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urgent help needed

  1. PhantomSkye

    Quail with bloody beak help please

    She can still peck at stuff but her beak hurts and is bleeding she hurt her beak today when she flew around Her beak is still in line and she can still drink water and have a sand bath should I take her to the vet later? what do I do :(
  2. solidsnake


    I have never had to deal with an injury like this, especially not on a bird, I'm hoping that others can point me in the right direction into saving this poor bird! Found it in my yard, dying, and I didn't want the dogs to eat it. I suspect the hawk attacked several pigeons and injured this one...
  3. S

    Impacted duck crop?!

    Hi everyone, I just want to check my duckling is okay! He seems to eat and drink fine (his breathing has been a little stuffy when he’s eating) but he almost looks like his chest isn’t right?? I’m going to book him a vet appointment but just wanted to see what everyone thought before I did:(
  4. Ducks and geese7

    Help! Goose keeps falling over.

    Hello. I need help with my adopted gander Gus. The last post I made I believe he was getting dizzy and thats the reason for him falling over. Now I think it is somthing more, possibly a seizure. Yesterday he was cleaning his feathers and he started walking backwards and fell over again. He is...
  5. I

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my rooster! Please help!

    I have a silkie rooster who’s maybe half a year old now, and today when I went into the coop he was acting strangely— he seemed to be trying to preen his chest aggressively, but there’s nothing wrong on the outside of his chest. I noticed he had poop in his eye so I brought him in to flush it...
  6. Jasss998


    sunny and milo recently started molting! they are 2 or 3 weeks. i was wondering if there are any tips to make them feel better because it’s probably stressful for them. cuddles and love or let them be? they seem A LOT more tired especially milo which is surprising because he’s a VERY hyper duck...
  7. M

    3 week old Duckling looking sick! HELP!!!

    Okay so I recently purchased 2 new Grimaud Hybrid ducklings for my Jumbo Pekin to have new friends. All are female, they have been in a pen inside my house for the entire time and go outside frequently. Just a couple days ago I noticed one of them had started to get goopy almost wet looking...
  8. L

    Janoel12 Broken Motor Help!! (urgent)

    I have used this incubator successfully to hatch a couple of batches of bantam eggs, currently it has 6 orpington eggs but the motor is making a weird grinding noise (almost like its slipping) and I don't think the eggs are turning. Anyone have some advice on what I can do? Apart from the...
  9. graypes

    Help! New Duck Parent FREAKING OUT 2wk Duckling Breathing

    TLDR; My 2wk duck has a stuffy nose and is prematurely (I think) honking, is he gonna die/what do I do?!?!?!?! Hi All! This is my first time raising ducklings and I am just a little worried I may have done something wrong or maybe have a sick duck on my hands. I have 2 Runner Ducklings that I...
  10. Chickens are really cute

    Baby chick with a hole in her stomach?

    We recently got a few Ameraucana chicks (currently around 4 days old.) We noticed how of these chicks was reluctant to move and stood away from the group. We brought her inside and discovered she had spraddle leg! When we were trying to put the hobbles on her legs I noticed how she had a bloated...
  11. M

    Sleeping in pain?

    I have this chick that is 8 days old and it sleeping while its standing. Is it in pain? This chick was born naturally and it isn't doing anything.it just stands still. Help me this is urgent and i want to help it. Thanks for any advice!
  12. O

    Help! Potential unabsorbed yolk sac on chick!

    One chick hatched very quickly on day 20 (yesterday) and came out with a large red ball on his/her back side area. This has now turned into a sort of red tail. It was bleeding but now it has stopped and turned into an almost dark red colour. He or she dragging it around behind them. What should...
  13. T

    Orphan ducklings- What do I do?

    So, in the woods close to my house there are all these ponds. There were 9 little ducklings with their mom there for a while. However, for a couple days now, the mom is no where to be seen. The ducklings are still quite small, they are downy and only about the size if a fist. There are also a...
  14. JamminCats

    Injured by cat URGENT

    Hi all! A freak accident happen today, the cat got into the room where the chicks were, stuck his paw through the cage, and dragged one of the little chicks by the shoulder/ wing area about an inch before I reached him. The chick could waddle for a while and there’s only a little bit of blood...
  15. Frosty_2503

    Broken or dislocated leg on a 2 day old chick

    She’s been in the brooder but hasn’t been able to get both feet under her, we had to boot her feet due to curly toe but it seems as though one of her legs is broken or dislocated. It’s swollen and the joint is huge and unaligned and rough, she can only drink if I give her a syringe and is really...
  16. DatCrazyChickenLady

    Chicken attacked by dog, eye and neck injury. Breathing weird. Help!

    Hello! Today we were throwing some scraps to the chickens and the dog got a piece of food. One of the hens, Rosa, got too close and my dog attacked her. She is about a year old hen of the Isa Brown breed. She is currently in a cage in a warm, quiet bathroom in the basement. She is wrapped in...
  17. M

    Need info

    I have had chicks before but they were born naturally. I got 3 chicks which one is very weak right now. I was looking through this website and found out that water with sugar and electrolytes can help weak chicks. The question is how do I get that? Also please give me advice about what i should...
  18. M

    Chick at stake!

    I have one baby chick that has bubbles coming out from its beak. When it has bubbles some watery saliva thing comes from its beak. I don't know what is going on and i need help! Thanks for your time!
  19. V

    Can I House 2 Male Black Swedish's Together?

    Hi, farmer here. We weren't looking to get a duck, but found Jeffery wandering the roads at about 2 weeks old. We've had him about 2 years now, grown up handsome. He's a Black Swedish Drake, and has never even seen another duck. He frequently humps shoes and rocks, and as it's gotten more...
  20. EastTeaxsChickenMimi

    Broken Wing at Joint! Need An Article or Link to reference

    Five month old cockerel found outside of coop injured. Unsure if attacked at this point. Feathers matted but no puncture wounds found. Wing not functioning. There is blood trauma under the skin at the elbow (?) joint but the bones are not attached . He can move wing and the lower half looks...
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