1. 4

    Chickens noisiest amongst poultry

    I have ranked poultry by noise level according to information I could find. Do you agree? Feel free to post your own rankings. 1. Chickens (Rooster crows are really loud) 2. Geese Eastern Eurasia derived (Africans are loud and super Africans even more so) 3. Guineafowl 4. Turkeys 5...
  2. K

    Turkey egg fertilizing

    How many eggs will a male turkey fertilize in one mating session? If I keep collecting the turkey eggs, how many will be fertile until they are no longer fertile? My male and female have done the deed and I know my first 3 are fertile as they are in the incubator. As far as I know, they have...
  3. Lexievans11990

    Meet 2 of my toms!

    These are my Narraganset x bourbon red boys! They are 6 months today! They get their good looks from their mama :)
  4. S

    Warning, graphic turkey injury - need help on care

    Hello, new member and new to poultry keeping (2-3 yrs.). I’ve never dealt with anything like this. I have a rooster who is a bully and I believed he defeathered my Tom’s tail and entire back end. There are some gashes as well. I had a hard time evaluating the wound by myself tonight. I cleaned...
  5. 20210124_105239.jpg


    Clementine and Gertrude in the snow!
  6. AMaggio

    Turkey acting oddly

    Hi all, this is my first year with Turkeys and I have one broad-breasted white that started acting oddly last night. With it being winter I have been keeping them medium sized coop overnight and on pasture during the day. Last night one went and sat down under one of my shade structures and...
  7. Liv's chickens

    Gangrenous foot?? Need help ASAP

    A few months back my turkey’s foot seemed swollen and he was constantly pecking at it, causing his foot to bleed. I cleaned it and wrapped it, and he seemed to act normal again, until the wrap fell off a few days later. He continued to peck at it but each time I cleaned it and wrapped it and it...
  8. Wild-Turkey

    Five Jakes One Jenny

    So we have a group of six turkeys. Just like the title, five jakes, one jenny. They’re currently fine, but I know this is gonna be a problem later with fighting and overbreeding. They also hang out in the same yard as chickens and ducks, though they were raised separately and usually keep to...
  9. BigSkyDreamer

    WTB Red Bourbon Turkey eggs

    I am looking to buy a dozen fertilized red bourbon turkey eggs for hatching. I know it's out of season now but I am trying to reach out now so when it IS season, I have a contact... I really would rather buy quality from a local bird lover/small time farmer/homesteader rather than a big...
  10. H

    Turkey is sick

    I have a 2 year old royal palm Tom and the past few days he's had a runny nose and today I noticed he has green diarrhea. Maybe just a cold? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks so much in advance
  11. PioneerChicks

    What turkey breeds do you recommend?

    So, I am hoping to get turkeys next year. Heritage only, and preferably a recognized breed. What do you think of the recognized breeds? (Beltsville Small White, Black Bourbon Red, Bronze, Narragansett, Royal Palm, Slate, and White Holland) Any others you recommend?
  12. BullChick

    Thanksgiving 2020

    Since the holidays are different this year, I thought I’d start a thread to help everyone figure out what to do. Are you the one that brings the turkey? You need to make sides too this year. Is your specialty the cranberry orange sauce? You might want to expand your menu. If you just show up...
  13. Bird_Lover_17

    Your bird pictures are needed!

    I'm typing up an article on poultry aviaries, and I need images: here's the thing: -Your hand can be in the picture -I will credit you, no matter what -I will except images of turkeys, quail, chickens, ducks, pheasants, peafowl, etc. Please no caged birds -I might not be able to add in all the...
  14. J

    Turkey with 1 swollen eye and still swelling

    Hi I’m hoping someone can help me, I took our pet 3 year old turkey to the vets earlier today with a very badly swollen eye, her other eye is unaffected. They gave me Loxicom to try and bring the swelling down and Isathal eye drops for the infection. It smells of infection and over 24 hrs is...
  15. GoldenEggFarmstead

    New to BackYard Chickens

    Hi Everyone! Although I have been a poultry owner for years, I have yet to register and post on any threads on BackYard Chickens. This will be my first! :) My family owns a micro farmstead in Orangevale, CA. I have owned chickens my entire life and just love their personalities. We currently...
  16. Jmommy2008

    Sick turkey please help

    I have 4 Six month old royal palms. Two hens and two Toms. 3 of them have gotten sick. One has not (biggest Tom) the girls have had a very slight sneeze here and there and occasionally cough. The Tom does this a little too. They’ve been sick for about three weeks now. Started with the slight...
  17. J

    -ANSWERED- I dont know whats wrong with my turkey

    I have a 5 month old turkey hen that has just randomly laid down in front of me and she'll go unresponsive and for about 5-10 minutes she'll just lay down and breathe really heavy and droop her wings and then she'll kind of wake up and start running around again. I thought that maybe it was just...
  18. A

    When are Turkeys ready?

    So I ordered 10 turkey chicks (they gave me 12 and all have survived) from the hatchery during lockdown. I thought it would be a fun project for Christmas. Of course it was a bit early and they are currently 12 weeks And should be at 4kg oven ready so will be huge For Christmas. My question is I...
  19. Rusticgreenacers

    Baby Turkeys with funny wing.

    I have 7 Turkey babies, 4 of them have the right wing sticking out, they are about 5 days old.
  20. D

    Hatched his rooster 15 years ago, what is this established elderly homeowners rights agenst new 8 year old housing devlopments complaining.?

    Please tell me when town grows up around an established elderly man 75 years old pet rooster 15 year old can not get charged a hundred bucks a day for keeping his pet rooster just because they built houses on same farmland he sold off 8 years ago and new neighbors complain about him Crowing 4...
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