1. Perkolator's Chicken Waterer

    Perkolator's Chicken Waterer

    I built this super-simple, auto-fill, gravity-feed, chicken waterer for my new chicken coop. My waterer required a reservoir due to using untreated irrigation water, which sometimes will get turned off daily during maintenance periods. Luckily I don't have to deal with freezing in my region...
  2. Riley Adams

    Ducklings can't figure out drinker

    Hi there, I made a waterer for my ducklings out of a gallon hawaiian punch jug. I cut a rectangle into it height ways and then turned it sideways and filled it halfway. The ducklings know there's water in there, and peck around it, but can't seem to quite figure it out. They have a pan for...
  3. Y

    Waterer Ideas Please for My First Winter with Chickens in Idaho

    Okay, actually this is my first winter ever with chickens anywhere. As a retirement gift, I was given a double walled fount type waterer, and it has worked well throughout the summer. Someone else gave me a base water heater for it. The price has sure been right so far! I'll use it for awhile...
  4. DiYMama540

    Automatic water bowl

    I picked one of these up at a yard sale over the weekend for 0.25!! On paper and in theory, it seems like a wonderful idea! However, common sense and experience is telling me this has potential for disaster with geese and ducks. Sooo....have any of you tried one? Any tips?
  5. 8 Gallon Capacity Plastic Dome Chicken Water

    8 Gallon Capacity Plastic Dome Chicken Water

    This waterer is best suited for adult birds. It is made of strong, heavy-duty plastic with a top-fill design that is easy to use. The valve in base controls water flow. It needs to be closed when filling and then opened to allow water to fill the base. For best results, set the waterer on flat...
  6. Rugged Ranch High End Hen Poultry Waterer

    Rugged Ranch High End Hen Poultry Waterer

    Details: The Rugged Ranch High End Hen Poultry Waterer naturally keeps out and virtually eliminates algae and slime from your bird's water' keeping the water fresh and clean for a much longer period of time. Mounts inside or outside of any style coop and easily mounts to barns or other...
  7. jiggerboss

    Needing help for watering system

    I have a problem we have been watering with dog dishes and I'm just tired of cleaning them all the time! We have around 40 big water containers that we made coops out of ( pics later). Need help coming up with a design so I don't have to water them everyday! We have 2 birds per container. Would...
  8. KBrammell

    Space-saving, spill-resistant food & h20 solutions?

    I'm trying to set up a food/watering system for my 3 little ladies in California. My girls have a coop from Precision Pet thats ~8ft L X4 H ft X4 D ft. My priorities for their food and water system is spill-resistance, hanging above ground, and a narrow profile so they maximize their coop area...
  9. alcstreetman

    Clueless first timer with a lot of coop/run questions! Rain barrel, sand, etc.

    Hello! Our chicks are ready to move to the coop and my husband is currently finishing everything up. I have multiple questions and have already found good information from previous posters but I wanted to see if there were any recent opinions that could be helpful. If anyone has input on ANY of...
  10. A

    Waterer question. Are chicks just messy?

    I have this cup/nipple drinker in with my 4 week old chicks. There is a clearly wetness in the bedding in front of it. I have brought it into the house twice, put it on a dry rag and watched at least an hour with no drips. But then again this happens again. Thoughts?
  11. PolergirlOH

    My smart chicks - horizontal nipple masters!

    My little flock is 4.5 weeks old. I put a waterer with horizontal nipples in at around 2 weeks and wondered how they’d do with it. I knew they were getting water but had no idea how they’d *mastered* this thing...until a few days ago. My smarty smart smart ladies (hopefully ladies haha) have...
  12. msmeg26

    Rain Barrel waterer

    Would it be necessary to have the rain barrel water filtering or constantly moving to avoid being stagnant and algae growth??
  13. 3 Gallon Heated Waterer

    3 Gallon Heated Waterer

    This heated waterer holds three gallons of water, which lasts my 35 chickens almost exactly one day. It's hard to fill from the bottom, even though they claim that it has an easy fill funnel. Whenever I use it, water spills over the funnel, somehow gets past the waterproof seal where the cord...
  14. msmeg26

    Rain Barrel system for coop?

    Has anyone done a rain barrel system for their coop/run? Did you then filter it somehow or oxygenate it?? I am in the design phase of our future coop and considering collecting rain runoff from the run area, but unsettled of having the water sit in a rain barrel... It would then...
  15. Premier 1 Heated Poultry Waterer

    Premier 1 Heated Poultry Waterer

    From Premier 1 site: New design! Provides clean water to the flock year-round. Internal heater keeps water flowing in temperatures as low as -20°F. We’ve listened to your feedback and have introduced several improvements over the previous version: Larger capacity (3 gal) Secure, interlocking...
  16. ChickenCowboy02

    How To Keep Poultry Cup Drinker From Freezing?

    Howdy everyone, these past few weeks have been pretty cold and at the time being there's no end in sight. Last year, mid summer, we switched from tray waterers to a cup system. Now it's late January and we use a water heater base to set it on, which keeps the bucket part ice free... But the cups...
  17. GreenWillow

    SOS Hens not drinking water

    We have 70 birds on our farm and recently relocated them to the barn for the winter. We also switched up their waterers to a heated waterer. The waterers they had all summer had a green base and were gravity fed. The new ones had a red base and are also gravity fed. We realized the hens weren't...
  18. Keeperoflock

    The Power of Observation Saved Their Lives

    I have 15 eight month old pullets. Great egg layers, all healthy etc. Cold weather is here where I live so during our winter preps we purchased a metal double wall waterer and the warmer to go underneath it. We were using the red bottom plastic 3 gallon waterer before that. I put the metal...
  19. cluckkatie

    Waterer and feeder keep falling

    Hi all, My waterer and feeder keep falling over because the chickens knock them over. I can't put it in the corner because in the middle of the run, so much poop has accumulated that it's like a mini hill ("hill" is quite an exaggeration, best word I can think of) and the corners are dunes...
  20. northernlivie

    Can someone help me find this duckie waterer mug?

    Hi there! I recently found this waterer mug and food set. They don't ship to Canada. ☹ Does anyone know where I could find this waterer mug?? It is spill proof and big enough for the duck to submerge its head. Thank you!!! Liv.
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