1. Dinosauer

    Vorwerk chicken breed origin

    I m from Germany and did some research about the Vorwerk chicken breed: The Vorwerk chicken from Hamburg, Germany have nothing to do with the german company (located in Wuppertal) vorwerk that produces vacuum cleaner. In June 1901 the rich Hamburger merchant Oscar Vorwerk proudly showed off his...
  2. R

    Sexing Vorwerks, Buffs, Blacktails and Barnevelders

    Hi everyone, This is my first post so hello! Our previous hens were taken by a fox about 10 weeks ago. After that happened we decided to incubate and hatch our own chicks so that our 4 children could understand and enjoy the experience. Out of 8 eggs, 7 hatched 2 x Vorwerk 2 x Buff Orpington...
  3. simonerol

    Rare Breed Hatching eggs, Vorwerk now laying NPIP

    Araucana standard, 4 tufted hens and 3 clean faced to clean faced rooster. eggs 12 for $25, chicks $10-15 for tufted. Silver laced bantam Barnevelder hatching eggs 6 for $30 shipped, chicks $15 each, project will lay a dark brown egg LF Silver Laced Barnevelder hatching eggs 10 for $55 shipping...
  4. mschickychick

    Vorwerk White Buff White

    Vorwerk white buff white Created by mschickychick Breed Information, Comments, and Experience with breed: white buff white were created in Holland but will soon be extinct. Contributor to this breed page henk69. Thanks. Gender Age Thumb Description / Information Male Female Female...
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