1. 907poultry

    Moldy Feed In Compost Pile- Will they die of botulism?

    Disposed of a bag of moldy food in my compost pile, my spring babies got into it and ate the feed. The bag was left in wet and cold being peed on by dogs all winter, friend brought it over after they lost their ducks, but I told them it was useless after sitting like that for that amount of...
  2. Songbird21

    Adult turkey suddenly blind

    My brother's favorite turkey hen developed pure white eyes in just 3 days. We have no idea what's going on. We have her quarantined for now and my brother is considering putting her down. Any chance this could be reversed? Is it something contagious? Please help!
  3. C

    Eggs hatching at different times- how should I do the turning?

    I was given 23 chicken eggs and 1 turkey egg to hatch for someone. Once the chicken eggs start to hatch how should I turn the turkey egg? For now I'm just thinking of speedily opening up the incubator to turn the turkey egg, but I'm still a little worried. I have the little giant incubator and...
  4. Chrifister

    DIY Incubator Advice

    Hey everyone, We were on the lookout for a cabinet incubator this year (because you can't have enough incubators!) and couldn't find a professional one for a reasonable price so we decided to make one. Got the wine cooler second hand for cheap, most other parts came from Amazon. -Danby...
  5. B

    Bruised Turkey

    Hello, my 1 year old tom was chased by a dog and fell on a hard surface a few times. It’s been 3 days and he now has bruising along his underside (chest and belly). He won’t stand but he is eating and drinking. How long should I expect for recovery? Anything I should be doing up help him?
  6. D

    Vent/butt bleeding from excessive pecking.. help!

    These two turkey chicks had their vents absolutely destroyed by their turkey-chick-mates! Where do I even start? I separated them from others. I got the bleeding to stop with blood quick stopper. Now what?
  7. B

    Distinguishing BB from regular in a Bronze

    I just got a hen whom I'm almost sure is a Bronze and she is a very sweet gentle girl but she has developed some issues. I bought her a couple days ago from a lady who can't maintain her flock anymore and she was the only turkey there. The day we were going to pick her up the owner called and...
  8. 907poultry

    Can ducklings eat turkey starter?

    Ducklings are arriving today and I likely will not make it to the feed store, we have 28% turkey starter on hand but I’m worried about the high protein. I’ve heard of people feeding 26% but never 28%. I might be able to get a hold of some 22% chick starter, we usually use 22% duckling and...
  9. F

    Blood Feather and maybe infection?

    I have a 5 month old turkey, and I noticed she had was bleeding from a feather near her anus. I cleaned it and haven’t noticed blood again until about 2 weeks later. Now, she is bleeding again and it looks like a really bad infection as well. I’m very concerned. Please let me know if anyone has...
  10. EmmaGRS

    Splayed Legs??

    Hello, I have my first turkey that just hatched last night. I just took it out of the incubator and it’s legs seemed slightly splayed. I’ve never dealt with splayed leg, though after some research I built a “splint” to perhaps fix it, though I’m unsure if it’s even splayed leg. Haven’t seen it...
  11. Ashley4

    Mycoplasma gallisepticum

    My female turkey has mycoplasma and her eyes are extremely swollen. I have tried giving her La200 and Nuflor. Nothing has helped her. What do you recommend to help her get over this?
  12. Aprilxoxo

    Turkey keeps screaming.

    Hi there I'm hoping someone can help me to understand and help my little turkey. I have 1 fully grown turkey (vanilla) and another that is still before laying age but shes basically adult size now (Yoghurt). Ever since we introduced the young one shes been attached to the older one, and when...
  13. Aprilxoxo


    Hi guys so for the last week in Aus we have been getting incredibly hot days and i found that one of my turkeys has a very interesting way of spreading out to cool down. She lays in her sandpit splooting (legs directly out the back) and with her wing fully extended and head and neck fully...
  14. Jaxx2

    Turkey loss

    I need some advice on how to handle the loss of one of my turkeys I've raised 2 turkeys together for many years, they've been together their whole lives and are very attached to eachother. Unfortunatly one is sick and i'd be suprised if he made it through the night. I brought him to the vet and...
  15. I

    Turkeys Gone Wild!

    In the spring of 2021, I brought home my first Sweetgrass turkey hatching eggs. We hatched out about a dozen, and bought a few SG poults from other farmers to diversify the genetics. We ended up with a great flock of about 16 turkeys. They had their own coop separate from the chickens and ducks...
  16. F

    dot on a turkey’s neck

    hi, few weeks ago, i noticed a small purple dot on my turkeys neck. then it started to change its color,now its grey with black edges. i thought maybe when two males fought, one pinched another’s neck, but now as its color changes, it kinda upsets me. what can it be? he also has diarrhea, i gave...
  17. FathertoFeathers

    Can chickens hatch turkey eggs?

    I have some royal palm eggs that my turkey hens laid and they are developing. One of my turkey hens (Delia) is sitting on her clutch but my Serama hen (pancake) is hell bent on hatching some turkey eggs too. She steals two eggs from Delia and sits on them. She can completely cover two and I’ve...
  18. Joyfillednomads

    Bad egg might have messed up hatch. Today is hatch day

    We had one smelly egg that we removed and candles the remaining eggs more than a week ago. Today is hatch day and we haven't even had a pip yet. So worried. A whole month of turning eggs and fretting over temp and humidity...
  19. Joyfillednomads

    It was all planned, but we are an incubator short. Ahhh

    So I had it all planned. Lol One incubator, one crappy Styrofoam back up and as lockdown hatcher. I had both set up to incubate eggs... then our eggs got the boot from the good incubator to make way for quail eggs. So... We debated about buying another Styrofoam incubator --> but in all...
  20. 20210924_110923.jpg


    First turkey egg... our dog got it
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