1. xtatix

    Enclosed Run Flooring and Playhouse Coop HELP

    First time chicken mama. Need some reassurance or better suggestions for a few things. 1] flooring for the run I have read sand, dirt, pine shaving. What is best?? I was thinking of using a combo of all 3. Yes/No 2] Ventilation the play house has 4 windows will I need more? 3] Two roosting...
  2. L

    1st building duck coop- ventilation concerns

    Hi! We just bought a chicken coop we are turning into a duck house for our ducks. My concern is there doesn’t seem to be any ventilation. We’re drilling holes near the roof- but is that enough? Help.
  3. L

    1st building duck coop- ventilation concerns

    Hi! We just bought a chicken coop we are turning into a duck house for our ducks. My concern is there doesn’t seem to be any ventilation. We’re drilling holes near the roof- but is that enough? Help.
  4. AquaDuck

    Dust allergy and coops

    I write "allergy" since "what to do when you have a bad reaction to coop-stuff" sounded a bit long winded. Not sure where to post this, but since it's housing related, I try here. Anyone struggle with reactions to dust etc? Any tips and tricks? Have you tried different beddings to see what's...
  5. BDutch

    advantages of a window with glass

    A coop with lots of light and ventilation is nice for chickens. There are many solutions to achieve that. And what is needed differs depending on the time of year and the climate in which we live. I myself have more or less accidentally gained experience with an extremely light and airy coop...
  6. Julesstarohio56

    Help with ventilation issue

    This is my first winter with chickens. We had a great spring, summer and fall, apart from a few predator deaths, but they love free ranging. So far this winter I’ve lost two hens straight off the roost. We have a flat corrugated plastic roof, rain tight, corrugated metal sided coop that backs...
  7. DecT

    My Coop

    we brought some land and it had a built-in chicken coop in a brick shed, it has 4 rather large windows some 2 are partially-covered and 2 open, should I cover some???? or just the windows that are directly in front of roost???????? pls, help! Many thanks
  8. Rshumpal

    Coop building and ventilation

    I’ve been waiting for the rain to stop so I could paint my shed pieces and get my coop up. I don’t know if I have enough ventilation, or possibly too much planned. The coop is going to have my house on the one side and then two sections of fence on the other so it is well protected from the...
  9. BluebirdHomestead

    A few coop and run questions.

    My coop renovations are underway - I’m adding a hardware cloth apron around the bottom of the run, and adding hardware cloth over top of the chicken wire. This summer I’ll put a real roof, but for now I’m just going to use a see-through tarp over top and be sure to keep an eye on snow load. The...
  10. Beccazon

    Winter coop/run prep time ideas?

    Okay, this has been broached in another thread and as this will be my first winter as a BYCmama, let's start shooting thoughts at me please! Below is my current coop/run. The coop is secure from predators, uninsulated, and has a small access door for when the big doors get closed if I need it...
  11. Chwicks

    Coop Ventilation - Cold Climates

    ETA: Location is Northermost Wisconsin Hi everyone! First time poster, long time lurker. I’m hoping that you all can provide some of your expert advice on a ventilation question I have on our coop. We built it last year and now have (21) 6 week old chicks living in it. We built the coop with...
  12. fivechicks715

    Coop Ventilation

    Hi Everyone, We are new chicken owners as of April this year. My husband and I built this coop and want to know if there is enough ventilation. Pictures are attached and here are some facts about our coop to help with assessing if we have enough: There is ventilation on the top left and right...
  13. T

    Shed/Coop Combo Design Help

    :frowHi! We've begun construction on a multipurpose shed+coop. The first image is of the dividing wall between the two, the second image is the idea we're stemming from (raised coop floor, pull out storage drawers underneath). I'm stuck on how we should do with this wall? I love the open look...
  14. earth_toes

    Help on Ventilation Placement/Ideas

    Good Morning! I'm having a small issue with coming up with a design for how to work the ventilation at the top of the front of the coop. We have boo-coo's (if that's a word) of ventilation at the top and sides of the coop, but I'm having a hard time with getting the front buttoned up. Who knew...
  15. T

    Eglu Go coop for the tropics.. ventilation issues?

    Hi, I live in the tropics with year round temperatures above 30C and humidity above 90%. I have 3 barneys and 2 LF Orps who are about 5 weeks old now. I got an Eglu Go coop but after assembling it, felt that it would be awfully stuffy inside. So, I removed the outer green panels in the hope...
  16. Jonessa

    metal shed conversion

    Hi all! We are picking up a free used 8x10 metal shed tomorrow, and will be converting it to a coop for my 7 hens - it will be divided, one half for the coop, one half for storage of chicken supplies. I would love some advice on how to go about cutting and framing windows and ventilation in a...
  17. Katonk

    If you could ask a poultry science professor

    What's questions would you pose to a poultry science professor? I've had a bunch of questions about deep litter and the feisability of a tractor hybrid, so I decided to reach out to the experts. I joined up here and got the benefit of years apon years of experience through members generous...
  18. JDS98922

    Ventilation without a draft!? Driving me nuts!

    I am located in Central Washington. Ag zone 6 (0 to -10F). We get snow and sometimes a lot of wind (30-40 mph gust or higher). I am converting a lean-to type shed. Approximately 5 foot high with a slope to about 4 feet. 7 feet wide and about 8 feet long. I has a roof and the sides are somewhat...
  19. CityslickerHomestead

    Proper Coop Ventilation for Montana

    I’m a first-time chicken owner and am in the process of building a coop. I’m hoping someone has been in a similar situation and can help. My question is, what, where, how much, and how do I adapt my coop ventilation for my 4’x8’ coop in a state that has wildly varying weather? Summers in...
  20. msmeg26

    Enough ventilation? 6x6 coop

    Ventilation indicated by the orange boxed sections. 4th wall (back wall not shown) is were the perches will be so not sure if I should vent the top of that wall (would match the front facing wall with triangle) or if I should have that 1 solid wall?? 6x6 Coop. I'm in Southeast GA so we get hot...
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