1. B

    Is Tylan Powder safe for healthy chickens?

    We recently saw one of our pullets showing symptoms of what looks to be respiratory disease. She had a runny nose and one of her eyes was bubbly so we quarantined her and began her on Tylan water but now one or two days later we found one of our other bigger girls showing some bubbles in one of...
  2. C

    Possible Mycoplasma in flock?

    A few weeks ago I noticed my 8 week old (roughly) Silkie chick had a swollen eye. Thought it might be a pecking injury. Then I noticed one of my road island red chicks, around the same age, started sneezing. Couple of days later I noticed bubbles in the silkies eye. I have been treating her with...
  3. alcstreetman

    Antibiotic question - second round?

    I have a little lavender orphington that's about 9 weeks. She has struggled since she was about a week old and I'm still not sure what is wrong. She started to act sick around 1 week, eyes closed, squinting, and sleepy but no other symptoms, no drainage, nothing. I treated my flock with corid...
  4. B

    Leghorn's eye is yellow and closed!

    We just noticed this morning and it couldn't have been going on more than a few days. Her other eye seems fine, and she is acting totally normal. I don't notice anything weird with any of the other chickens either. I tried looking up exactly what it was but couldn't find any pictures that looked...
  5. N

    Gurgling /wheezing when breathing, squishy mass in crop.

    Hello all, I have an approximately 5 year old Brahma hen displaying respiratory symptoms but also with crop issues. I noticed she has been a bit lazy the past few days but couldn't find any other issues so wrote it off. Yesterday, however, I noticed her breathing was laboured and with every...
  6. emmagat

    Tylan Dosage

    So I’ve heard that Tylan can be bought in powder form and injection form and I need it for my chickens. I can’t find the powder form anywhere without having a prescription, but my local Tractor Supply has the injection form. I just feel really squeamish about injecting something into an animal...
  7. thefadedstitch

    Treating for Respitory and Cocci

    Hi, Long story short, I've been treating with Tylan 200 for a respiratory disease that has slowly spread through my flock. It has effected my 3 mo. old chicks the most with the biggest loss in their ranks. They are also fluffy, not gaining weight and not growing. There is a 6 mo. old pullet...
  8. JBirdy

    Rooster 'throwing up' mucus, head shaking - help!

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with similar symptoms in their chickens. My rooster has been throwing up mucus/head shaking once or twice daily. The mucus is clear (no blood) In addition, some of my hens are shaking their heads, as well, with the occasional sneeze. I've...
  9. purpletiger

    Please Help! Tylan 50 dosage for 8 week old chick?

    Hi everyone! I have an sweet little bantam easter egger named Darling that may be showing signs of a respiratory illness. She keeps one of her eyes closed. It doesn't look irritated, red or swollen but she does keep it closed most of the time. I've noticed a few days ago her pecking was off when...
  10. orangesplash

    Even after Tylan

    so, the story goes like this... I was away for 7 days and OFCOURSE my chickens were well looked after but the caregiver didn’t realize till 3 of the chickens died. One was a wyandotte and the other was a Brahma. When I was informed, the information given to me was that the chickens had flu and...
  11. orangesplash

    How to Inject Tylan

    i saw a few videos and some Show the chicken being injected in the breast, some show the back, where should I inject? Can please someone share videos of the best method & site. Regards & Cheers.
  12. MichelleMC

    Giving an injection to 2 yo male pekin: swollen leg

    Hello, I have a 2 year old male pekin who has had a swollen, hot leg for several months, on and off. For the last few weeks it has been persistent and getting worse. We have taken him to the vet 3x now over the past year, and though the vet tries to help he is not really a specialist in poultry...
  13. HelpinCA

    Can't get Tylan in California, what now?

    We are have two chickens, one escaped from some bird fighting people so we kept her and we got another to keep her company. We are very new to this. Now they seem to have got gapeworm or a respiratory illness. Not running nose but lethargy, closing eyes often and opening beak. The one is a...
  14. Trish V

    Tylan with Rooster - do we have to toss the eggs from NON-Treated hens

    We have just finished 3 days of Tylan with our rooster and he is back in with the girls after 24 hours stopping his last dose. I can't find any answers to see if the eggs from the hens after they mate with him should be tossed or if they are safe to eat (not to give away). None of the hens...
  15. H

    sick hen questions. please help!

    My laying hen is sick. She won't move or walk around, she stays in one spot. She won't open her eyes. She does NOT have a cough, nasal or eye discharge. She just buries her head in her back. She is minimally eating and drinking. Here is what I have done: 1- isolated her from the rest of my...
  16. RRLaney

    Sick Easter Egger - maybe respiratory

    I feel like it's always something. We've had our very first few cold days and nights (in the 40s/50s) in Texas this year and I'm wondering if that's just putting a lot of stress on my girls' immune systems. A few weeks ago a handful of our chickens got dry fowl pox. We dealt with it last year...
  17. Nikki A

    Tylan 50 for CRD making hen sicker?

    I have two crested cream legbar hens that I bought from a local lady this summer. She told me they were about 14 months old at that time. I suspect they're a little older. One ("Noodle") has had an occasional cough or sneeze during the two months I've had her, the other ("Beaker") shows no...
  18. Aryetheral Waalburgus

    All hen's feathers falling out?

    Buckbeak, my 2yo Dark Brahma hen is losing all her feathers without seeming to grow any back. She currently has a secondary Bumblefoot infection, so she's in a crate in the garage. I've gave her 5 1/2cc shots of Tylan 50, went 4 days without, and gave her 2 more shots. The last shot was...
  19. aquaponics3712

    mycroplasmosis - EMERGENCY

    Does Di-Methox work for mycroplasmosis? I have some of that and I have tried to order Tylan but they don't sell that over the counter anymore. I need to treat asap as 2 chickens have died over night. Thank you for your help!
  20. N

    Cull or treat again? Respiratory issue

    Hello! First time poster here. I would appreciate advice regarding my chicken situation--sorry, it's kinda long: I have six 1-1.5 year old chickens ( 1 rooster, 5 hens) in one coop and nine 16 week olds in a second coop. They share the same run, feeders, and waterers. My roughly 1 year old...
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