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  1. A

    Adult Welsh Harlequin Ducks Albuquerque, NM

    Looking to sell my Welsh Harlequin ducks. 3 females and 1 drake. I’m asking $15 per female and the male can go along with them for the ride. They are a year old and all three females are laying about an egg a day. Located in Albuquerque, NM
  2. P

    Sexing welsh harlequin help?

    Hey all, I'm just a bit paranoid that my 7 week old welsh harlequin might be a drake, but I'm very new to raising ducks -- and I've never had a drake -- so I don't know how to tell that well. Here are a few videos I took to showcase the sounds she makes and what she looks like. (There are also...
  3. JamieMcClain

    Seizures in ducks?

    Have an 8 week old welsh harlequin. They spend their days outside but nights inside at this time. Perfectly fine minutes ago. I happen to look over at their pen and they both are sunbathing like normal, then all of a sudden one stretches out both of her legs and stretched out her neck (all while...
  4. DuckDuckJuice

    ISO- Silver Welsh Harlequin and Cayuga Females- SW Ohio

    Looking to add one of each to our flock, female only. We are willing to drive up to two hours or pay for safe shipping, as long as the price isn’t astronomical. Located in SW Ohio, near Dayton.
  5. D

    Hello everybody!

    I am new here, I have had ducks sense I was about 11 years old. Before I got ducks my mom always had chickens. Then she got 4 Pekin ducklings, I was hooked. From then I have had lots of breeds of ducks, Pekin, khaki Campbell, fawn and white runners, buff, cayuga, calls,welsh harlequin, silver...
  6. Quacking ducks

    4 Ducklings for sale

    I have four adorable little ducklings for sale at $7 each! The ducklings are about one week old as of when this was posted. There are three Rouen mix ducklings (yellow and black) and one welsh harlequin and most likely appleyard mix duckling (yellow). We can’t tell you for sure what they will...
  7. Everose

    ISO welsh harlequin ducks in texas

    I desperately want some welsh harlequin fertile eggs, ducklings, or adults. I live in the east texas area but driving is not a problem.
  8. L

    Ducks for sale bucks county PA

    Hello! I have four wonderful ducks for sale in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. I really just want them to go to a good home. They are all just about one year old, I have one female khaki campbell, one male khaki campbell and two female welsh harlequins. I’d be willing to sell all four together or the...
  9. C

    Adding to the flock but my “dominant duck” keeps fighting with the new ones.

    I have slowly started introducing the new ducks. at first I let the new guys quarantine then showed them to each other so they could see them but not be with them. next I let them outside together and my less dominant duck kept going back and forth with the the new guys and his friend. After...
  10. fulla03

    Welsh Harlequin - Full Assist Hatch - Advice?

    On my 3rd attempt at hatching duck eggs, I FINALLY got two to develop. Because I had two of nine take, and those two happened to be smaller than the rest of the eggs AND were slightly lighter in color, I convinced myself that I must have accidentally grabbed two chicken eggs. I started...
  11. C

    I was wondering if anyone knows how to get a single Cayuga drake?

    Hello everyone I’m new here. To start off there is a back story on why I’m only looking for a single cayuga duck. Over this past weekend I came home from my 12 hour night shift at work to let the boys out for the morning and realized that my boyfriend had fallen asleep before he got the chance...
  12. Wild-Turkey

    People Tampering With Birds in Transit-Stories and Photos?

    I haven’t really seen anything about this on BC but I’ve heard way too many stories about it. This year, in March, we ordered three ducklings to add to our existing flock of 14 ducks. A Chocolate Runner, a Khaki Campbell, and a Welsh Harlequin from Metzer, all hens. We waited till August to get...
  13. raccoonroom

    My ducks GO FISHING!! 😍

    Hey fellow duck lovers! I gave my eight week old Welsh Harlequin ducks some feeder fish in their pool for the first time as a special treat and they definitely loved it! I really enjoyed watching them "go fishing" myself so maybe the treat was really mine 🥰🥰 How do you spoil your ducks? ❤
  14. M

    Angel wing or something else?

    We have a small flock of Welsh Harlequin ducks. They range from two months to seven months old. One female (we think is around four months) in the last few days has a single feather on each wing tip that is pointing up. Upon closer inspection it appears that flight feather is growing faster than...
  15. aurimilky

    Had 4 hatchs this year of duck eggs.

    I had 4 broody hen this year, which all sat on duck eggs, I had total of 41 duck eggs this year. My 1st hen hatched out, 1 Khaki Campbell duckling. My 2nd hen hatch out, 1 Khaki Campbell duckling and 1 Silver Appleyard duckling hatched. Later on my 3rd hen hatched out, 10 ducklings of Welsh...
  16. raccoonroom

    Some cute videos of my WH ducklings!

    Hi there, I have three Welsh Harlequin ducklings and they are so sweet. I've been taking a couple videos here and there. Thought I'd share ❤
  17. raccoonroom

    Hi there, until recently I was terrified of birds

    And then I found ducks. Believe it or not, until recently I was absolutely terrified of birds. At thirty years old, I would jump if a pigeon got too close. Actually, I still do that. I was also very against any visit to my sister in law's house because she had free range chickens and their...
  18. M

    Duck Pecking Order

    I just got new Welsh Harlequins added to my flock of 2 mallards. Both are the same age, born the week of Mother’s Day. My mallards chase around the WH with their bills open, is this normal? Thanks
  19. lps1215

    Welsh Harlequin Ducks @ 9 weeks old. Drake or Hen

    Two Welsh Harlequins around 9 weeks old. I'm thinking they are hens but i'm not 100% because I don't have experience with this breed! Thank you! 🙂
  20. lps1215

    Welsh Harlequin Ducks-Sexing at 9 weeks old

    Hello! I have some Welsh Harlequin ducks that are 9 weeks old that I am having trouble sexing. I've never had this breed before, I'm kinda leaning toward two females but they kinda have a beak that is outlined in yellow. Take a look below.
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