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  1. duck lover 27

    Drake to hen ratios

    Hey all! I'm a new duck momma of 2 Pekin drakes ( almost positive both are drakes ) they are I believe 10 weeks old. I'm ordering 10 Ducklings tomorrow to add to my flock! Breeds include Cayuga, Rouen, Welsh Harlequin, buff & black swedish..should all 10 be hens? That would make for a 1:5 Drake...
  2. AgnesGray

    New chick and duck mom in Ohio, US

    Hi! I'm brand new to owning poultry. Had never touched a live bird until a couple weeks ago when I purchased my first chicks. What was supposed to be a few chicks to keep our hatching ducks company ended up being 6 chicks and 11 more in the incubator. All of my 5 duck eggs hatched about a week...
  3. AgnesGray

    Welsh Harlequin Ducks sexes?

    New duck and chick mom here. I had 5 ducks hatch recently and they seemed to be 2 female and 3 male, but reading through some of these pages, I'm not so sure now. What is your take on these? Thanks!
  4. BigMaggot

    Need help sexing Welsh Harlequin

    Greetings fellas, first time duck owner here. I have an 8 1/2 week old Welsh harlequin. I got them when they were 2 days old, and was told they were a male, but I’m sort of conflicted because I read that you can determine the sex by bill colour when they’re young, and they had a female bill. I...
  5. Newfowler1

    Some of my sweethearts

    My beloved one-eyed Pekin Quackers who sadly crossed the rainbow bridge with the help of the nasty raccoon I sent away. She stole my heart and started this whole duck thing. Well after my disaster with raccoon part 2 I was left w/ 1 rather wild Rouen. I had a giant hole left in my heart in...
  6. BethJ

    Welsh Harlequin Help

    My husband and I just inherited a little flock of Silver Welsh Harlequins from a man who no longer had the time to keep them. I believe there are 2 original breeding pairs (Caerwen and Enfys, Erwclyff and Seren) and 2 hens that are their offspring. Erwclff, top left Seren, below him Caerwyn...
  7. GraceHomestead

    Welsh Harlequin ducklings Central KY

    Hello everyone, I am located in Central Kentucky. I have 35 Welsh harlequin ducklings available. Straight run $8, sexed $10 15, 2 week olds 20, 3 day olds I also have Welsh Harlequin hatching eggs $35 a dozen. Since I am not yet npip certified I CANNOT ship them. Thanks :) Pictures are of...
  8. Quacking ducks

    Ducklings for sale

    Hi, We have three ducklings for sale for $6 each. They are 15,14 and 4 days old. They could be any of the following combinations, Mallard Mallard/blue Swedish Mallard/pekin Mallard/welsh harlequin We are located near Basehor Linwood, Lansing area.
  9. Quacking ducks

    Ducklings for sale

    Hi, We have three ducklings for sale for $6 each. They are 15,14 and 4 days old. They could be any of the following combinations, Mallard Mallard/blue Swedish Mallard/pekin Mallard/welsh harlequin We are located near Basehor Linwood, Lansing area
  10. C

    Seeking 2-3 female laying breed ducks to add to our Lucky Duck Farm!

    Live outside Portland, Oregon metro area, have 30+ year farm with plenty of mowed pastures and secure barn. Would like to add 2 or 3 youngish adult female ducks, laying breed type, to my existing small flock. Currently have Welsh Harlequins and Indian Runners but what do you have? Will pay...
  11. house.of.ducks

    Fox keeps taking ducks!!

    So far i have had two ducks taken by a fox in my neighborhood. The first was one of my two young muscovies back in November or December, and just yesterday one of my welshies (one of the 2 first ducks i ever got) was taken and she would have been 2 years old on September 5th. I think of my ducks...
  12. moxiechick101

    Welsh harlequin ducklings for sale

    In the Atlanta area—Welsh harlequin ducklings for sale born May 7,2019. Hatched from our backyard flock which are metzer farm stock. Males and females, silvers and gold available. They’re great birds to have around, very calm and curious. Dual breed, they lay a decent amount of eggs. Never...
  13. WillowsDucks

    Post Your Favorite Duck Breed!

    Hey Guys! What's your all time favorite duck breed? Are you for Khaki's? Or Calls? Tell us about the aspects and personality traits your breed posseses, as well as egg production. Can't wait to hear about your beautiful bird! I'm for Welsh Harlequins. :)
  14. Quackers3211

    Metzer farm experiences and shipping price

    I live in Texas by Fort Worth and was wondering about how much it would cost to ship 20-25 ducklings to me. I’m ordering some welsh Harlequins. :jumpy Has anyone here ever ordered from metzer farms? If so what was your experience, did the ducklings arrive healthy? How expensive was shipping( if...
  15. taekook7

    advice choosing breeds!

    hi again! first off i want to thank everyone who has replied to my threads! yall have been so much help thank you! So after all these suggestions i am now stuck in between getting a welsh harlequin or rouen duckling. Can someone let me know which breed if friendlier and a good breed for a...
  16. cajun41887

    External pip BELOW air cell

    Hi y’all! Our welshie eggs have started hatching and I have one that has externally pipped BELOW the air cell. The shell is broken from that area, but doesn’t appear membrane has. I haven’t seen a bill or anything come out, but chick is working on it. Do I need to make a breathing hole in the...
  17. Julielynn810

    my ducks are afraid of me

    Hi all! I love my ducks, but they are super jumpy. They're Welsh Harlequin, don't know if that matters. I keep seeing cuddly duck photos on Instagram but my ducks HATE to be picked up and always run from me. They will eat out of my hand and sometimes sit nearby as long as I'm very still. I...
  18. M

    My WH ducks pick on my Pekin!

    Hello, I'm new to the site although I use it to look up everything about my ducks! Anyways I started my flock with two Pekin ducks in August. Sadly one of my dogs got loose and killed one of them and left the other very injured (she made a full recovery) So after the attack I bought two Welsh...
  19. Star Creek

    Showing Welsh Harlequins

    I am planning to go to my first poultry show and show some of my chickens and ducks. I have a young Welsh Harlequin drake who I bred from Holderread show quality stock, who I think is perfection -- but he is golden phase not silver. Does anyone know if I can still show him at an APA show or will...
  20. SlipperyGoose

    Ducklings hatched today! (Pics)

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