turkey chicks

  1. BReeder!

    Turkey growth?

    Does anybody have pics or a source with pics of turkeys growth week by week? A chart wiith expected height and weight would be useful too. I am hatching mixed heritage eggs for the first time sourced locally from a fellow BYC member and want to get a better idea of what to expect.
  2. BReeder!

    Brooder size?

    In the past we have used a DIY built 4'x2'x1.5' brooder or a large Rubbermaid trough. The DIY brooder is pretty beat up after being left outside in the garden over winter. Oops! :oops: The Rubbermaid trough is still an option, but it's primarily my quail brooder and I'm hoping to start hatching...
  3. I

    Baby turkey with swollen foot

    I recently got a few Broad breasted white turkey chicks, and I know that they're more prone to health problems due to their weight, especially swollen feet/legs, but the chick can't be more than about a week old and one foot is swollen to at least double the size of the other one. I did...
  4. C

    HELP!! Turkey poult with leaking vent!

    I just picked up 4 Royal Palm turkey poults today - I'm not sure of age...young because they still have their egg teeth, but some have larger wing feathers. One of the poults is wet on the underside. Eating and drinking fine. Acting like all the others. Upon inspection, it looks like it's vent...
  5. D

    New Poults

    Recently, about 2 month ago ago, I received several baby chickens. It had been a blast raiseing them. Unfortunately I've lost half of them to predators. A problem that has been fixed. Today I came home to a surprise from my mother, who felt bad about my loss. Our local farm and feed had some...
  6. Beccalikesbirds

    Turkey chicks with funny wings

    I have two of my baby fair turkeys whos bottom wing feathers are popping out on only one side (both the same side) and I'm worried it will ruin my chance to market them at fair if I don't find a way to correct it. Does anyone have any tips or ideas?
  7. Poultry finder

    Goslings and turkeys

    I have 4 goslings and 4 Turkey chicks penned up in a livestock tank with each other. They are all around two weeks old and I constantly keep their pen clean. I have a hanging nipple waterer for them to drink from. The problem is that the turkeys seem to be a little lethargic and the goslings...
  8. Kealey

    Newborn chick doing fine now convulsing and not lifting head

    We just hatched two Turkey's, the first one seems fine but this second one isnt. She started off bad. She wasn't moving, standing, peeping or opening her eyes. I took her out and gave her some told and she started progressing, opening her eyes, lifting her head and standing. Then i just went to...
  9. M

    Slipped Turkey Tendon - When is it too late?

    One of our turkey poults slipped a tendon about a week ago. Being that we thought it was an ailment other than a slipped tendon, we unfortunately treated for the wrong problem and only now discovered it's actually a slipped tendon. I've read multiple articles and threads, but despite trying all...
  10. Farmer Connie

    Broad Breasted Bronze Breeding.

    Has anyone bred Broad Breasted Bronze naturally? I read it is not possible.
  11. MrDankYT

    Baby Turkeys Have Hatched!

    My turkey hen has layed on eggs for 4 weeks now and they finally hatched, what do i do??? should i bring special food to them, maybe take them inside with their mom to take better care of them and their mom and to keep them from not being eaten since that has been a problem for me before! They...
  12. jopheso

    How to relocate heritage turkeys like a PRO

    this was fun...and yes the title is sarcastic :)
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