turkey poults

  1. A

    Day old Turkey poults

    Hi please help, I’m getting some day old poults on Friday but I only managed to find turkey starter crumb at 21% and no coccidiostat. I have managed to order some to be delivered Tuesday from a different supplier at 26% protein and Coccidiostat will it be okay to switch when the feed arrives...
  2. C

    Sneezing Silkie

    I have a 2 year old Silkie hen that has been sneezing for about 2 weeks now. I saw her with a little bit of bubbles in the corner of her eye maybe 3 times and it was usually after she sneezed. I’ve been doing vet rx, but she’s still sneezing. She’s completely normal other than sneezing, she...
  3. A

    turkey poults panting

    I just bought 8 bourbon red turkey poults. It was like 80 degrees today I have them in a box and they are all grouped together like they are cold so I put a heat lamp in which isn't directly on them..they are also very quiet.. they are still grouped together like they are cold but they are...
  4. My 23 chickens

    My 23 chickens

    I now have 23 chickens!: 8 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Jubilee Orpingtons, 4 Lavender Orps, 2 Buff Orps, 2 Black Mottled Orps, 1 possible Blue Orp , 1 possible Splash Orp , 1 Candy Corn Polish, 1 Blue Jubilee, and 1 unknown (possibly a Brabanter or Houdans cross). 3 are adults, 9 are 5 weeks old, 5 are...
  5. AltonaAcres

    Help Raising Turkeys

    Hey guys! Complex question here..........We ordered 4 meat turkeys which we hope to raise, show in 4-H, and hopefully sell at the junior market sale or eat for ourselves. Anyways, our chicken flock was recently diagnosed with Marek's. And, if you have Marek's, no showing for you! I know turkeys...
  6. Noellereagan

    Reducing protein and limiting rations to slow growth rates?

    So I have eight turkey poults. They are pets. They are broad breasted bronze. I know they aren’t intended for pets -and are meat birds; and keeping one (or 8) as a pet is setting yourself up for an early loss to heart attack or legs/ knees giving out because of the rapid and dramatic growth...
  7. WildestThing

    How old to vaccinate a turkey poult for fowl pox?

    Today I went to the feed store to buy fowl pox vaccine for our turkey poults. The label says it is for Pigeon Pox. Is that the same as fowl pox? Also, the directions say it can be given to chickens between 4 and 16 weeks of age. Does that also apply to turkeys? And how long do they need...
  8. T

    Sexing 9 Week Old Poults

    I got two turkey poults 6 weeks ago (when they were two weeks old) and the lady was almost positive they were a male (the darker one) and a female (the lighter one). However I’m just not sure and obviously it’s extremely difficult to sex young turkeys. I was told they were a mix of Bourbon Red...
  9. C

    Turkey poult with leaking vent

    I just picked up 4 Royal Palm turkey poults today - I'm not sure of age...young because they still have their egg teeth, but some have larger wing feathers. One of the poults is wet on the underside. Eating and drinking fine. Acting like all the others. Upon inspection, it looks like it's vent...
  10. ReseisCL16

    Mixing Chicks and Poults

    So, I've done the drill with chicks; I've raised quite a few batches quite successfully while owning chickens for eight years. I know that all chickens/chicks are carnivores and can be cannibals if they see blood or a weak chick (hence the reason for red light bulbs). I have two chicken...
  11. E

    Looking for Rio Grande Poults or Hatching Eggs

    Good Morning, I am looking for Rio Grande poults or hatching eggs. Please let me know of any hatcheries who have them this year and are shipping. Or I would be happy to pick them up anywhere in the south west. If I am picking up I am willing to consider older birds. Thanks so much! Ened
  12. MrDankYT

    Baby Turkeys Have Hatched!

    My turkey hen has layed on eggs for 4 weeks now and they finally hatched, what do i do??? should i bring special food to them, maybe take them inside with their mom to take better care of them and their mom and to keep them from not being eaten since that has been a problem for me before! They...
  13. BiggJohnn

    What's This?

    Found this thing growing on one of the turkeys the other day.. they are about 3 months old. Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  14. jopheso

    Thoughts on how we clipped wings...are we going too far

    I am confident I am not hurting the birds, but I am wondering if we are cutting more feathers than necessary. I ask because I have 1 year old birds that still havent grow back their wing feathers. Thanks for the help
  15. horselove

    Ducklings & Poults?

    A friend of mine has 4 ducklings and 1 poult (the only ones that hatched) in a brooder together as the turkey panics when taken away from the ducklings. Are there any health concerns my friend should be aware of?
  16. jopheso

    How to relocate heritage turkeys like a PRO

    this was fun...and yes the title is sarcastic :)
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