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  1. C

    6 week Amaraucana lethargic/runny poop - thoughts on treatment?

    Dear BYC community - We are new chicken owners - have read many books and posts but when confronted with a sick pullet, we don't have experience to guide us! We have 4 pullets, ages 6-9 weeks, and have had them for 10 days. They are in an enclosed coop (with enclosed run) outside, so with some...
  2. kemoldenhauer

    Mereks disease

    After 23 yrs of raising birds, My flock finally has it. Booooooo!. lost 3 hen hatched-3 month olds already. Need to cull a few older birds that show signs of infection but seem ok. I have read all I can about it. Wondering tho.. if it is a herpes virus, couldn’t I give them an L-Lysine...
  3. H

    Vent Gleet Help!!

    Hi all. So I have a 2-year-old Partridge Olive Egger hen who has had chronic diarrhea for at least the last couple of months. It almost comes out in a stream and her vent is almost always dirty. At first I thought that that was just her, but after a little more research, I’m pretty sure she has...
  4. A

    My rooster leg getting week day by day what should I do?

    While he was running or eating,he sit down : please can anyone tell me what vitamin less in this case I think so vit d3 • I have some capsules which have 250 IU D3 in it Is that enough
  5. Yucky_ducky_kentucky

    Ripped skin on chicken! Help! What should I do?

    My chicken got attacked my a rooster, it’s skin is ripped. Happened last night and today it’s swollen a lot and half the face is swollen next to it. Cleaned it with vet spray and water and put silver oxide on it (that’s why the color is strange). Is there anything else I can do? Should I bring...
  6. G

    Infectious coryza 😩

    Hi guys, I’m new to this site and I really need your help. we recently got some old battery hens about 4 weeks ago and one of my chickens I have had for a while which is relatively young and healthy has all a sudden come up with a swollen eye, a bit of blood on the beak and wheezy. At first I...
  7. A

    i have 3 silkie chicks that i am raising as pets, but one is very behind the others

    we recently brought home four silkie chicks however one passed away a couple nights ago. we have no idea why but we are now paranoid that it'll happen again. 2 of our three chicks are very plump and balanced while the other appears much smaller and skinnier as well as much weaker. they are...
  8. R

    Concerned with rooster legs

    So, i'm starting this thread just to gain some advice because it's an issue i'll be tackling, I've noticed the past few weeks my roosters feet were beginning to look crusty, almost like skin is getting more and more on his legs. (I will take pictures) One thing I was concerned about was of...
  9. ChickieLinds

    Mycoplasma and dengard and oxine

    Hi I haven’t had it confirmed by an expert but all of my research has led me to believe my birds have mycoplasma ( raspy breathing, foaming and swollen eyes etc ) I have lost 2 in the the past week. I started with Denagard (15 ml per gallon) in all of the waterers added some sugar. I also used...
  10. Marrionna

    Can wry neck caused by trauma be cured?

    I have a polish rooster that ended up fighting with the other rooster recently and one roo just has plucked feathers off his head making him just look very funny but he’s fine. The other however has developed what I believe to be wry neck. He doesn’t act like he’s in pain although when he gets...
  11. Watermeat

    Wry Neck Trouble

    So, one of my Easter Eggers has wry neck. I've been treating her for two weeks. The first week went by very smoothly and she showed a lot of improvement- She stopped loosing her balance and started turning her head straight if she put in the effort to. It's week two, and she stopped accepting...
  12. Awtdaniel05

    Bugs n such

    I have recently noticed that my Serama rooster and my blue splash polish had these little red and white bugs around their vent area. Also on the bottom of the feathers there are these clusters of white balls. Does anyone know what parasite these are and how to get rid of them.
  13. JBirdy

    Rooster 'throwing up' mucus, head shaking - help!

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with similar symptoms in their chickens. My rooster has been throwing up mucus/head shaking once or twice daily. The mucus is clear (no blood) In addition, some of my hens are shaking their heads, as well, with the occasional sneeze. I've...
  14. B


    Is this bumblefoot? And if so what should I do to treat it for a duck? Thank you!!
  15. Syntaxidermy

    Help needed to identify and eradicate probable mites?

    Hello! I've went to check my egg box this morning for eggs, to find a bunch of tiny, black, spider-like insects crawling over three of my freshly laid eggs. Upon further inspection, I also noticed some smaller, creamy white insects gathered around crevices near the hatch for my egg box and the...
  16. Angeltears247

    Help! 6 Wk old Duckling with feet that turn inward can't walk!!!

    My sweet little Black Swedish duckling Forrest has had a rough run of things in her life so far! We noticed she walked a little funny when we brought her home, but as ducklings sort of bobble around we figured she was just getting her legs about her. As time has progressed she has gotten worse...
  17. ediebaggett

    4 year old buckeye dies and now other hen is not eating or drinking

    I had a flock of three hens all turning four in July. Two weeks ago, I lost my Buckeye to sudden death syndrome. Yes, she died in my arms after convulsing and it was horrible. Three months earlier I suspected cocci separates her for over a week and she made a slow recovery. I treated the whole...
  18. N

    Stick tight Fleas... HELP!!!!!!

    Hello there, I’m relatively new at this, my chickens are about a year old and I noticed my golden laced Wyandotte (who recently went broody) has some black spots around her eyes. The black spots seem to be spreading and are now on the waddles, combs and around the eyes of my other chickens. I...
  19. N

    Infection/ feather loss on chicks neck

    My silkie Lola is a 5 weeks old and has a sibling Lolita. I got them from family, farm & home and noticed no issues but put them both in a brooder by themselves (they were bigger than the other chicks by a lot). Recently we got 3 small Rodies from the same place and put them in with Lola and...
  20. DuckyDoodles

    What in Ducky Heck is this!?

    This is my first official duck post since registering and it’s just eating at me to get it out in the universe. I have a female Pekin (age unknown) who has had a lame leg this past week. But! That’s not the issue (I’ve been handling the leg thus far with no issues). While I was patting her...
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