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  1. Greystone farm

    Duck vent is dirty and weird

    Hi! My one year old Welsh Harlequin duck Layla’s vent looks really strange and gross. It’s almost like there’s stuff right inside of it radiating around it (it’s isn’t protruding abnormally I just gently pulled around it so you could see in the picture). It looks like greenish chunks but I don’t...
  2. KikiDeAnime

    Can 3 drakes live together, separately from the flock?

    We have 3 drakes that I plan on, hopefully, separating into their own pen in a couple weeks but I need some feedback from you all. Currently all 3 get along perfectly living together with the females and 2 younger ducks. I do keep an eye on all of them to make sure they leave each other alone...
  3. A

    Which would you use?

    Hi everyone, I have a welsh harlequin that has had walking problems since birth. She just seems to walk stiff legged, if that makes sense. No bending, just straight, stiff stomps. A couple weeks ago she started limping and pretty heavily. She had to use her wings to stand and even then she...
  4. Onnalee13


    Just found this forum and am excited to learn more! New to yard birds as of this spring, but already love it. We bought a house on a couple of acres including a pond.. thus it begins lol. I was looking at identifying duck breeds and found this group. We currently have three drakes (2 khaki...
  5. M

    [EMERGENCY] Duck hatched an egg, we don't know what to do

    Hi, so I have a Male Welsh Harlequin who turns 11 in July and a Female Saxony thats about 2-3. We never expected them to hatch any young, but I heard peeps from the nest she sits on, and now I'm scrambled figuring out what to do. We have raised ducklings before but never beyond the nest. We need...
  6. J

    3 Welsh Harlequins In Need of Rehoming

    Hello! I’m needing to downsize my flock and have 3 Welsh Harlequins that are all 1 year old - 1 Drake and 2 Hens - needing to be rehomed. We’ve had them since day-olds and would love to keep them together if possible. Haven’t posted here before, please let me know if there’s any other...
  7. C

    My birds scrambling for Easter eggs

  8. Quacking ducks

    Abandon ducks?

    Hi, I was at a park today and I saw a couple welsh harlequin or appleyard ducks on the pond. Do y’all think they are fine or should I ask if It’s ok to take them? I did see a nest nearby with one egg in it that I think might be theirs.
  9. rjmyooper

    Just starting in 2022

    Hello! I don't have much to share yet, but this Summer I will have 4 Welsh Harlequin Hens and 1 Drake. I wasn't planning on a Drake at first, but I may as well since I'm ordering Ducks anyway, and they will all be the same age. The picture below shows a beautiful Bahama Pintail Duck. I came...
  10. TheBirdBabe

    Breed identification.

    Everything I've read has told me that my black babies are blue Swedish ducks (I was hoping for Cayugas) & that my tan babies are Welsh Harlequins. What do you think? 😫 I'm so anxious to know what breeds these babies are so I can build an enclosure that is suited to house them! Ps, I do know...
  11. the_kitchen__drawer

    Welsh Harlequin Duckling Weight Chart

    I’m a bit of a nerd. I always wondered what the healthy weight and gaining of chicks would be, so I decided to start keeping track of my Welsh Harlequin duckling’s weights day by day, at the morning, and at the evening. i will back post up until today.
  12. HorsesRMe123

    OverEZ Coop - What Size for 15 Birds?

    I’m going to be getting a coop from the OverEZ brand. Originally, we were going to build a large chicken coop ourselves, but we have way too many other project going on so we won’t have the time to build one ourselves. Currently, we have 10 full grown chickens who have outgrown their current...
  13. W

    Wanted: Welsh Harlequin Ducks - NH, MA, VT, ME

    I am in search of Welsh Harlequin Ducks - Drake and/or Hens - I am located in Southern NH and am willing to drive to surrounding states. We have a very cute and lonely hen that needs a friend!
  14. EdgeofAsheville

    Beautiful ducks and duckling in need of new home

    We have a mating pair of Welsh Harlequin ducks and their 6 week old duckling in need of a new home. We had aspirations of adding ducks to our flock of free ranging hens. However, it turns out I’m intolerant to duck eggs and I can’t find anyone locally that wants to buy the eggs either...
  15. J

    Mid December egg count.

    Kept a count of eggs from my layers this (Dec 12-18). All the birds are less than a year old. I have 2 breeds of ducks and 4 breeds of chickens. All my birds forage freely on my 5 acres during the day except my Rhode Island Reds who have a run. Best layers were my Welsh Harlequin ducks. I have...
  16. Young Emma

    Young Emma

  17. S.Q.


  18. Young S.Q.

    Young S.Q.

  19. S.Q., Alice, and Contraire

    S.Q., Alice, and Contraire

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