1. B

    My 4 baby pullets

    My 4 week old barrred rock pullets
  2. DontChickenOut14

    I'm getting five new female chicks! Does anyone here have any advice on raising chicks/chickens in a city neighborhood?

    I am getting 5 new female chicks, hopefully Red Sex Links, and although I have raised chicks before, does anyone have any advice on raising chickens in an urban neighborhood? I have a sizeable backyard, but I am also surrounded by other houses. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. A

    Chicken owners wanted: Documentary

    I am making a short film (documentary) on keeping hens in urban settings and I'm looking to find people in London (or other cities in the UK) who keep chickens who would be willing to be a part of it! In an ideal world, we'd love someone who keeps chickens in an unusual urban setting (e.g...
  4. UrbanHenKW123

    Koop Clean

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the chicken world - I am also in Canada. I am getting my day olds tomorrow from our local hatchery. Anyone on here use Koop Clean for the deep litter method? It was recommended to me but I'm having a hard time finding it here in Canada. Any recommendations for an...
  5. The "Mod" Coop

    The "Mod" Coop

    The overall size is 3’ wide by 18’ long by 6’ tall. The coop itself is 3’x 6’x 4’ and raised 19” off the ground. Made to house 3-6 chickens. My coop building adventure begins here in the Pacific Northwest, a few miles west of Portland, Oregon. Many years ago I owned horses and rented a...
  6. citychknraising

    Any beekeepers here?

    Looking for somebody with beekeeping experience. I've been considering keeping bees and I just moved to a new home that backs up to a marsh (however, it is in a neighborhood), so it seems like a good opportunity to get started. - I've been told/read that you do not need a lot of land to keep...
  7. D

    New member from Atlanta

    Hey everyone. I'm getting setup to get a few chickens to keep in my backyard in Atlanta. Its about .25 acre, but there's a vegetable garden that's doing pretty good and i want to try raising chickens. Probably just a few bantams - maybe Dominique because that's what my dads family always raised...
  8. Tk421s Member Page

    Tk421s Member Page

    My Chicken Coop This 20 ft dog concrete paved dog run was the base for my new coop (May 2010): It has a full-sized chain-link door, a concrete foundation, a chain-link roof, and perfectly good supports. The dog kennel frame is made of steel angle iron with pre-drilled holes. Here's what I...
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