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  1. P

    Moving turkey to a new location

    As per my previous thread, I'm getting my turkey tom a new mate. But it's a surprisingly hard thing to do, since a LOT of farms in my area stopped raising them due to covid. Recently I've found someone who's willing to part with a hen, but it's a 3-4 year old. Can a hen of such an advanced age...
  2. MiaMi

    Turkey hen acting like a Tom

    First post here! I feel like I’ve got a very interesting situation and I wanted to know if anyone else here has had a similar experience! Recently, one of my family’s hens (lovingly named Snoodle) has begun acting very much like a Tom. Keep in mind she’s two years old, and has laid and had her...
  3. cuddlefish88

    Tom turkey in need of good home! - WA state

    ...Because I can't rehome my toddler! 😆 Location: Brush Prairie, WA (between Vancouver and Battle Ground) Hi there! I have a heritage bronze gobbler that needs to go. I'll miss my fluffy boy but he's decided my toddler is competing with him for mates. He tried showing my son who's boss, ahem...
  4. J

    -ANSWERED- I dont know whats wrong with my turkey

    I have a 5 month old turkey hen that has just randomly laid down in front of me and she'll go unresponsive and for about 5-10 minutes she'll just lay down and breathe really heavy and droop her wings and then she'll kind of wake up and start running around again. I thought that maybe it was just...
  5. Bronze turkeys in my birdbath

    Bronze turkeys in my birdbath

    Here is my turkey in my birdbath with my chickens!
  6. Lob21

    How to prevent racoons and other animals from getting to turkey eggs.

    Since I'm here I might as well ask this question too. My turkeys have been mating and I think my hen will have turkey babies soon! I was wondering how to keep her and the eggs safe. Their cage is made out of wood and has 2 sections, the outside one with wire roof and the "inside" one with wooden...
  7. Lob21


    I just uploaded this video on my turkey Susan. She has a pimple like growth that I am concerned about.
  8. Lob21

    Update on Donnatella.

    Hello everybody! Thank you for all of the help and responses on my first post about my hen Donnatella. She is currently doing better and has gained some weight. We gave her MG feed and grounded up corn pieces with water. I guess Turkeys enjoy that. We also put a nutrient and vitamin powder in...
  9. Lob21

    Sick Hen send help

    I currently have two turkeys right now, a Tom and a Hen. The hen is having some problems right now. She is having watery feces and she is throwing up. The vomit is looks like a water but a little white. Yesterday I realized that she wasn't eating but she drank and ate this morning. Her feces is...
  10. ojust4today

    HELP..First time hatching.

    I am in desperate need of help. When this happens this site is usually the place I end up going. I know here I can get some of these random questions and concerns I have answered. So I have one hen sitting on a half dozen or so eggs and a turkey who is sitting on if I had to guess 30 or so...
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