1. Sweetbasil

    What is wrong with one week old gosling vent

    I have a gosling that is one week old with a dirty vent. I’ve bathed her twice now. She eats drinks and poops the typical liquidy brown poop but vent stays sort of poopy all the time and there is a small bald patch right above it. I’ve attached a photo. Is this normal? What does a normal vent...
  2. Wilkinsbird

    Runty Appenzeller Chick has Soft Bulge Beneath Vent (pics)

    Hi! This is my first post on byc. I have a days-old female appezeller chick I'm a little worried about. I bought her from Freehling Farms in Kittaning PA two days ago. She had a little bit of poop stuck on her vent, but I gently cleaned it off. There was also a trace amount of dried blood the...
  3. SavvySilkieMom

    Buzzing off feathers on the vent for egg laying?

    I have seen some videos online of people buzzing off vent feathers for cleaner eggs and say it promotes more egg laying. They said that as long as the chickens have a source or warmth they would be okay. Anyone had experience with this or heard of this? Thanks!
  4. dannagibson

    Vent Gleet & Prolapse... desperate for relief

    Hi friends. I'm running out of google searches and keep hitting dead ends. My current scenario is a 1.5yo Golden Sexlink named Betty. She developed vent gleet and it was NASTY. She also had vent prolapse, and I have been trying to follow all other recommendations to fix both these things for...
  5. Jemima Duck

    Duckling seems to have no vent?

    So I hatched out two adorable baby ducklings on the 10th, they have been seeming to do very well in general, and I had no concerns until I decided I might try to sex them. One of the ducklings seems to not have a vent at all, only a strange nub. I know this nub isn't the umbilical cord thing...
  6. E

    Egg bound?!? What is this???

    She has been acting lethargic and waddling around, I thought she might be egg bound. I just don’t know what’s wrong. Here’s some pictures of what comes out when I was checking her. Warning Gross Why does it seem like there are three different openings, I treated a hen with a prolapsed vent...
  7. JensHens1987

    Chicks vent is swollen/pink- picture attached

    New chick mom here and looking for advice before anything gets worse: 12 day old Orpington, normal size. Three days ago I picked her up and thought she had a tumor on chest- realize now it was a full crop. Also at same time noticed she was straining to poop, hard a hard piece of poop stuck on...
  8. NorthernChick1

    Hen death, organs spilled out of cloaca.

    Is this a thing? Could a hen gush out her internal organs somehow throughout the cloaca vent? I came home after working out of town for two days. I open the coop and i find one of my girls dead on the floor. I should of taken a better look before asking my boyfriend to remove her. It looked as...
  9. yellowputty

    Prolapsed Vent Advice

    A couple of nights ago when I was putting the hens to bed, I noticed that one of our lovely girls (Amica) was being pecked on the backside. When I woke up the next day, I discovered she has a very bare backside (no fluffy butt!) and what looked like a partially prolapsed vent (maybe less than...
  10. Potsmama

    leaking and lame PLS HELP

    My bird Carmella was totall good last night. Let her out this morning to roam and she was good. Just came back to me with swollen (hemroidish looking) vent and leaking a white fluid. Not quite like poop. She’s squaring and looking super uncomfortable. Is drinking water. Leaking clearing white...
  11. JuliaWesterbeek

    Collapsed Vent? HELP

    I am worried about my (Olive Egger) hen, of around 25 weeks old. She has not yet started laying but I think she may have a collapsed vent. Today, I noticed that she was trying to poop, but nothing came out. Then I saw something pinky (almost like an intestine) come out and then pop back in a...
  12. T

    Lost a hen, prolapsed vent?

    I lost my first hen from what appears to have been a medical issue. In hind sight, she had been reluctant to enter the coop and seemed to want to stay in the run.. I did not force her in because I was outside with my dog, but when I went to put her in a couple hours later, she was dead. Does...
  13. G

    Treating a prolapsed vent

    One of my ducklings was delivered to me with what seems to be a prolapsed vent, I was able to pick it from the bunch because it wasn't moving as much as the others were when i took them out of their box. It makes the motions as if it is trying to eliminate, but nothing comes out. Is there anyway...
  14. Thechickentrainer1999

    Clear discharge from vent

    Went to check on the hens before bed and noticed one was acting different. She has clear liquid coming from her vent when she jumped on the roost bar some of it dripped below her and the other hens wanted to eat it? Could this be an egg broken inside of her? And if so, what can I do. Please help!
  15. Jhs51684

    Fleshy tag coming from hen's vent

    Hi, I just treated my hen for flystrike. It was a nightmare but I seem to have it under control. Although now I notice that there is something coming out of my hen's vent. When she poops it comes out a little further, then retracts. Does anyone know what this is? If so, what should I do? The...
  16. Jhs51684

    Flystrike and vent problem (Graphic photos)

    Hi community, it has been a nightmare the last 3 days. I had my first run-in with flystrike on one of my hens. I researched online and used the BYC community to assist me in getting through this. Thank you!!! I've been dunking her in salt water and pulled out lots of maggots yesterday. The last...
  17. B

    HELP want to save my young pullet

    I treated my young chicks and guineas for cocci as I lost 2 and noticed the symptoms. Everyone perked up and then the other day I noticed dirty vent on a young pullet (most turned out to be roosters). I really want to save her. I have isolated, washed the area with warm water and dettol mix...
  18. Mourgana

    Vent prolapse? Or vent gleet?

    Could this possibly be the beginning stages of vent prolapse? I have a 17 week old buff Orpington hen who has been acting a little off the past couple days. (Beak open, little bit of white mucous on rear feathers.) Today at request of other members of back yard chickens I managed to get a photo...
  19. Mourgana

    Vent prolapse? Or vent fleet?

    Could this possibly be the beginning stages of vent prolapse? I have a 17 week old buff Orpington hen who has been acting a little off the past couple days. (Beak open, little bit of white mucous on rear feathers.) Today at request of other members of back yard chickens I managed to get a photo...
  20. FergusonCluckCluckFarm

    Please help! Raw, swollen butt hen

    So I'm currently fighting lice, I began treating everyone a few days ago and discovered some had really bad lice nits below their vents. I discovered one of my girls is extremely raw and swelled. It feels like a water balloon. I'm not sure if it's because of the lice problem she had orr? I...
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