with...

    Seeking Advice- Moving a Raised Coop

    Hello all! We are hoping to move our coop across the yard, about a 40 ft. distance. Unfortunately we don't have access to any machinery to assist us. It's 4'x6' and I'm guessing it weighs around 600lb. Does anyone have any experience/advice for moving a raised coop? I have attached a photo of...
  3. TAM Farm

    Emergency evacuation plan

    Today there was a fire about a mile from our house, "as the crow flies". It got me thinking about an emergency evacuation plan. I have added lots of animals in the last year and I would not be able to transport them all if I had to "bug out" today. What are things that you need to do to get ready?
  4. Laylaloveschickens

    Transportation from Brisbane to Perth Australia rules

    hello I have fallen in love with an interstate bird I am in Perth Australia and she is in Brisbane. Has anyone transported a 10 week hen how did it go who did you use and what was the paperwork for quarantine I hear it is hard to get approvals is this true? Thank you :)
  5. G

    Transport of button quail

    Hi! I'm new to the site and looking for advice. I'm moving out of state and need pointers on how to safely transport button quail. It's at least a 10 hour drive. I've read on a prior post about putting them in a bag or a dark enclosure. But it seems to me that for such a long drive they'll need...
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