1. le_bwah

    Just a simple video of some quail hens eating dried mealworms

    I've been meaning to make more videos of quail doing their thing. Here's a squad of freshly-molted hens eating treats for breakfast. Aside: my birds may or may not have Marek's—one hen has recently presented with symptoms and I culled her after her legs gave out due to unilateral muscle...
  2. ProudChickenLover

    VIDEO: Meet my Flock+update on chicken's eye+cats!!

    Here's a video of my flock of 20!! Meet my cats, and an update on my hen Eva's eye! ( ) Hope you enjoy it!! (I think it might not work, but worth a try!!)
  3. ProudChickenLover

    VIDEO: Meet my Flock+update on chicken's eye+cats!!

    Here's a video of my flock of 20!! Meet my cats, and an update on my hen Eva's eye! ( ) Hope you enjoy it!! (I think it might not work, but worth a try!!)
  4. SolarDuck

    Just some cute duck videos.

    I'm just gonna use this thread to post any cute duck videos that I happen to take. Here is the 1st! If anyone else wants to share any cute duck vids feel free!
  5. humblehillsfarm

    Meet My Flock (a video)

    We've been tinkering with the idea of pushing more media from our homestead. My partner lost his job of fifteen years so we've been exploring some new ideas. This was my first ever video compilation. Also on all other platforms I've changed the "farm" name from Humble Hills Farm to Humble Hills...
  6. R

    Help! Baby chick Respiratory Illness or Neurological? Video

    You'll see in the video she is breathing at a rapid rate, but does not seem to be panting or gasping. Every so often her head will twitch and a peep with each twitch. Sneeze? Nervous tic? Something else? My Easter Egger is 2 weeks old. At 1 week old she began the rapid breathing. She spends...
  7. B

    Add new content to LIVE Youtube Stream

    I want to thank everyone that has taken the time to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am looking to add a couple of cool new things to it. I am looking for suggestions from all of my chicken enthusiasts. Thank you in advanced for your input! If you would like to view the stream its...
  8. raccoonroom

    My ducks GO FISHING!! 😍

    Hey fellow duck lovers! I gave my eight week old Welsh Harlequin ducks some feeder fish in their pool for the first time as a special treat and they definitely loved it! I really enjoyed watching them "go fishing" myself so maybe the treat was really mine 🥰🥰 How do you spoil your ducks? ❤
  9. TARDIS37379

    Video Cameras

    In my 3 coops I have installed two different camera system to be able to view the coops and runs. This allows me to monitor and check on all my fowl without disturbing them, especially at night. I run a total of 14 cameras both interior and exterior. Do you have cameras? What works for you if...
  10. raccoonroom

    Some cute videos of my WH ducklings!

    Hi there, I have three Welsh Harlequin ducklings and they are so sweet. I've been taking a couple videos here and there. Thought I'd share ❤
  11. karenmragan

    Adorable Kiddos

    Hello everyone! I just want to share this video of my new birds. They're about seven weeks old now. Thanks to BYC for giving me the hanging cabbage idea!
  12. Kimmyh51

    Respiratory symptoms video attached anyone had ducklings/chicks like this?

    Video (please ensure sound is up) Sorry you can’t see much,it would have disturbed them to shine a torch on them to light up the ducklings more (my lights are on inside but their container is in shadows) but to be isnt there isn’t much to see, it’s what you can hear. The duckling is in the...
  13. Rondack

    Amazing spring video

    This video will premiere tonight....
  14. centrarchid

    Video of Chicken versus Hawk

  15. rbnk1

    Chicken walking backward-video-how to help her?

    I have a 7 month old EE girl who is doing EXACTLY what the hen in the video does- walking backward repeatedly with her head down. (My video would not load). Shes last in the pecking order, gets pecked often, and keeps to herself quite a bit. I've checked her over, no bugs, ears look fine. I've...
  16. zs14

    Missing Feathers/possible illness

    Hello all, We got our chickens a bit over a year ago, we have 25. I have not been home all year, so other family members have been caring for the chickens. I was warned that one of the birds named “my friend” was bullied pretty badly. Anyways, upon my arrival back home, I waited for night time...
  17. K

    Buggy chicken

    We can design there. Clothse and have fashion show with thr buggy chicken
  18. Rondack

    Video of my geese!

    Here is a video of geese and ducks that I filmed with my drone:
  19. solidsnake

    Ladies who pop the squat

    My chickens HATE being touched or grabbed, ever since they were babies, but they're oh so soft it felt so sad to leave those fluffy feathers alone. But suddenly yesterday my chicken squat when I came up to her and now I can pet her all I want! She's the cutest thing when she does it I feel like...
  20. My Flock on Vimeo</title>                            <link rel="stylesheet" href="

    My Flock on Vimeo</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="

    In pecking order: Romeo, Beakers, Thelma, Crazy, Louise, Hennessy. All enjoying meal worms and fly larvae.
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